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  1. In the Above post i forgot to mention Hoskin the new transfer and she looks like she can play forward but would me more of small forward but i do see her stats she is good at rebounding. She does give more depth at forward but i still think we need poward forward if were going to match up with number of teams in this conference.
  2. Faraway you are right Roach is only junior this year but looking at other players it looks like they only have one position opening for this coming year with their latest commit. I would think they are looking for another power forward for the coming year and probably transfer somebody with experience. The point guard position will probably be filled by Wallace, Borowicz, and Sieben for the coming year and then Roach would be candidate year after. We will be very young at the forward postion this coming year with only Lane returning to the team and i guess Gordon could play some forward. The n
  3. oxbow 6 good observation and i have been one asking for a point guard but current roster now stands with Borowicz, Manson, Wallace, Lane, Orth, Gordon, Sieben, Roach, Hoskin, Anderson, and Mcarthy. I think this is correct that will leave us Leet, Lane, Van Loo., and Vander Wal. If i am wrong please correct me but i was going through lists and this is what i came up but i may be wrong. I hadn't realized all the guards Bernhard had recruited until i started going through the lists. We won't have alot of depth at forward spot compared to the past years. We will be caring three centers Leet, Va
  4. I thought the article that Grand Forks Herald had Rebraca was good and explained his reason for his transfer. It also showed he was using his basketball talent to get max amount of education he could get. The sad part is you hate to loose individuals like him from your team because that is type of player everyone is looking for. I am happy for him and appreciate the effort time he spent here in North Dakota. Also i believe him that coach Sather has been good coach but times are changing with how players are more now in control of their college careers in the past. Like I have said in other pos
  5. So how is this going to work for small mid major schools when you take a risk on developing talent and soon as he is developed he leaves the program. It will pretty much small mid major programs will be just farm team for major colleges. Its going to pretty much end of the dream for the small school having chance of advancing in the NCAA tournament. Will this lead to sub division in basketball like it is in football.
  6. Does anybody know how many scholarships we have open to give this year because we have number of players left or quit this year. I got to believe we have to look at getting some experienced players back also in the mix with loss of Zander , Jarnot, Fleece, and Renke other wise we will putting large number of true freshman on the court next year.
  7. I thought we had to get to 6 games to qualify for the playoffs so we got to get one of these last two games in to meet the criteria. Or are they just allow in any number of games to qualify for the playoffs. I wonder why now they just don't go ahead get the teams vaccinated with the one shot since most of the country has opened up getting vaccinating to everyone. This would end worry about covid because the teams would be as immune as possible and they wouldn't have to worry about testing anymore or contact tracing. I would think they could get this all done your only talking about between 5
  8. This loss now put's UND now with no experience at the small forward spot on the team with also the loss of Zander both of these girls were 5/10 were athletic and could handle ball either inside or outside and sure makes us much smaller team if we don't replace with some recruits similar. I would think this will become priority to do this now and there has to be girls like this in the portal. I wish Jaclyn Jarnot best i think she has had tough couple of seasons and i do think change for her and right coaching she could finish her career on positive because she has the tools become very good pla
  9. I am glad to see that she is looking to upgrade us at point guard and video on her looks like she is really fast. She is on smaller side but quickness is just valuable asset especially at guard but time will only tell how this recruit works out but i do think this very positive move in right direction. I thought Bernhard recruited several girls last year but i guess their doing this from when she was full head coach. I wonder if she goes for more high school recruits or will she get some needs from the portal.
  10. I got to believe he's leaving to play else where he will get some playing time because he can see that Sather will have to bring in portal transfers and with that is going to be guaranteed playing time. To me he's got to do some growing before he can play at this level wouldn't be surprised he drops down a level to division II gets playing time and experience to develop. He still has 4 years of eligibility left with year of practice time at division I level. This is going to get interesting because we could still see players entering portal yet before next year. This going look like musical ch
  11. You don't seem to get it if they tried something of low balling her hire you would have federal lawsuit of unequal pay and opening yourself up to all types of lawsuits. Second is when she was hired for the position you made offer deeming her qualified to do this job all things your bitching about becomes irrelevant because she was hired with all those those circumstances happening before she was hired as head coach. If want to bitch about it goes back to AD and he will be held accountable for this hire knowing those things and still thinking she was best candidate for the job. Even here that i
  12. I got to believe this salary within equal pay guidelines of University compared to other universities in what they are paying and it should be. I believe they hired her based on her qualifications and expectations for this position she should be paid the going salary if were going to become the top program everyone on here is wanting.
  13. According to GF Herald they say Summit has lost almost 30 players to transfer this year alone this is going to be huge loss of talent gone from the league or future talent from the league. also there are 881 players transferring now accounting for nearly 20% of the players switching teams in division I programs. This even before the NCAA tournament is only half over how many more players are going to be transferring. But getting back to UND Sather is now in total rebuild for next year and what is direction does he go is college transfer or does he go the high school route. He tried both la
  14. According to verbal commits (https://verbalcommits.com/schools/north-dakota) UND stands now with 3 commits, 4 open spots, and one open offer. If this is correct then UND could sign four more players before next year. This is going to make for interesting off season to start filling these positions.
  15. It may not be the coach but it could be Grand Forks the location both of these players are from bigger cities and with covid restrictions in place very little for young people to do here. My son is from here and he has stated there hasn't been much to do if your young to do. So many things are closed and if not from the area i got to believe you feel your trapped. I may be wrong but i think this is playing into decisions of these players i feel it too i am getting tired of all the restrictions especially since i have gotten my shots and young people healthy like they are haven't fear virus l
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