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  1. The Fargo dome size of stadium means getting nonconference game against major FBS program is not going to happen they will be left with bringing in FCS opponents and also guaranteeing them money to play how is that going to help for increase budget of moving to FBS. The dream of being major player at FBS level is that a dream they will not be playing for national championships best will be playing for conference championship at one lesser FBS conferences and chance at one lesser bowl during christmas to New Years time frame. There will be no home playoff games like they have now with FCS and chance to play weekly until Christmas one big reasons it had become so popular with people in North Dakota gave them something to follow at the end of the year. I can't see them building a new stadium on short run all players to get funding done for the project are fighting budget battles now them selves like Fargo with flood control project, State with budget short falls from less oil revenues, and NDSU lack of funding research and enrollment declines. I may be wrong but Fargo is not ready to move up even though they like to think big but resources are not in place to make this move now and may take another 10 to 20 years growth to get to where they will have resources to make this move.
  2. The sports world in Fargo may be prepared to go FBS but i don't think general public is prepared to go or on the political side yet. The football program probably make the jump but the cost of moving all other sports to FBS conference i don't think there is enough money or schools in those conferences don't want to have to travel to North Dakota. Und proved this with there time in Big Sky conference the costs of travel and other schools soon wanted UND to leave as much as UND needed to leave. Add in that NDSU state affairs right now with declining enrolments and less research dollars and forced change in presidents coming i don't see where NDSU makes the shift to FBS. Fargo likes to think they will be leaders from FCS moving up to next level but like number of posts before we as region lack population and economics of moving up a division in college sports. Only way it may work is if only the Football program moves up but here again economics i still think makes this difficult jump. The move FBS will not mean like it was for FCS you had a chance to play for national title but move to FBS will be one smaller schools where chance of playing for national title will be almost zero but just for New Years bowl game and not one of the top bowl games but just a bowl game. I think this will be hard for casual fan to get handle on because they understand winning something on national basis but for bowl game i don't think it carries like playing for national championship. If they do only go FBS for football there other sports just become even more taxed for revenue and fan following in essence they become even more than UND with one sport dominant school. I think alot of NDSU hard fans may be disappointed they don't make this next step and for sure local media in Fargo but i don't think the economics will ever support this move at this time. If you have my guess is the top conferences and schools will soon break off from NCAA for same reason why they have formed up into their power conferences because they are not going to want to support bottom half of schools with money.
  3. This coming season has many questions to be answered by number of the off season moves we had to make because of number of transfers we had. We have NDSU and SDSU, and Oral Roberts basically standing pat with addition mostly of traditional recruits and then rest of the conference in status of great change for the coming season. It will be interesting to see if somebody puts together a team that can challenge and upset the power balance in conference for the coming year. On paper we look to have at least put a team together that could become contender but that all depends on how they gel and if they live up to their billing. This is definitely going to take coaching and player buy in if we are going to have successful season. I am sure Sather didn't plan on this type of rebuilding process when he took the job but that is how fast game has changed with new rules on player transfers. The top three in conference so far has not seen what other schools are going through some say its the culture of programs and i just think they have been lucky so far and when they have to replace their current group of players things will change for them also. Small midmajor's will never be same where they take players develop them and have winning program by building a team this way because now the power 5 schools are going to come knocking on these kids door and recruiting them to move. I also think the power 5 schools are even going to do it more with change of coaching from the old school coaches to new coaches coming in to replace them.
  4. Little early to predict future line-up for North Dakota. We still have two spots open yet on the team i would guess we will see some future announcements on players yet to be signed by us. Verbal commits has still with one offer still open to juco out Snow college but with leaving of G it has created another opening on the team. I am guessing they are waiting to see if major player becomes available yet before fall and are keeping their options open with scholarship to give.
  5. Men's basketball verbal commits shows each player on the team if its walk on, scholarship, transfer, verbal commit, signed, and the transfer. They don't show it for women's basketball is there somebody else that does this for women's basketball. Women's basketball has it own transfer portal site for each school and shows commits on site but doesn't tell if its scholarship or walk on. If Lane and Sieben are walk-on's this would then leave UND with two openings left. I would guess then couple of recruits that may redshirt for the coming season with that many recruits available for the roster.
  6. Do we have scholarship left i was going through player list i have 15 players or are we adding one for Leet. The list Borowicz, Manson, Gordon, Leet, Lane, Lane, Van Loo, Vander Wal, Anderson, Adams, Wallace, Sieben, Orth, Hoskin, and MCcarthy. This would give us 15 players for next year as i have figured unless i made mistake again.
  7. I looked at JMU box score against VMI and there the stated attendance for that game was 6011 and my guess that will be similar for us this coming Sunday. the maximum attendance based on stadium capacity would be 6219.
