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  1. You would think in these last four games just once we could come out on top. If you review the box scores essentially numbers come about even in most categories but were short on one thing and we loose by few points. This game came down to shooting percentage we shot 3% less than they did or two buckets (so if we hit one more two and one three would have tied the game), The other area was our turnovers where we spotted them 10 extra points but they we made most of that back with 9 extra free throws but with that if we would held turnovers down or shot couple percentage better we could have won the game. The effort is there but we just don't have that extra athleticism to get us over the hump. The good part is that were not getting blown out of the games but end record won't reflect that in the standings.
  2. I was looking other night at coaching salaries i see that Craig Bohl was paid over 1.5 million dollars but when Vigen was his assistant coach he was paid $300,000. dollars way more than Bubba is making as head coach. He then went to Montana State where his contract there with incentives this hear will pay him way over the $300,000. so were definitely behind in pay structure. If were behind on pay structure i betting were way behind on lot of other things as well that makes difference in recruiting players but things like that are difference when we have been close to beating upper tier teams.
  3. It would be nice to get more people out to the games especially with the effort girls have been putting forth. The difference this year i believe is they had normal off year, they have Borowicz and Lane healthy, Leet is having good year, and the additions of Daninger, Davis, and Hoskins have all contributed to the team. The final thing is they are playing as team and at both ends of the court now there playing defense and their offense has improved. I also see it in coaching of these girls and look how even the assistants are involved in the games now something we didn't see as much last year. We have three really difficult games still coming with KC and next weeks rematches with South Dakota schools. This is still fun because we have come long way since last year and were still improving as team.
  4. The move to FBS level and also moving all your sports to next level i have hard time seeing where the benefit is for NDSU especially how most G5 conferences are half way across the nation for possible fits for NDSU. There is probably enough revenue to fund the football program and first few years there would be enough fan interest of playing at this different level. I still see problem in generating additional revenue to fund all other sports NDSU has now because the costs will go up for these sports as well when you jump a level and additional travel costs. Other costs is when jumping a level will be coaching costs, costs of bringing in teams for home games, and also additional overhead costs to administer these additional staffs and fund raising to keep athletic department funded. (Look what Craig Bohl is getting for salary at Wyoming as head coach is 1 million more than you are paying now.) I just think the fan support you have had from region will drop because reason for this growth in fan interest has been your playing for national championship. The casual fan can Identify with this and also the playoff system where you have had couple of home games that local television coverage across the whole state. Then add in championship game in Texas right after first of year it has become mini vacation to get away from the cold weather and the holidays were over. Now we get to small g5 conference and if you win it have record that is good enough to be invited to bowl game that will be played week before Christmas or couple of days after Christmas which could be played on Thursday, Friday, Monday, or Tuesday the number of fans going to the game is going to be diminished especially around Christmas. Also number people able to watch the game will be less because people will be working and season is busy with other activities. I guess as North Dakotan and specially non Bison fan i am not going to go out my way for bowl game where before i have watched because they represented state and region when they were playing in Frisco. I may be wrong but some where in my gut if this doesn't work out as tax payer of North Dakota i may have to come in cover the short fall or at least finance them until they can restructure athletic department. The bottom line I have number other reason but this getting too long already. I just think for the state, region, and all the colleges when we have all major universities in same conference in Dakota's and surrounding universities brings most fan interest for college sports. I have long ago realized we are not populated enough and will never have resources to compete in P5 conference and only way it will work if most universities want to play up level to g5 we will need to form our own conference to do so.
  5. Why would you say that? I have to believe she has to like the position she is on this team as leader and style of play they are playing suits her game. Then add in there beginning to win. I know there was something happen in her not starting but i would find that hard to believe she would want to transfer only that. I may be wrong on this but going else where i would believe be bad move on her part and i think she has opportunity to play in big dance before her career is over here at North Dakota.
