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UND (4-9) @ NDSU (8-4) 12/22 7 PM


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Another game, another slow 2nd half start.  UND could not overcome that and only playing 8 guys in a loss to Dixie State to close out non-conference play.  Now the conference season starts in earnest, with a trip to Fargo to take on arch rival NDSU.

About NDSU:

They were THAT close.

All they needed was 1 more bucket to finish a furious comeback in the Summit League Championship.  1 more bucket that could have prevented the ORU magic in March.  

However, it wasn't meant to be for NDSU.  However, things weren't all bad for them in the offseason.  Rocky decided to come back for one last shot at glory.  They returned a stud in Grant Nelson, a salty backcourt of Cook, Griesel, and Eady.  They felt they addressed their one weakness at the point guard spot with Guy III.  They added to their strength by stealing Andrew Morgan out of Waseca. They also added some shooting in NSU transfer Kallman  Everything pointed to a return to the top with ORU losing Obanor and questions about SDSU.

So far, you might look at the record and go:  hey, they are right where they need to be.  It hasn't been that easy for them.

The point guard spot? Still an issue.  Rocky and Grant have been solid but when you have issues at the point guard position, its hard to get them even more involved.  Andrew Morgan showed promised but then got hurt.  However, the scariest moment came with Sam Griesel,  who was out a month with an unknown injury, which turned out to be a bleeding stomach ulcer. https://www.kvrr.com/2021/12/18/ndsus-griesel-journey-back-from-injury-comes-full-circle/.  

We are argue about many things UND and NDSU fans, but lets take off our shades of green glasses for just a moment.  We are all happy to see Sam healthy and back on the court playing.  That was a situation that could have gone much differently if not for some fast action by his teammates. No one wishes to see what Sam went through, happen to anyone, any athlete, at any time. 

No easy way to transition back into this topic, but since his return, NDSU has looked like the team many expected with 3 wins in a row.  Now it is time to see if it can translate to conference play, against a short handed UND squad.   

About Dave Richman (144-92 record, 69-41 Summit)

The Wahpeton native has done quite well for himself as the head coach of NDSU.  3 trips to the NCAA tournament in 8 years, 2 Summit League titles.  Outside of two 5th place finishes, has always had his teams in the top 3?  What more could you want?  Well, there certainly has been some groans from the fan base about style and usage of players, the results speak for themselves.  The question will be, how much longer will Dave stay at NDSU?  Will any program woo him away?  Perhaps another Summit League title and NCAA tournament appearance might be enough to entice another program. 

Key Player: Sam Griesel 

You might be surprised by my pick but allow me to explain.  He is the guy that NDSU needs at the guard spot to accomplish what they want to do this year.  Rocky and Grant will do their damage inside, no question about it.  However, without the guard play to match it, it has been a struggle in non-conference and will be in conference play.  Coming back from a life threatening situation, Griesel looks to return back to his old form.  He showed flashes of it against Indiana State, but still trying to come around.  His size will be a problem for UNDs guards.  

Series History:

While UND leads the all time series 163-140, but NDSU leads the series at the D1 level 12-6. 


1) Make NDSU beat you on the outside (or: How to slow down the Rocky and Grant show)

2) Can Bentiu find the magic again?

3) T and Mathews:  Who decides to play "BIG"

Other Summit Action:

UST (1-0) @ Denver (0-1):  How was this for a statement, UST went down to Omaha and just unloaded on them in the first half.  The Mavs tried to come back but UST captured their 1st Summit Win.  DU gave WIU all they could handle in a foul fest, but couldn't close the deal in OT.   This will be a tougher test for UST, but... I wouldn't be shocked if they started 2-0.

ORU (1-0) @ SDSU (1-0):  The matchup of the night will be in Brookings, no question about it.  Two contenders ready to clash.  The high flying guards vs the bigs.  ORU survived a tough game against USD, SDSU smashed UMKC in a statement game to the rest of the Summit.  I hope you like high scoring affairs because that is what this one is going to be.

WIU (1-0) @ Omaha (0-1): Western got a bit of a scare against Denver, but manage to come away with the win.  Omaha looked awful before coming back in the 2nd half against St. Thomas.  I expect a better performance for WIU.  The vultures might be starting to circle in Omaha.

UMKC (0-1) @ USD (0-1):  Both teams here are trying to avoid an 0-2 start.  UMKC looking to lick their wounds after getting blasted in Brookings without Allick.  USD gave ORU all it could handle, but couldn't quite get to the end.  

The Call:

NDSU is figuring themselves out after a rough start.  UND is trying to figure themselves out and missing 2 key pieces of the lineup.  I know that in rivalry games that you should throw out the record book and UND under Sather seems to have one game where they beat a team that has a massive advantage (see ORU in GF without Rebraca in Year 1, ORU in Tulsa without Ihenacho).  I just don't see it this time.  I would love to be wrong but I see the Bison starting strong and making this a laugher by halftime

NDSU 82-62

Game is on ESPN+

*PER REQUEST:  Keep it clean.  It is the holidays after all :xmas:

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I hate to agree with you but i don't see us having very good time against NDSU especially with Nero and Sueker down. I don't think this will even be close we can't match up with them and i have feeling this will be similar result like SDSU had against KC. This looks like to me going to be pretty much 3 team race in Summit and were not one of them.

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UND will either keep it close due to shooting the 3 well or get blown out by 30 because we don’t.  NDSU has really built a nice team and will make it difficult for us with their length.  Hoping for the best but will drink a few before going to the SHAC tonight.  

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5 hours ago, bincitysioux said:

When was the last time there was this little buzz about this game?  Not even the crickets are chirping.  Never would have guessed it after that week that we beat the Griz and Troy.  Sad state that UND basketball finds itself in...........

I suppose the scheduling FUBAR falls on the Summit League and they probably don't care about screwing over UND. The sad reality is that UND sports marketing probably didn't even notice that the game was scheduled at such a terrible time and that they might have to invest some resources and dollars in promoting the game. They were too busy trying to sell $15 hockey tickets to the USA under 18 game. Just a few years ago this game was close to a sell-out tonight you'll be able to hear the coaches talking during time outs. 

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