  8. Yes as far as i know there not transfer portal for this year and i have not heard of anything else other than they are on the team. The second Lane girl was brought in last year midseason when they were needing guards.
  9. I see Jarnot is transferring to West Florida a division II school so all our transfers went the D-II rout. I believe that Zander and Jarnot can play Division I basketball but they have transferred for what ever reasons and i hope they have successful careers in the future. I think that we still have one position to fill yet and wondering if anybody heard any more things on that front. This is definitely Mallory's team now with only few hold overs from Brewster tenure with Manson, Leet, Borowicz, Gordon, and Van Loo with Mallory having say on these girls when they were recruited.
  10. I was looking at verbal commits see we still have 3 open scholarships left to offer with several offers to different players. Looks like we have already gotten bigger than last year and with open scholarships this team is not fully structured. The players we lost this year so far they either have made lateral transfer or step down a division. The one i would say that i will miss most is Ihenacho because i think he could have developed into quite star player. The thing i don't understand is the move to James Madison team already stocked with starting guards all returning for the coming year. There he will have to fight for playing time and if he gets hurt or nicked up like he did last year he may find hard time getting back on the court. Here at UND he would almost guaranteed himself playing time to develop into the star player it will be interesting see how this transfer pans out in the future. I am thinking that the various recruits Sather is putting together will have more than enough talent to develop competitive team for the coming year and with team being able to workout before the season starts they could be further along than this past season before next season. We are going to miss Rebraca having that experience he gave us last year and would have again this coming year is hard to replace and will take time to get this from new players coming in. The key going forward will be we need to have players buy in to developing a good team we can't have this mass transferring every year and if that becomes the norm for mid major basketball we will not see quality of the basketball we have seen in the past. This past year nothing seems to be normal anymore and if this new normal alot of the institutions and values we have come to accept will not survive.
  11. I was looking at Sather's staff at Northern State University and i see one of his assistant stayed there but did not become part of the new staff. He lived in Aberdeen and was teacher there for thirty years so i am thinking he could take full retirement from there now and do the assistant coaching job. I see has masters degree, was assistant coach for 28 years, worked on recruiting and scouting under Sather. He would check alot of the boxes for requirements for the assistant coaching job.
  12. I am not against the transferring rule but now were getting transferring in the middle of season even in professional sports free agency happens after the season. I think there should be penalty for doing this when the season is in play the school that provided scholarship and position for you have invested time and money in exchange for you playing and now you transfer in my mind it totally wrong. If this going to be case then the schools should be able pull players scholarship in mid year too if were going to have open recruiting in midseason which i am totally against. I think if you transfer or quit in season then you should have to sit for a season before you can play at another school or why have any rules for scholarships. This is not teaching young adults any values or that your word means something this is all about me mentality. He's not only letting down the coaches, school, but all of his teammates who have put forth this effort to be able compete for championship how do ever face these people again and look them eye feel good about yourself. that's my feelings on this.
  13. This is pretty much lateral move on his part and they have made NCAA tournament lately but under different coach but so had UND once in same time. Attendance may be 1000 more per game and big difference here this school has no football or hockey so basketball is king on this campus. I don't know but speculating this may be move because of location of the school closer to bigger metropolitan area to live than Grand Forks based he came from bigger city environment. I could be totally wrong reason on this but this transfer sure wasn't on playing at higher level.
  14. I was looking at verbal commits so far the offers that Simms and Ihenacho have received look to be pretty much lateral move to me. The question i have is they say one time move without sitting out a season so if they want to move after this will they have to sit for year unless their graduate transfer. If this is the case why would use up this option if your only going to move laterally especially for Ihenacho where his upside potential looks like he could become highly rated player. The Summit conference is as good mid major conference to develop your talent and if you want to go to power 5 school. I just think he was premature on transferring unless he just can't stand being in Grand Forks. I wonder if number of the transfer this year are going to turn out to be move in wrong direction and ultimate goal of getting good education paid for to start in the real world. I think Rebraca transfer is being done for right reasons he can get top education from playing basketball and he may have opportunity to play in big dance at power 5 school. This why fully understand and support Rebraca move and kids like him making best of their college careers they will be real winners of playing college athletics.
  15. South Dakota State looking at there roster they will have at least 10 to 11 players over 6 feet tall on their team for next year. Also see the latest recruits are all over 6 feet for NDSU and looks like South Dakota is recruiting some taller players for next year as well. These are top teams in the conference this year and looks like they either getting bigger or already there. I still think that UND will need to add one more taller girl for next year or we will have hard time matching up with these conference leaders. Looking at this upcoming year we will be counting on several freshman players to make major contributions not recipe for having big turn around season. My hope is that we can improve through the season and at least maybe play win one in the conference tournament but its going to take time now to get this team rebuilt.
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