  6. I too was skeptical of Bernhard in that i thought she had the ability but i didn't think she had enough head coaching experience but she has proven me wrong which i very happy that i was. The program is headed in right direction and if recruits that she has recruited live up to expectations UND could become a factor in next year so of the conference. South Dakota team with 3 five year players returning this year and their history of being good team i believe will be nearly impossible to upset this year. South Dakota state is also very good team year but i do feel given right night we could be able to beat them. Their team has very deep line up but difference this year is Selland is playing hurt and is not the player she was last year. The rest teams now in Summit conference i believe if we play our game we can defeat. This is quite turn around from last year where we struggled to just win a game or two in the Summit.
  7. I stated it before only logical fit for FBS conference would be if Montana, Montana State, North Dakota State, Und, SDSU, USD, Northern Iowa, Idaho state, Eastern Washington, Idaho, and utah and Northern Colorado formed a conference. Even with the names listed above i don't know how many would want to move up but this would have foot print that would make sense it would limit distant travel and if enough would join you could have east/west spliit in the conference to also limit travel and costs . If it was marketed right getting right media company that wanted to provide sports tv to the states in this conference there could be some television money. Also most national markets wouldn't want to regionalize a market to small market states that this conference would be in so if was done right conference and tv provider would need to be almost partners in developing and marketing this conference to this region of the country. The big time p5 schools are basically doing this now national level and i don't see their numbers increasing because adding more schools just dilutes amount of money being shared when adding more schools. If anything we could see a drop in p5 schools because they don't improve the revenue shared to pot because of tv viewership and other media revenue they can generate for other p5 schools. This sounds like were getting away from basic of college sports but this has been happening in last 20 years and unless their is political change i just see this continuing down this path. We have done this on national scale and next step is for local media company working with smaller college conferences selling this on regional basis as subscription to watch their favorite teams. But until this happens i don't see where NDSU or most of FCS schools and small mid major schools will be moving even to G5 conference because most of these conferences are near what they want for membership. These changes could happen quite quickly or may never happen depending how much change smaller division I schools are willing to accept and if there are smaller local media companies willing to grow and put media business company together sell conference on regional basis. I think this may happen but until somebody does it and makes it successful it won't become the thing to do.
  8. We only loose Leet for next year and Lane returns next year. I hope that Vanderwal can replace Leet next year but we won't know until then with them trying to redshirt her this year. They have been playing 8 girls lately with varying degree of times depending on teams they are playing and foul trouble they have been in. Today they played percentages by slowing down the possessions in the fourth quarter but it also got them out their rhythm offensively and depleted their lead. It worked but i have seen where this can lead to disaster and it takes very good teams to execute this style of play. If they can get sweep next weekend UND going through first half of conference season would have secured the third place in conference standings.
  9. The numbers spent by each of schools above may not be totally accurate but i do find it interesting the schools that were at the top of list were playing for national championship. The UND Fan above statements were very interesting and enlightening about fund raising and level of support for the schools. I do have one question and that is NDSU does go to FBS what changes will it mean for the structure of their other sports because of title 9. When they go to FBS the number of scholarships i believe will go up but how will they account for this to be in compliance with Title 9. I know not very much of fund raising but in past UND had national scope of past graduates and has that well dried up or have they lost much of that to name controversies over the last 10 to 15 years. I experienced the focus that large universities put on fund raising when one my children graduated from Iowa State from doctor programs and at graduation they had speaker durning ceremonies talk on giving to the university. Which I would say was little too pushy in my estimation but i may be behind the times. But getting back NDSU they may have money to move up and may be popular in Fargo but how does that play out to rest of the state for funding their institution and being part of the upper great plains. I am old school so i may be way out of touch but i think these are important things and higher education system needs to remember its just not city your in but whole state and region these institutions are part of.
  10. With the injuries this team like the paper said just has to grind we don't have much in personnel to change our look much. Suecker is help but still playing hurt and you can tell it in his play. The good part is Bruns, Norman, T, and Mathews are developing much faster because of the playing time. It would be nice if they could come up with win but they nearly need to play perfect game they have so little margin to get a win with. You can see the frustration in Sather when he is coaching but i got to feel he got to be pleased with effort these players are putting forth. I hope we can make it through rest of the season without any further injuries but with effort these players are putting forth i could see injury happening.
