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  1. I have no doubt Selland is missed but your team is experienced team with number of seniors on this team plus sophomores and juniors with a lot of game experience. Und lost Leet not stand out player but experienced player plus area where they lacking a lot of experienced depth. The thing Leet brings to team is dominating size and presence when she plays defense and on offense was she was 6' 5" where she could pick up scrap buckets inside but something unique in that she could move out past 3 point line and hit that shot if she was not covered which meant that opened up the lane when she moved outside to feed ball to other players. This has changed our offense for our guards now and I believe its why were struggling to shoot the ball and they are going to have to get used to shooting with more pressure on them and in more crowed in the paint. This UND team is very young team with only one senior and couple of juniors on this team and even these players were first time seeing major minutes for this team. I do believe this UND team is going to be a presence by time tournament times rolls around because freshman are learning
  2. Our freshman are getting taught lesson from South Dakota tonight but I would get to discouraged yet I got a feeling before season is over somebody going to see the other side of this team. It really hurts to have Leet lost for the conference season. My guess is that she will be non factor for rest of the season can't miss 8 weeks expect to be ready to play at the end. What has happen to Jaclyn Jarnot she just is not playing same as at the beginning of the season is she nursing injury we don't know about. But with Leet out it takes that open look that our guards were getting when she played there and also how it opened up the middle for driving because she could hit that outside shot requiring post players to follow her out. Our girls need to have game where they start hitting some of their shots. Got give South Dakota credit though they do play good defense. It will be much different game here I believe and I am waiting for couple of these girls to step forward in next couple of games to lead this team.
  3. This kind of performance is kinda expected with what has happened in last few days. They lost one of their key players in Leet in that they are not deep at front line this year especially with young team. Also Reinke was just coming back which is needed but it also changes rotations of their guards so it has effects on performance and their offense. Then add in that they are playing there third game in week and being on the road to finish this week has effects on these young players. I think it will be positive for them on learning how to win and what they need to work on. A loss on the road is not unexpected but loosing at home hurts the most. They already have one road win and have held serve on their home court. They are in good position yet to be one of the top 3 teams in the conference. If they could steal win in South Dakota it would put them in very good position going forward but this going to be difficult task with loss of Leet. This is going be area where they will have hardest time matching up with South Dakota state because lack of depth and experience. I still think if we are shooting ball well and pressuring the basketball it should be good game.
  4. Rough night tonight especially on way they called the game it made it hard for us to match up with them they were just more physical and effected us on the offensive end of the game. I was impressed that we came back several times on them and I like this in this team. Also there guards hit some very big shots on outside in first half late that opened up game for them which in end was the difference in the game. We sure could use another physical guard to help match up with Omaha but we don't and when we sit Marlon Stuart it really shows up out on the court. I think if outside shooting would have had been better in the second half we could have beat this team it will be interesting second time around to see how coaching staff prepares for the game I have feeling its going to be very competitive game on the road. Both Walter and Rebraca had horrible night shooting the basketball with both getting shots that should have been made they couldn't buy shot last night. I was impressed though they controlled turnovers last night without that this game would have been a blow out for Omaha. I still think if they continue improve controlling basketball and do what they are capable of they have chance to beat anyone in this conference. I also believe this coaching staff is going to better prepare them and have game plans improve as they learn this conference this year. I believe by end of year nobody will want to play these guys in the tournament because they could be dangerous team by then.
  5. I watched him today he's coaching like he did in 2014 to 2016 his whole attitude is different than it has been last couple of years. I don't know the reason for the change but I am happy to see it because when he coaches like he can he is very successful. I think somebody has had heart to heart with him because you can see his demeanor with his players is better and he's more involved in the game. Yes winning helps but more things than that have changed you see how he is different with his players and how his players are responding this year. Maybe somebody has inside scoop on the change this year. This team is fun to watch again with the way they play game. They make a lot of mistakes and turn ball over to much but they also get other team to turn ball over and they look like they where the opponents down. These kids this year can shoot the ball and overall play good defense. This freshman class has already 4 girls that are making presence on the floor and there looks to be other freshman that will contribute in the future. We will see how far along we are when we play the South Dakota schools but I think we are better than rest of Summit schools right now not saying we can't get beat on the road against some of them. This will be fun season in the Summit for us.
  6. Brewster is back this year since the 2014 when he made the dance. I think he kind of woke up last year that he needed to work at recruiting and if he wanted his contract renewed he had to step up. I think Brewster has the abilities to be very good coach but I also think his ego gets in his way from reaching the next level. I think he thought should have been ready to move to next level but didn't get opportunity which frustrated him and it showed on his coaching and whole program. I also believe he's in that tough stage of life with kids and family so he is torn in different directions. I have been very critical of him in past because I thought he should have been doing better than he was. Also I wonder if last years team of seniors never meshed as team and had been going on for number of years. This was on him because he was one that chose this group and only one he lost was Frieje and nothing improved after that so it had to be in group remaining. This group looks like it could become very good team but South Dakota is monster this year so it will probably playing for one of the other tournaments at year end.
