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  1. I forced youtube to show 720p60 (highest option) for this stream and it is much better. Was showing 144p at first
  2. The quality that I saw highlights from was much clearer so not sure if Flo is sourcing down or the xsplit broadcaster is. Still better than alot of coverage across the country.
  3. Alex does lives in SF and drives up for the weekends, made the move a few years ago. I think he would stay with UND on Midco. He is a USF guy anyhow I believe. Also Midco has 3 channels. And SDSU/USD/Augie/USF always get put on 2nd channel if UND is playing. I would bet it would be the same. UND on Midco Sports 1 and Augie on Midco Sports 2 if on conflicting nights. Not conflicting games all on Midco1. Midco needs additional content for their secondary channels and this would help.
  4. His jersey was pulled off his shoulder pad. Not sure how that isnt called. The 2nd UND defender was blocked in the back too, but official wasn't looking there. The Holm hold the official is looking right at it
  5. Like most that transition they will remove sports, most likely wrestling as 1. But they also have a large donor that they are able to keep going into his deep pockets.
  6. Denny Sanford gives huge donation. New rink is called Midco Arena. To start play in 2023.
  7. Odd that I find no one that will be kive streaming their announcement on campus. Groundbreaking on new rink occurs south of 33rd and Grange
  8. It is advertised in Sioux Falls. But have yet to see any media there leaking any info ahead of time. 4:30 today announcment
  9. It is encouraging to see alot of people on this board mad that we didn't win and not happy just because we played NDSU close. UND should've won that game. 4th down our our own 20 while in the lead is one of the dumbest play choices I have seen. It's maybe different if we are trailing and need a spark but we had showed our defense could hold. If we were up 7 or 10, maybe a little easier on it, but failure to get the 2 yards and you have them in FG range already for a kicker who doesn't miss, while only leading by 1, so giving them the lead. To be honest though if they attempt to convert on that 4th down instead of kick it we are even further behind. But the play calling once we were down by 2 made it seem like we were in the lead and trying to protect and run out the clock. Also if NDSU didn't see on their last drive that they need to go back to what they did in the spring with running #44(I believe) then I do not know what they are thinking. He runs tough up the guy and chewed up atleast 3 yards every time if not more. All they were trying to do was run clock off and it turned into a TD drive for them. How huge it would've been to stop them that drive and get a FG even to take the lead and make NDSU try to drive the field in the end, forcing them to throw that hadn't worked for them all game. Clock management in the 4th was bad too. There were a few plays in the end of the 1st half and end of the game that there was a WR/RB that had the chance to get out of bounds and instead attempted to get more yards but kept the clock running, we also believe there was a timeout in pocket at the end of the game, but I believe we may have saved that to set up a FG attempt with little time left on the clock if we could've scored a TD on the last drive, and converted a on-side. But failure to get points on the board before half seemed crazy.
  10. We had no problem completing passes for 2-4 yards all night and do not try it when NDSU is selling on run bc thats what we hdid on 4th all day.
  11. And false start the two times we had Boltman behind center
  12. NDSU would take FGs all day if they can keep getting them and holding UND to 3&outs
  13. making a few mistakes early that have yet to really hurt UND. Need to clean it up.
  14. Leaves less defenders downfield, but if it works we will take it. But would sure like to be back to when we had some DL that would get in the backfield.
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