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  1. I posted this link earlier. http://www.wiz1.net/schedule I have hit a couple of the links for current contests and the links seem to be working. UMass/LSSU game is listed. The UND game will likely be listed when it get closer to game time. All times are GMT+1
  2. A few years back a friend told me about a website that has links to sporting events from all of the world. He told me to be sure I had a good ad blocker, because it can cause some problems. I pulled it up to see if there was any college hockey on it and it does list Wisconsin and Bemidji State on it. Try wiz1.net. I haven't tried to hit any of the links. I am at work and don't need the aggravation this afternoon, if I start getting popups.
  3. Didn't UND get hosed on a call at the end of that game too. The face off should have been outside the zone with less than 10 seconds left, instead they had it inside the zone allowing UNH to get the miracle goal.
  4. With the financial issues that a lot of the schools are going to have to deal with, I can’t help but wonder if there will be changes in the NCAA requirements on the number of sports schools will be required to carry. The college presidents need to become involved in that conversation. I know Title IX won’t go away, but maybe reduce the minimums.
  5. That is the man. I have a friend whose parents had seats right across the visitor tunnel from Bruce. It was comical watching him throw comments the whole game at the opposing team/coach. Brooks wanted his revenge.
  6. I have a story that I heard a long time ago and I am not even sure if it is true or who told me. A certain fan used to sit behind the visitor bench and liked to aggravate opposing coaches and Herb Brooks was one of his favorite targets. In an effort to get some retribution Brooks had light syrup poured on the fans seat, so when he came in and sat down he didn’t see it. Brooks turned around and had a good laugh. Hockey is the best sport. The personalities, the action, the rivalries.. Sioux hockey is the greatest with the best fans in the world.
  7. I like this idea. Would honor the conference championship and differentiate it from the others. “Unfinished business” for the guys in the business suits.
  8. To get us through this trying time. One of my favorites is the from the 80s against Wisconsin. UND scored a goal and a dead badger swung out of the rafters right in front of the press box. The place erupted.
  9. My son had not heard that anyone else had come up with this idea and said, “well when you are playing a game and your mom calls you to come inside, whoever is ahead wins, so UND should win”. He is a teenager and was joking.
  10. Evidently UND is still in the Big Sky... https://www.argusleader.com/story/sports/college/2020/03/03/summit-league-tournament-brackets-schedule-results-live-updates-ncaa-basketball/4825594002/
  11. I attended a men’s breakfast at my church this morning wearing a UND sweatshirt. One of the men asked if that was the school that kept winning the championship. I told him no, it was the other North Dakota school and we talked a bit more about football. He asked if that was the D3 or NAIA championship, since he knew UWF won the D2 championship. He was shocked to find out that it was actually Division I. Funny.
  12. I can post the “plumbing” plan tomorrow.
  13. I am a contractor on the Gulf Coast and get invitations to bid on projects along the coast. I saw the Nicholls Athletics Building get posted today. After UND played there recently, I thought there may be some interest regarding this.
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