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  1. I just read Sather's statement in Grand Forks Herald I think he was kind of caught off guard by DAE decision but at least he communicated to fan base and where they were going from here forward. I think this was also learning experience for Sather too in that top recruits at division 1 level are different animal than he experienced at the division 2 level. I hope in long run its both good for both parties but i do think it changes UND prospects for rest of season it takes away additional depth they were counting on and now they are going to need to find consistent second option on the floor
  2. I want to correct my above statement it wasn't 25 years ago in was in late 70's and early 80's number schools went Division 1AA another correction. The difference also was reading was Big Sky came from large college division prior to 1973 and competed in Division 2. Where North Central Conference was always small college and division 2 in all sports. But reading some on history from 72 to 73 we are similar path on how college sports are going to be structured in coming years.
  3. I guess i forgot about the football reason. But what i was thinking if Western ILL. leaves the Summit i would think the Summit would be looking for another school to get back to 10 schools. I also think if big 5 conferences go separate from Division 1 will the remaining Division 1 schools all be part of one division group or will we end up with two different classes here again. My thought we will be back to where we were in division 2 some 25 years ago when number of schools will want to curtail scholarships to cut costs and make everyone more equal than top tier of remaining Division I athlet
  4. I have question if the Summit is looking for 10 th school why hasn't Northern Colorado been looked at. They are much closer to number of the Summit league school for travel and they would have natural travel partner in Denver. Also Denver has direct flights to most of the schools in the Summit league much easier traveling and costs would have to be lower than in the Big Sky. Is there are other reasons for not wanting to be in the Summit.
  5. I have a question when he references the changes going all the way back to 1973 is NCAA looking again at the makeup number of colleges that have moved up to division 1 status in last 10 years and are they going to make changes to requirements for division 1 status for colleges and also for other divisions in NCAA. I also think other things he said had to do with finances of athletic department going forward and i have to believe they are also looking to improve on facilities because number of them will need updating near future to keep pace with other conference members updating of faciliti
  6. I haven't said he can't be successful and can develop good program to compete in the Summit and be contender to win the conference. He almost did it last year he was one game away from the dance. The question is in my mind is how high level of player can he recruit in the future with style of game he wants to play which is successful in winning the conference but to move to next level in the competition which means to think about winning opening round game in NCAA tournament it takes having that next higher level player that can kick it up gear when they are challenged. I believe Jones was ab
  7. I getting to think interest women's basketball must be nearly dead here at UND and wonder what's happened. The program has been one best in upper mid west for more than 20 years and has been in area that has produced area rich in talent even for division I basketball. Even as shortly back we went to NCAA tournament 2014 and were Big Sky Conference champs in 2016-17 but to have little reaction to how the program is performing now I would never had thought it could happen. I think administration needs to hear that bigger expectations are not wish but goal that needs to be accomplished in near f
  8. I guess this as no surprise because DAE was not original recruit of Sather's and watching game Friday I could see he was disappointed in not more playing time. I also think he will be looking for teams that have more offensive structure that Jones had. I truly think Sather is going to have hard time recruiting in the future that top end offensive player with style of basketball he wants to play. Like I mentioned before the number of minutes they are giving Danielson I think may have been contributing factor in DAE decision. Danielson plays little better defense but you look at his offense and
  9. I don't know what to say but nothing has changed in last three years were still playing same game and it is evident to anyone watching the games but to this coaching staff. I put lot of the blame on Brewster last year and he did loose this team as season went along. Bernhard I thought would correct alot of things and make us better able to compete in the Summit conference but I sure don't see any changes. This team has gone 2 and 17 since second half of conference season last year and has shot only 5 times above 40% in that stretch plus we have turned over the basketball 68 times more than op
  10. I think Sather's offense is so much different than offense that Jones runs that guards like Moody wouldn't get looks he needed to be a scorer. I don't think Moody would be as effective because of this. I think couple of these people on this team can hit outside shot but so far they haven't proven it this year. I find it interesting on the board how many are commenting how talent isn't what we had in Jones recruits and if you would go back when Jones was here that was all criticism of not getting good enough talent. I think we see how good a coach Sather is this year on how this young team de
  11. I agree with you UND player make up is quite good especially the front line and it looks like we have recruited couple of more front line talent to come in. The problem is we haven't recruited a top of line point guard. Several of our guards would make good off guard player if that was their role but we continue to try to use them as point guard and here they are not quick enough and have ability to create or make a difficult shot on their own. I can't say how much this team would change with top of line point guard everyone of other players would become that much better because if we had a t
  12. Since we become member of Summit conference its always been that everyone is talking about SDSU but for most part they have been good team but by end of year somebody comes along and knocks them in conference tournament. The difference in number of these teams is not that much and if any team has off night and other is on it can end in upset. I think alot of this has todo with most of the teams are made up younger players and its hard to get consistent play night in night out. I look at Und they have couple players i think by end of the season will be hitting the outside shot but this team is
  13. Mallory if she new that these players were not going to play for her should have then talked to these players about there future with the program see if they could move on or found alternative for their scholarships to where she could bring in a players that would meet the program needs. Yes she should have known what their abilities were being here for 8 years as assistant coach. The front line talent on this team is above average and could even be better if they had good point guard. I even as fan can see the weakness on this team is in their guard play. A top of line point guard would ope
  14. Bernhard got out coached today she played right into KC hands playing her starting 5 all the way for the game. When your up by 12 to 15 points should have played her bench some resting her players. KC basically worked at wearing them down as game went along. I don't understand not using your bench more than she did you have to know they are going to be spent by end of the game or in foul trouble. She had more of bench against NDSU and again same thing happened she came to end of the game with wore out players not shooting well and step slow having hard time getting to the basketball. Secon
  15. UND is sure keeping women's program from public eye for opening the conference season. So far no pre game release by UND for women's basketball. Haven't heard how ticket sales have been for the games coming. Usually by now they would have press release especially coming into New Year but not a word. Also how many players will they have available for the conference season. The last game against Toledo they dressed only 9 meaning we have 4 players unavailable as of our last game. Interesting in that there has been no explanations for why so many players are unavailable. We have heard three are i
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