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  1. Is he a walk on or scholly? Any chance if we flip Vaughn that we take this guy as well and still take a FBS dropdown?
  2. Goose15

    EWU Game Day!

    My thoughts on a potential new coaching staff for next year. Head Coach - Bodie Reeder (ties to Eastern Washington, currently at North Texas) Offensive Coordinator- Freund (Good potential, relationship with current offensive recruits, developed schuster pretty well) OL - Pawlak (have some good recruits coming in next year) Defensive Coordinator- defensive position coach from NDSU. DB- Stepps (#1 pass defense) Everyone else is new hires.
  3. Goose15

    EWU Game Day!

    With Chaves connections to EWU, wonder if he would look to poach someone off there staff for our new HC.
  4. Goose15

    EWU Game Day!

    Agree we need new blood at the top. Hope we keep Freund though. Young coach with good energy.
  5. Goose15

    SH Game Day

    All of our OL should be in the 300 -315 range. They should all be able to move just fine with that in space. I looked at Oklahoma's OL weights and all of there guys are well over 300 lbs running a spread offense
  6. His Hudl says he is a 4.72 in the 40.
  7. Think we will be fine.
  8. http://www.hudl.com/v/2AzKBt Love this QB. Hope we give him an offer. Could be a Schuster situation where he is overlooked for his size. Good mobility and a live arm.
  9. If he commits to us would he be a QB or Safety? His hudl lists him as a qb, but the wiki shows we have him as a S.
  10. Anyone see Caleb Nelson out there?
  11. Does anyone have a fall practice schedule? I would like to get to a few if possible.
  12. We also have the transfer Dalton Gee at RB. Will be interesting to see what he does in camp. As far as LB, any word on how Leif Bungum is progressing? Remember him being a pretty highly touted recruit a couple years ago.
  13. UND 360 has the other commits. Both of our RB's look like forces. https://undfootball360.com/und-football-recruiting/2020-recruiting/
  14. He is already the same size as Santiago. Hope he can add another 15-20 lbs. and become an all around force. Now we need another shifty back to go with him.
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