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  1. I get where you are coming from and I would think they may find a leas attractive opponent to save PSU for Nashville just a Idea. Most likely it would just move back to the Ralph but also depends on if fans are allowed. Just know Sioux Falls have stayed more open and just a option. I was bummed that UND did not make the regional and would love to see them play in Sioux Falls. Be more of a neutral site game within driving distance and not a destination game.
  2. I saw an article the other day that stated there was probably 25% chance then for this game to happen, and that it is possible that UND pursue next year HOF game if it looks like it would be able to occur to have this game. They said it is not out of the ordinary for UND to fork over money as they did last year to buy it from Xcel Energy Center for $100,000. Possibly move this game to 2021, and if 2020 can have fans in college hockey move this year to Sioux Falls? They have the logistics from the regional, and the Sioux Falls market did not get to see UND play that year. Tickets would have to be refunded and sold as a new event, but atleast its a new facility for UND to play in that will draw fans and the Premier Center is already scheduling events with fans this year again.
  3. I am one of the few that seems to disagree with the outdoor concepts, be it I don't think the Omaha one went all that great but there were multiple issues be it from the ice crew drilling into the antifreeze line, and not originally planning a evening game or the NCAA game as standalone as the USHL game beat up the ice as the sun beat down on the dark painted surfaces. I had fun at that game and was kinda glad that there were open areas as we bought some of the higher price seats and they were too low for that type of game as sight lines were affected, but was a fun first experience. I have since been to the Hockey City Classic (UMN vs OSU) and the Stadium Series (and Alumni game) both at TCF Bank Stadium and were excellent experiences. Sat higher and enjoyed the elements even with the bitter cold at the HCC. I just think it has to be the right environment and managed correctly. UND in that Hockey City Classic instead of their game in Omaha would've been much more exciting and think the opinion of alot of fans would've changed. Do i think they need to try it again, probably not. I like the ideas of these destination games and can leave the outdoor games more to larger markets or NHL. That be it, I have not made it to any destination games. Had tickets for Vegas but sold them the month of as job change and other life events. Hoping for Nashville but I held off on purchase for now and will see how secondary market goes closer to the game.
  4. No matter how they win, they won. Now only 5 win short of their total of last year. Fun season. 20 pts so far in conference play.
  5. Ketteringham taunt, Bubbas lack of aggressive instinct, and the teams inability to do anything inside the redzone are major factors in this game. Until this drive to only have given up 17 pts, with one of those drives starting 1 yard out of the end zone would typically be good, even though they were gashed inside. Offense gave D nothing for the times they did step up.
  6. We didn't even get good field position after the punt...
  7. When our QB lower his head the commentators attack him saying he needs to keep it up. When their qb does, our players need to keep head up to see their QB dropping his head....
  8. We also run alot of twists, etc of our d lineman and this takes our interior DL out of position and DE are late getting in
  9. why not go for it here. Points are nice but want more.
  10. he looked in pain on a reception he had earlier in the game trying to make a cut. Looks like he has pain with lateral movements but upfield has been fine.
  11. they did it as he walked towards defender to do it in his face. Surprised it was called but not surprised that Kett probably also said something.
  12. Bubba isn't used to having all 3 timeouts left when it matters.
  13. late to the party, but I thought review for targeting was to determine ejection or not, I remember times when player wasn't ejected but 15 yd penalty still assessed. Why should a more dangerous penalty be able to be reviewed if it occured or not? I understand for ejection wise, but let the official decide on the field at time it happens for penalty wise
  14. Selfish but the prior series when we took the FG I would've liked taking a shot for more style points. We have 3 drives die in RZ that ended up in 3s instead of 7s.
  15. Midco has a professional production with high quality equipment and staff.
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