  7. Just reviewing the stats again the turnover bug is still problem. Oregon had 16 more points of turnovers. I thought we were getting better here again ball security is biting us again. My guess now is this is going to be the story of the season. we will continue to turn over the ball loose basketball games. I don't know why this can't be corrected and this is just fundamental basketball. You can't improve until they solve this problem and this is direct result in coaching I hate to say it but it is. Sather said they were going to work on it but I just don't see where its improving and if this doesn't improve were looking at very few wins in the conference.
  8. I would like to see what the budget is for UND compared to other Missouri Valley and Big Sky schools in football. Also are we playing FBS programs to get enough money to compensate for needs in the budget but what does it do to the program when we get banged up early in the football season with team that lacks depth in players. Another thing I see is elite teams like NDSU and James Madison that get these deep runs into playoffs and with this they get extra month practice with their full teams developing players for the next season. This extra practice time has got to be significant positive factor in developing players year in year out. I look at NDSU the past 8 years they have gotten 6 weeks longer practice time than most of the other conference teams its like getting two Spring practice seasons every year. But getting back I would like to see the difference in programs on what is spent for football between various schools. Then how each school has for facilities, how they travel, and what things they pick up for student athletes they can pay for the athletes. All these things I have mentioned above comes into play in recruiting and developing players for the program. Also another thing that has hurt UND is media attention it receives and since Fargo has seized control of media markets I have seen significant change in who is getting attention and information to the public. On sports front NDSU is center stage and all other sports in NOrth Dakota have received less attention or none. This reflects back on recruiting and donor support and fan support. All these things have had impact on building a program.
  9. This past weekend I watched the games with Montana and Easter Washington this team should have beat both of these teams but it comes down to ball security. There is no way were going to win many games giving up 15+ turnovers a game. In both of these games turnovers was major difference in the game. It was led to a lot of fast break points and fouls the other way. I have been hoping to see improvement in our ball security but it appears were making same mistakes over and over again. I don't know if its because of new style offense or inexperience of this young team but if were going to have any success this has to improve. also other things I have noticed is that Billy Brown has lost all confidence in taking outside shot if were going to have any success he's going to have to step up be able to hit those shots when he has opportunity. Marlon Stuart play has picked up and Rebraca I think right now is trying to do to much but he is going to be force in next few years. I wonder how long Moody is going to be out. Postives are for this team is they do control rebounds but the turnover situation just negates this positive. I guess I am getting worried now because this preconference season is coming to end and were not ready for the Summit schedule. I guess I am thinking now were going to be one of the two bottom teams not way to build enthusiasm for the program. The type of basketball Sather wants to play is going to take heck of recruiting year because type of players he has is for whole different style of basketball. These players were recruited to play with two star basketball team and to work hard on playing defense and now we have concept of more balanced attack starting inside either by driving or having your big man back into the basket put up 4 to 6 footer inside and if not kick to guard driving or spotted to hit a shot. The problem we have is that we have only one definite star type scorer in Stuart and Rebraca isn't quite there. I think thought was from previous regime there hope was that Walter or Rebraca would develop into this to other go type player and eventual hope was that eikens would become star of the future as season progresses. This has not happened and were looking at team that struggles to produce consistent offense. I guess I just got to watch and hope they make big turn around by end of the season.
  10. I guess I get tired of a lot of same people wanting change for sake of change because the grass is greener on the other side if we just had right coach or athletic director we could become absolute number one team. The facts are UND has been making gradual improvement in division I football not to level where we are top tier school year in year out but were getting closer. NDSU is the program we are compared too and yes were not in there league right now I wonder if we will ever be in football again. They are in perfect world right now in that they put together winning program where top athletes in the state for football is there first choice, second because of program success they are winning a lot of recruit battles with other schools, and finally they becoming choice FBS player drop downs because of recognition they are getting winning national championships. UND is in the tier of a lot FCS schools and that is reason there is FCS division because of size and amount of resources these schools have is limited resources to fund athletic programs. I guess I don't get it so many people think UND here on this sight has superior resources that we should be cut above the other FCS teams and the fact is we are a lot better than some but by no degree are we far superior to other FCS schools. Right now I would guess NDSU would be clear cut winner in that department in football I don't have the figures but my guess is football is commanding major portion of their athletic budget, Getting back to UND football when Bubba took over program we were in bottom tier of Big Sky Conference and cupboard was getting pretty bare. Yes Bubba is far from perfect coach but he has improved UND football and football team has played better and we have number of highly outstanding athletes and students that have represented North Dakota well. When programs get down its never easy to get back to elite program. Also football for UND is not number one sport which makes it even more difficult to get resources and attention needed to build elite program. Even the large FBS schools its hard for them to have elite programs in more than one sport and most do not have that happen. The conference were in the Summit reflects this in membership with only 5 of schools having football programs and Und only school to have Football and Hockey programs. The hockey schools in the conference dropped football because of costs to maintain both programs and UND did not instead eliminated a lot of the other sports and kept football. The bottom line if football is going to be successful at UND its going to take support of fans and financial help if it is to be elite group of football schools.
