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  1. I will have to look for a flyover style photo/video. But our old turf at Memorial was 100x better than the DakotaDome at USD.
  2. It feels like the Fargo Regional Offside call, Would've been game winner in OT, which would've ended the series, like they took the safe route and lets just say nah on this one and see how it plays out. Only argument they could have is they could say his momentum was going to have him continue back into the goalie, which I don't think it would've. I can see how the ref on the ice can make that call in that moment to initiate the review, but not that it wasn't overturned.
  3. I could see Miami and WMU being on way out or swapping. WMU is decent in the league as a quality program. Miami has been down for a few years after a couple of strong seasons and believe they would like to cut down on travel.
  4. I feel this would be the pathway, besides Fenton being at the Summit may want to bring them in. But I feel like there was a closely affiliated league in the past with the WAC(?) or something of that matter where in some fashions they were considered one entity but in others they were not. MVFC and SL has a semi agreement this way as well. Might be along the lines of giving priority for acceptance to Summit League teams and allow them not to worry about if they started hockey what conference they would be in. Mankato, Bemidji, and Duluth do not want to go D1 outside of hockey. I believe the MN university system forbids any other instate public university from having D1 football in competition with UMN similar to a reason UNO had to drop FB when going D1 to not have affect on Huskers football even if FBS and FCS being different.
  5. I don't expect to see alot of changes on some of these teams broadcast, unless it becomes mandated. They will be the streaming provider allowing the broadcast to go through their servers and handle the billing but not the direct production most likely. Just like ESPN+ you will have some schools that put out a decent product, and then you will have a 1-2 camera production that may be what is used in-house for replay recording with radio broadcasters simulcasted. I don't doubt that they want to bring the NCHC in as well and have a NCHC/CCHA package with maybe summit league to offer a potential big package for the region. As stated by you and others they buy rights to all the programs with the focus being a select few to hopefully have enough subscribers to offset the others.
  6. now that you mention it, I believe I did see a tweet about that during the season. I wouldn't be surprised if Dr. Mann takes this opportunity as well. But I do believe he loved being a part of the team and the residency program.
  7. Not sure if posted already. NCAA Regional Attendance Sioux Falls had a total attendance of 11,804 for the three games with 6,113 fans attending the regional final between Minnesota and Boston University on March 30. According to attendance numbers reported by the four 2024 regional hosting sites, Providence, Rhode Island had an attendance of 12,823 for its two sessions, while Springfield, Massachusetts had a total attendance of 9,659 and Maryland Heights, Missouri had an average attendance of 3,148. In 2018, when Sioux Falls hosted three Minnesota teams (St. Cloud State, Minnesota-Mankato and Minnesota-Duluth), the combined attendance was 16,007, more than the other three hosting cities. Sioux Falls will host another college hockey regional in 2026. Source: Keloland
  8. Link to the Herald Story: Sanford Health to provide UND athletes with physician services - Grand Forks Herald | Grand Forks, East Grand Forks news, weather & sports Starts July 1. It appears that UND athletics is moving away from Altru as team physicians and official healthcare. Increased coverage in the Grand Forks metro and merging of Valley Bone and Joint has definitely made them a better option then whey they bid before the last 10 year (I believe?) contract with Altru who donated $10 million to the Indoor Performance Center at the time. Will be interesting to see what else comes with this, as I know in Fargo, Bemidji, Vermillion they end up having their name they have athletics facilities named after them and may bring in additional funding for these projects we have in motion. I haven't followed along recently but I assume the Family Medicine Residency in Grand Forks is still connected to Altru? I know Dr. Mann (Football) and Dr. Greek (Hockey) are part of the Altru FMR program. Will they change to Sanford or will UND transition from their long-time team providers?
  9. I also think that the Fargo game if it wasn't a overtime winning goal it woud've stood. Shouldn't matter which part of the game but it seems to. Also I am surprised the NCAA doesn't put temporary cameras along the bluelines.
  10. BU and a offsides goal review. Center ice cam looks like he is still contacting, far end camera the skate blade cant be seen and you see white under the black of the skate boot.
  11. I wish the score bug had SOGs.
  12. They are keeping him in the game, on the PK, in 2OT. Looks to be moving okay.
  13. Not sure how they didn't put that in. Denver goalie is being evaluated for injury.
  14. NHL Hitz Golden Puck
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