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  1. California to let college athletes make money, defying NCAA
  2. Official UND student enrollment for the 2019 fall semester is down about 2% from last year. UND’s overall headcount came in at 13,581 for the 2019 fall semester, compared to 13,847 students last year. The university added an additional 209 students since its first-day numbers in August. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/4682535-UND-enrollment-down-slightly-from-fall-2018
  3. Yes, UND has a huge fan base in Sioux Falls that will migrate over to Augie if/when they join a Division I conference. No, wait, that sounds more like a South Dakota issue, that a UND one. You sound an awful lot like someone who used to go under the moniker JBB.
  4. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/2089481-coffee-drinking-reaches-new-heights-across-grand-forks I remember going to the Golden Hour on 4th when I was a kid.
  5. I think Web's was once downtown on Demers, where Tea and Crepe is now. We were in GF a few weeks back and ate breakfast at Northside. Good food and great service.
  6. I went an NCC conference tournament back in the early 90s at the SF Arena. Great atmosphere. UND beat NDSU that year in the championship. It needs to stay in Sioux Falls.
  7. Mr. Jones needs to be shown the door. I know he still has two more years left on his contract, but this is pathetic. Find some money and get him out of there.
  8. GeauxSioux


    I drink a couple of beers a year (maybe). But when I have a beer, I don’t want something that is watered down to the point that it lost the taste of beer. There is a local one that I like. Pensacola Bay Brewery Lighthouse Porter Cheers!
  9. I am not speaking for all of SS folks. Just me. I am over 50 and not threatened. Using your logic, UND should be trying to get more white students, since North Dakota is over 87% white, while UND is only at about 78% white. Why not just let students choose the schools they want to attend without additional programs and money? Whatever happened to going to school to get an education without indoctrination?
  10. Saw this piece today about Cal Poly. Why and when did colleges get so wacky? Can a public university really legally do this? It sounds like discrimination to me. California university works to reduce number of white people on campus
  11. I was in GF in January and visited two Hugo’s while I was there. In a word, “depressing”.
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