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  1. What’s the point of a $6 million scoreboard if you rarely show a replay on it? Less Simba and kisses and more replays please!
  2. I have 4 awesome seats for the Nashville game. Text me if interested. Will split seats. 701-739-5623
  3. It appears it is still a go in some capacity…the Block V building is the St John’s building
  4. No…just reduced 3 lanes to 2 so there is enough room to get through now!
  5. So far it is C, A, G …3rd street opened today; Harry’s opens tomorrow. B could be next…Hugo’s told the apartment renters upstairs there is no more parking in the Hugo’s lot starting Monday.
  6. Agreed…exactly who is this benefitting? I’m talking specifically Saturday Oct 2nd and not every scheduled Saturday on the hockey calendar. You could make an exception for this one day.
  7. Curious to see how the local bars manage the bus to hockey…could be impossible to get from Alerus to establishment to ride bus to hockey that leaves at 6:15. In addition, how many bars are having a bus to both football and hockey…what are the logistics of that?
  8. Correct; if the game isn’t competitive for the good guys it won’t be as much of an issue but if it goes to the wire it’s going to be. It’s a big day for UND and GF…let it breath a little bit!
  9. So Saturday football game is 2:00 and the hockey game is at 6:00??? Why not 7:00 or 7:30...those football games last well over 3 hours...it’s going to be a clusterf@#k… I just don’t get the rush to start the hockey game at 6:00. Who is the 6:00 start benefiting? Not benefiting the fans or the UND sports department or Alex Heinert who is doing play by play for both games. If football goes OT the hockey game will start without fans and a tv announcer. I don’t understand the thought process here.
  10. I don’t think it’s totally staffing…They have 10 other stores; move some people around if it was …too much investment and lost opportunity there for it to just be staffing. If it’s staffing then it’s poor management as they had 3 yrs to prepare for this store.
  11. Neither are open yet. Honestly, WTF is going on? Especially with Hugo's. The shelves have been stocked since the end of July...hope they are dusting those shelves. It is getting to be very comical!
  12. Between the 3 events there could be up to 45,000 attendees; all in less than 24 hours…that’s never been done before in this town.
  13. When the Alerus opened, it listed a capacity of 14,000 for football. The largest crowd to attend a football game at the Alerus was 13,500. Based on those facts, why does the GF Herald and other sources now say the capacity for football at the Alerus is 12,000? Are they not counting the suites? Doesn’t add up.
  14. Why is there a multi tier chocolate cake in that pedestal? Are they all going to be cake sculptures?
  15. Test your psychic ability and put in order when these events will happen first in GF…winner gets a pat on the back. In no particular order… A. 3rd street project downtown is completed and open to traffic. B. Downtown Hugo’s opens C. The reincarnation of the Alerus Financial drive through 2.0 downtown is reopened. D. The Columbia Road project by campus is completed E. The construction of the new Altru hospital is resumed F. The first hard frost in GF occurs (temperature in the 20’s) G. Harry steakhouse downtown will be open to the public I will go… C, G, B, A, F, D, E
  16. Had to be torn down and rebuilt because they made the lanes too narrow! Nothing to do with Hugo’s not opening yet, in fact Alerus has been waiting for months for Hugo’s to open as Alerus cannot open it’s inside lobby until Hugo’s opens…and now this…oof!
  17. Correct…it’s time to put up or shut up…
  18. https://epiccompaniesnd.com/properties/the-beacon/
  19. Still not open and still no mention of it opening on any of Hugo’s media sites…wtf is going on?
  20. HS football in this town is in rough shape and it will be for the foreseeable future.
  21. It would be a pretty dull chat if nobody chatted
  22. Would have had an even better chance next year if he would have stayed at UND to develop and round out his game one more year. 5 short months ago he was not ready to fill a spot in an NHL lineup, I will be surprised if this goes down as the right decision. I’ve been watching UND hockey for 50 years…9 times out of 10 guys leave too early rather than too late. Past players will tell you the same. Apparently the sting of losing in the fashion that UND did last spring and the chance to capture unfinished business as a senior captain wasn’t a big priority for this young man…perhaps it is truly best for both parties if he moved along to try to better himself.
  23. Set for life? He most likely will be making 75K in the AHL this year…hardly set for life.
  24. Any idea when the new Hugo’s will open downtown? Why are they dragging their feet; was supposed to be open in the spring. The apartments on the upper floors have been occupied since June 1st. Hugo’s doesn’t even make any mention of this new store on their Facebook page or their website…strange lack of marketing for a huge investment.
  25. Played a 3 game series in GF when he was a bantam with Rosemount against GF Aviators two years ago. Big kid with lots of skill...Aviators swept the series and held him to a couple assists that weekend.
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