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  1. We have seen all these new recruits that will be coming here but I was wondering have we lost a lot of the current roster with the change in coaches. I didn't think we had that many openings on last years roster. I guess I am little out of touch to what is happening.
  2. I still like going to the Speed Way in Grand Forks has pretty good food and if you want you can get drink with your meal. Its always busy but usually can get in .
  3. ND-fan

    New Coach?

    Yes I heard him on different interviews especially when he wasn't on local or media covering UND and he was bashing the weather and how far north Grand Forks was and my thoughts at time was why would you be so negative about location of school your trying to recruit athletes to. Yes we have harsh winters compared to other parts of the country but we also have beautiful summers and falls compared to a lot of rest of the country. The other thing is we do have winter activities that a lot of people like to take advantage of. I also thought he had critical year coming up in that he had to show that he could win with his recruits and be contender in the Summit. He was given program from previous coach ready to win with lots of talent and developed to win in the Big Sky conference. That being said UND needs coach again that can recruit top talent locally and from our recruiting region. I believe if we get right individual they could build UND into division I mid major program that could contend with top division I schools in the future. We have facility that provides for great atmosphere for volleyball and we built following to make UND exciting place to come and play Volleyball. We need the right person lead and build top quality program here. This is the time to build a program when right person can be compensated here equally to that of large division I programs.
  4. I have question with men's basketball program and the Betty the revenue generated there is there any return to the Men's basketball program. I look at how facilities get additional revenue hosting various events like the high school regionals, and now state basketball tournament. There has to be some profits generated there to be funneled back to basketball programs or is all that funneled through the agreement with Ralph and hockey. I also wonder now with change in conferences the travel expenses have to been reduced adding revenue for the programs. I guess another question is if hockey is generating positive cashflow why is it then other sports are so under funded compared to our other conference rivals. Is it because lack of fund raising or is not generating as much from these sports in control of facilities. My other question is UND management structure top heavy consuming a lot of dollars that takes away from people actually running these programs. Also do the South Dakota schools get more money from their student fees than UND because they are not being split with Hockey program that has lot of student support. I guess my big question is why are we not able to compete with them and if so is revenue generated or are we spending more in administration and other expenses. I would like to see some facts and figures on this so we would know were behind and know what to improve upon.
  5. What did university of South Dakota pay for there new head coach Todd Lee last year that should be comparable for compensation here at UND. I suspect were going to find were at the bottom of pay structure for division I schools in compensation. I got to believe this was part of coach Jones decision and hard to keep quality assistants and to even add additional assistants to lessen their time on the job. I look at this way he could become assistant at larger division I school and make more money than he has been making and be able to spend more time now with his family time he can't recover later. I think we lost quality individual here and we may never know how much he put into this program over the years. I got to believe were going to find out how under funded we have been in men's basketball and my guess several of other sports here too. My guess its going to take a lot more money to get next coach in place here and also the assistant coaches pay structures will need to be addressed.
  6. I hope to we don't get another inter[m run by Ed Schafer the problem I see with this when he gets into power he wants to make all the changes he was prevented from as governor. The last time he was president this what he did and made severe cuts in many of programs at UND in favor of pet programs of his over the years. I do not believe an interim president should be making any long term decision for the university. He is just place holder for the position and new incoming president should be making and setting direction he believes the institution should be heading. Back to Kennedy I wouldn't respond to his email letter on his resignation I would keep quiet on the matter. My response would be to the higher education board asking for them on their input on who should be on next committee to find next president of UND. This would basically signal again to Kennedy that his position at UND is finished and he should prepare himself for what ever the future has coming for him. Yes I would agree there are grounds for firing him with his latest comments and now his desire to find employment elsewhere. The sad part of this is Kennedy would have put his nose to grind stone and worked with legislature, Und staff, Students, and people of North Dakota followed through with his visions and his promise to travel and get to know people of state and how UND could benefit them as well listen to them what concerned them about UnD he could have become one of great presidents of UND. I think when both parties have not gotten what they want its best for both parties to part ways and just call this period a mistake for both parties.