  11. ND-fan

    Playoff Time

    I have to agree this happy day for UND football and positive day for everyone involved with the program. I don' t understand how we have to be so negative about the program. The one thing is we need no talk of NDSU game because we first need to win the first one. This will be difficult enough because like everyone knows it hard to win on the road. Even the mighty Bison would not like going on the road in playoffs. Und has made first step in FCS football by making the playoffs and next step is to win a playoff game. In the future we need to get to where we have bye and homefield advantage in the playoffs. Were one top 24 teams in FCS and if we win our first game we will be one of 16 top teams in FCS football. Building a winning program is never easy and we should be happy that things are heading in right direction.
  12. I have watched parts of last three games UND has played and I guess I having hard time to figure out what were doing and second I have seen no improvement in the team ball security. Maybe somebody can tell me what kind of offense were running to me its looks like what you get when you get a pickup game or all star game where players are trying to create there own offense instead of team offense where ball moved around the half court to get the shot your looking for. This style offense is going to take above average offensive players and I just don't see where were going to be able to recruit enough talent to run this offense. If we play this style of basketball I just don't see us winning many division I games or at all. Also it very hard to watch us play right now. I would like to hear what other people think but I don't see how this style of basketball is going to work in division I at this level to hard to beat players one on one and then your likely to going see help if you do beat a individual player. I also wonder about playing so many different players your not getting players used to playing with each other and again its increasing the number of turnovers. Most basketball teams usually get themselves down to about 8 man rotational with other people just fulfilling different type of roles. I guess I can see coach trying to figure out what he's got but at some point you got to start playing seriously to win and teach your players the formula you have for winning. Again I would like to hear some other thoughts about what's going on and if I am missing something I sure like to hear it. Also I don't want to hear how bare the cupboard there is enough talent on this to compete I believe win.
  13. The question I have about Sather is can he coach this group of players and get them to winning or at least the potential to win a game. If not were going to see massive changes next year and total rebuild of personnel which may lead to several years of loosing. The problem with that is can UND keep the program viable and attract players and fans back to the game. I think Sather is old school basketball but problem with that is now at division I basketball we have moved to the newer school of basketball where game starts from outside to develop the inside game. What I hear from him is the opposite which concerns me because the talent pool good division I players for small mid majors is the new school. I think Sather can be good coach but I believe he's on shorter leash than previous UND coaches because of need to get program rebuilt quicker to compete in the Summit conference. I also got to believe he's on learning curve to moving up division in basketball. I believe he can do this because he's been successful where he's been in the past. I sure hope they can give the resources that he will need to build successful program. Also getting back to coach Jones for all his naysayers you may find he was doing a lot better job keeping this program together will less resources and the job he did will begin to appreciate in the future.
  14. I was going to let your remark go then and then against my better judgement I going to respond. yes she had higher turner over rate than I would have like to see but when you ask a person to play out position because your guards can't bring the ball up against a press your going to have extra turn overs. Look at Klabo last year she was asked to do same thing to help bring the ball up court and look at her turn over rate she had over 100 turn overs last year. This has been problem since Dyer and Szabal graduated we haven't had guards that were quick enough and had ball handling skills to bring the ball up court. This has been one of my big complaints with Brewster his recruiting of guards has been anything but stellar and I don't see a lot of development in our guards even when they get here. We have had guards who had poor ball skills and sure couldn't shoot from outside. This coming year I have no idea if we have addressed this problem and my guess will be maybe. Brewster sure didn't learn from Roebuck that you needed girl or several girls to hit outside shot to make your post players that much more effective. Our only NCAA team had that in Madi Buck something he inherited from Roebuck. Also getting back To Fallyn her turn overs were in same area as Klabo's and Miller's from SDSU but we never heard of them being turn over machines. We are going to ask a lot from group of freshman to step forward and compete at division one level and that is why I believe we are going to really struggle for good part of the season. I will be glad to listen to other peoples train of thought for the coming season but maybe we will have better chemistry and hopefully some of girls that have been in program take a step forward this year.
  15. I wouldn't have said she had mixed results for UND but she was solid player that improved every year she was here with the school. She had total career pts of 838 in three seasons and would have gone over thousand career points if she would have finished here at UND. Her last year here she had 13.2 scoring average, 7.7 rebounds a game, and played four different positions for UND. This was done playing with Klabo the go to girl first for UND the last year and previous to that having Loyd and Dyer in the previous years ahead of her. I believe if she would have been on team last year and healthy they could have been in the mix at tournament time and if Brewster would have found point guard that could have shot from the outside. I believe she will have success out there may make NCAA tournament in her final year of eligibility if things go as predicted out there.
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