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  1. I believe so much goes into a capital improvement fund per agreement of REA and UND. This was put in place to make sure the arena was consistently updated and not left as it was built to just decay over time. This is why as we approach 20 years old it has the feel of a newer arena. I believe Ralph or someone with REA stated they want it to be a 100 year arena.
  2. I've seen statements that they determined the goaltender had enough possession for the whistle as their was a delayed penalty on the play, which is what the end result was, USA Penalty for tripping before the goal. I did not see the play yet, and IIHF needs to release a statement like the NHL PR does relating to review decisions. I have never seen a goal overturned due to a whistle should've been blown for possession on a delayed penalty. Edit: Just went backed and looked at it, I doubt possession was reason for overturned. I can see goaltender interference being called as goaltender was still in the crease, even if it was only one leg.
  3. Would Augie want to drop football when it built a on campus stadium not too long ago. 10 yearsish? I believe I saw that they are moving conference basketball games to the Sanford Pentagon as well.
  4. Wildfan

    UND vs DU

    They did keep the main MidcoSN channel open it appears as their schedule for the weekend online only lists SD High School Hockey on the 2nd Channel
  5. Wasn't this announced last year and then it was drawn back on? I know caseys website even had the address listed in locations in the week leading up to the change, U station had some teasing posts, and then nothing happened.
  6. Coverage. Game eill start streaming on cbssn website
  7. Big win to start the season. Team drops next 3 games including a 10-1 loss vs UNLV and 7-6 loss to Southern Utah. UND was up 6-5 in the 7th vs SUU.
  8. I messed with the previous results last night to bum myself out. Winning 1 of 2 a Canisus would've had us up to either 16 or 18 can't remember, and sweeping would've had us in #12. Canisius has 9 wins, 2 vs Nodak.....
  9. Okay, Were the BTN teams not forced to leave and create the hockey conference by contract once a certain # of B1G programs had hockey? I thought that was the their reasoning
  10. The SF Arena is still operable, Premier center is too large for them, but if they ever start any hockey they have a excellent home but would battle Stampede for game nights. The Pentagon is also a facility that could host. Main arena/heritage court is nice and used by tge NBA G League affiliate of the Heat. Sanford could also build facilities.
  11. Don't believe this logic. There are players who have offers from G5 or lower FBS schools that choose FCS as they bieve they have a better chance of winning chamlionships or more playing time. No guarentee if NDSU was G5 with extra schollies that they be any better, more likely to be worse
  12. Also read that Montana scored on a play but officials ruled msu got a TO at last second before snap
  13. Montana fumbled at the 2yd line woth 13 sec left in game
  14. Put olivera in at QB if you don't trust your backup qbs. He atleast had accuracy when he did option pass a few years back. I kid but out a new qb in
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