  7. Colorado is getting a 62 year old president which means he's probably there at best 4 years until he retires. What Kennedy was looking for was another school where he had potential to grow his salary and live in more populated city and have fresh start with public. Being in much larger city not every move he makes or mistake is going to get front page headlines like it does here in North Dakota. Second is he talks much better game than he plays when it comes to running major university and being in state of North Dakota people do follow the University so it takes small town political skills not Washington DC political skills. Meaning people here do listen and follow what you are doing and if you say one thing and do another people remember here and these kind of actions are not easily forgiven. In Colorado his tenure will be short and if he doesn't rock the boat to much he should be able to finish his career out there unless he choose to move on again for greener pastures. I do get offended when I see people putting down North Dakota people as being small minded and not progressive several of posts have made such references. I think a lot of people here that make those remarks may not know the history of this state or what people have done here in little over 130 years to build a state to where it is today. In that time where there was little to none infrastructure in this state and vast majority of people came here with little money to make a living. While they started with little wealth they built this state and one things they did was invest in educational system to improve next generations chances succeeding in this world. They did this through tough times and harsh weather times where being conservative and having faith in themselves and god got them through these times. The sacrifice many people made to stay and build something here is astounding because a lot of people left to live where is was easier to make a living. But today the state has grown into one of the better states in United States where incomes arein upper one third of all the states and we have developed our state into where large portion of kids want to stay and build life here. We are using our education system to create new industries here in the state and well as provide for ones that are successful. Yes we may do things and look at things differently than other parts of the nation but we have had too if were going to continue succeed here and conquer this land and climate we live in. Also the people of North Dakota put great value on education but they are also practical in that they want return that helps all of the state of North Dakota. This is why they do follow how education system is run and how its being managed but it comes from prospective of how they have lived and had to manage their businesses and jobs here in North Dakota. That is why the next president of UND needs to fit the state of North Dakota because we have had to many presidents that have not been in sink with people of North Dakota. They are not invested in UND and State of North Dakota I think that what people of North Dakota want. It may sound simple but we haven't had president that can communicate and understand the citizens of North Dakota. It seems we have had presidents that are at odds with public, educational system, the legislature, and even within the school itself for number of years. That is why I think next president needs to be looking at UND as more final destination not stepping stone and also young enough that its not last job for retirement. If you get gest of this criteria I think we need somebody that wants to be here and build this institution for long term that whole state of North Dakota can be proud of.
  8. Kennedy was never a fit for UND and sooner the people of higher education come to this realization better we will be. The problem is he was politician at heart and the people of North Dakota don't want a politician leading its top university. They want individual that wants to be leader of institution to build it up over his career and make it better than when he came here. Also they want straight shooter doesn't give politician answer to tough questions but gives a truthful answer. Basically we want another Tom Clifford who did this. He was raised here and had values most North Dakotans respect coming to this job as being job he wanted all his life. Kennedy even last exchanges with press show how different he was than this when no more than 6 weeks ago he said he wasn't looking for another job but truth was he was already looking. To average North Dakotan this is outwardly lying to your face and reason he could never gain much support here in NOrth Dakota. What we have here is elite group of people involved in higher education want leaders for higher education that have values of higher education from elite schools on the coasts of this nation. What we need is person who understands people of North Dakota and values we want present in our education system . I look back at higher education some the best presidents in our schools were North Dakotans. They knew the state, people, and school they were working for where they were to be very successful. Also you will find these presidents could work with our political system because I believe they gained trust of legislature. I am sure hoping we can put together right group of people to hire next president for UND.
  9. What is the percentage of players finishing their career at these large schools that go on to play professional basketball someplace after college. My guess it pretty high with NBA, G league, and overseas basketball in Europe and pacific regions my guess majority of these athletes do try playing professional basketball. I think for lot these players there career interests is basketball and what ever there degrees after that are there secondary plans after they are done with basketball. I don't know if these are wises choices but it is dreams of young men that they have wanted since they were very young. NCAA wants to control these individuals and so do colleges all while using them to make money for themselves with only thing in return for these players is a college degree. This is nothing compared to what administrators, coaches, and media make off these young individuals and here lies the problem of making this more equitable for college athlete in these high profile sports. Don't tell me there is not money in these sports for large universities when coaches are being paid in the millions per year and look what the media is paying to televise college sports. I just think there has to be ways for smaller schools and players interests to be set up where they are treated equitably but its going to cost to do this and in here lies the problem. But for example look at college basketball team has 15 scholarships and say the cost of scholarship is $50,000. per scholarship or $750,000.. dollars total cost but then look here we have coach alone making probably $3,000,000. dollars the players are only getting 25% of what coach is getting in education and still no cash money for themselves to spend. Then you put restrictions on the players once they decide where to play making them virtual under school and coach control once they sign to be with that school. Also if coach leaves they are still under control by that school unless they are given a release and then again they have to sit a year before they can play elsewhere but coach can leave and go on to next place to coach with next school picking up the cost to pay other school. The scholarship programs work much better at small schools and not division I schools because value being received by players is much more equitable to that what schools are receiving and coaches and administrators are receiving. Also the money coming into sports is much less so the system is much fairer at these levels. So how do solve these problems and still be equitable for all and I don't think anyone has plan that everyone could get around and support.
  10. The last few years changes on transferring have changed basketball for mid majors programs in that they have been weakened by allowing their senior players chance to transfer without sitting out a year has made these senior ball players premium for the large college basketball programs. This rule change has weakened the conferences like the Summit and Big Sky by draining away there top talent to large college basketball programs. Basically mid major conferences are becoming minor league development teams for these large colleges. I look at UND had Crandle at Gonzaga team reached elite 8 and South Dakota has Mooney on Texas Tech a final four team both transferred to play on large college team. UND the year before had Carson Shanks on Loyola final four team and Bernstine who went to Washington Pac 12 team. This loss of talent by Summit and Big Sky conferences has weakened these conferences and for sure weakened UND basketball team the last two years. The Kolpack story he had on Forum's sports reporting a year ago on transferring I believe is being played out and what it means to mid major conferences. All ready were seeing it at other schools in Summit conference who have lost players for next year weakening these teams and making mad scramble to find other players. If they are going allow this sitting out period be waved maybe they should also have it for mid Major schools that can recruit freshman and sophomores from large college basketball schools without sitting out for a year. This would allow these mid major schools chance to take young talent away from these schools without sitting out for a year. We could see then strengthening in the mid major schools with more talent because they could offer playing time without loss penalty for transferring.