  11. I see Daninger is senior but she has year of eligibility left according to Midco half time show so i thought she was here for another year. That is where i was wondering how many openings they have for next year. I guess Orth could have year left of eligibility left with last years giving additional year of eligibility.
  12. I have lost track here but how many commits do we have for next year and how many openings. I thought we have signed several people point guard from michigan, the four star recruit from Michigan, and one girl from Minnesota. But i may be wrong on these and i thought we would have only 3 to 4 openings in scholarships. Maybe there others that may not be returning next year i am not aware of. I would appreciate somebody putting this all together where we stand on signings and scholarships available.
  13. I would like for someone to explain to me how that improves them Nationally or even locally for fan following or in the world of the media. Most people understand if they go to FBS it will be to one smaller FBS conferences and if you win the conference it will be for some lesser December bowl game played in afternoon on maybe weekday with limited tv exposurer. Second if they have to move all their sports to this new conference they will find they will have tremendous costs of travel and these sports will loose their traditional rivaleries again eroding the fan bases. Then you add in the recruiting where number of players if they are traveling farther it makes it more difficult for parents and family to watch these athletes. These are some of difficulties i see with move to FBS but i can see it happening because there is lot ego with NDSU and Fargo but until the reality of this move happens all they can see is the glory of playing FBS football. The only way this would make since would be if South Dakota schools, UND, and Montana Schools couple other FCS school would all move up and form new conference at the FBS level.
  14. I think they did replace Tyree with Bruns just slightly different players both guards and both have been effective as Freshman. What they didn't replace was Rebraca and I don't think you could have but I think they should have looked for one more experienced big man instead of settling on Howard who didn't fit and finally left the team. Also we haven't seen what Levias will bring to the team I have feeling he would have brought some things that Tyree brought to the team. To also be fair not many teams can absorb loss of three top seven players and then have scholarship player quit team that represents 30% of the roster and in this case has been the top of the roster. The only team that could weather that now in this conference is South Dakota State and they would be still hurt by this kind of loss.
  15. I thought this was possible game for us to win especially at home. I only got to see most of last half of basketball. I find no fault with effort with this team but lack of athleticism compared to our other opponents is easily seen watching the game. If this team shoots basketball at 42% for the game and makes its free throws this game should have been 10 point victory. Instead we loose by 7 points and looking at rest of league i don't see one team where i feel were better them and would be favored to win the game with personnel we have on the court right now. This does not mean we can't come up with couple of victories in conference season but loosing tonight was one of the victories i thought we might have playing at home. Sueker is not even close to 100% you could see it with him coming off court in second have we was limping walking to the bench. When will Nero return haven't heard any time line on him yet and are they just going to redshirt Levias for rest of the season since were 2/3 through the season. I see McGrath must be sick or hurt not on the bench. This all adds up to pretty thin and young lineup for the rest of the season. The positive to this season is Bruns, Mathews, Tsartsidze, and Grant are getting playing time which should help them in future years getting experience playing quality minutes. I think this season is now all about getting ourselves ready for next season and hope with new additions next year help us make a step forward to competing in this conference. I know this very negative assessment but i just don't see us having much of chance of anything with remainder of the season. Were going to be at best 7 seed and lucky to be 8 seed which we more than likely to meet South Dakota State team that is so talent and deep we would have hard time winning against their second 5 let alone their first 5. This is not going to be quick rebuild now this is going to take couple of years developing the players and adding young talent a lot of people here on this board are really going to be squawking about this but no matter what direction we go its going to take time especially if going to go with young players. We are already committed to this when looking at roster number of young players on the roster and who are recruited for next year. Its very rare to win conferences with young players it takes experienced leadership to win and only time will take care of this.
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