  11. Is Borowicz from Roseau coming here or is she looking at going to South Dakota State for the coming year. If this happens South Dakota schools are just coming up here recruiting kids right next to UND what's the problem here things like this shouldn't be happening on regular basis.
  12. I have a question is AIU roster made up largely older college players from juniors and also from overseas where they are largely on average older group of players. If this is the case hasn't this been trend In college hockey that you can win with these older mature players in the tournament then young super talents what use to be model for winning in college hockey. That age experience and strength becomes advantage in playoff hockey for colleges. This is just a thought but I would like here some discussion on this.
  13. This is fine run by SDSU but next year they will be coming back to the pack with loss of their seniors this year. On the other hand this is not the case for University of South Dakota I think there time for peaking will be next year and year after if they can continue to add a few pieces each of next two years. SDSU will need a great recruiting year and based on Johnson record he will probably put quality team on the floor but I believe he will be rebuilding next year with senior graduations this year. The rest of Summit conference are similar to UND where it will be dog fight to find who's best between them . I just don't see us competing for top spot in league next year to hard to win with large group of Freshman and Sophomores which we will have next year. Unless he brings in transfer from another division I program and haven't heard anything on that front. NDSU is going to have very difficult year with few players returning from this year and no new coached hired yet or staff so they will be late getting out their recruiting to get some of top athletes. Brewster will need to hit recruiting trail hard if he's going to stay around at UND and then he's going to need to connect with his players and get over his mind game approach to handling players.
  14. I would guess Tim Miles looks for another major college to coach at would be hard for him to come back to Summit conference coaches salaries. I am betting he could make more as assistant at major college than he could at Summit Conference. I look at Jones here at UND is just making 140,0000. and even Otzelberger at SDSU is making 325,0000. Miles was scheduled to make 2.5 million this coming year one lower paid Big 10 coaches still huge pay cut to go back to midmajor program. McDermott at Creighton is making 1.326 million far cry from Summit and Big Sky pay scales. Even Ben Jacobson at Northern Iowa one most successful Midmajor programs is making little over 500,000. not bad but sure not pay structure of big time universities. If not coaching I would think Miles has future probably in color commentator for the sports channels. I wonder with Jones salary being this low compared to other coaches I wonder how we compare in what were paying our assistant coaches. This has a lot to do how well program fairs and competes with quality of coaching staff. I see University of South Dakota have two of Jones assistant coaches we had in last few years I wonder if this has to do with compensation they were receiving.
  15. I am just curious what are your expectations of coach here at UND how much does he have to win before your ready to fire him and move on to next coach. He has reach a sweet sixteen appearance when none of so called elite programs in this conference have never reached that spot. Also South Dakota and South Dakota state view basketball as one of their primary sports for the school. North Dakota State has had some success in past but with football program growing I think all other sports have seen the drain including men's basketball. If your going to talk about the other Mid major programs that have been successful at basketball majority of them concentrate on basketball and usually are private schools. Now look at UND Hockey is the first sport here commanding significant portion of the budget and resources of the school and now second is football which has gotten renewed effort from the school and athletic department. Then comes basketball the third sport for men at UND not like it was in the past and now to be competitive it takes resources of money not just head coach but assistants, facilities, and travel budgets to make a complete competitive team. Now look at the Hockey program where were seeing they have not been winning how long is it before our other sports see a drain again because hockey revenue may be dropping near future if has not now even seen a slide. But getting back to basketball do think were going to put a program together here where you think were going in the top 25 in division I basketball. I by your grading most of all the schools in this conference should have fired their coach this year and looked for another one and same thing can be said for all the schools in the Big Sky. Division I sports for small mid major programs is have some financial stability and ability to show they can win the conference every few years when we there are changes it is because several years at bottom conference and no improvement in year to year play or when the contract of coach is up they may make a change in coaches. I guess I look at some of you posting here your expectations are not realistic and were not biggest fish in pond like we were when we were division II where we had more resources than most other division II schools now were like most of other division II schools in division I with limited resources so change has to be done carefully. If you don't believe that look at all the sports that have disappeared here in last few years.
  16. I agree that a decision 13 years later was wrong just because he is successful now doesn't mean he would have been successful here then. Look at his resume he has gone through whole bunch of career stops to get to where he is now. I would expect he applied to other institutions for head coaching jobs and wasn't accepted until this last position. Also for current coach not many coaches have gone from division II era transitioning to division I and also changing conferences three times in program and has gone through budget restricted athletic program where we were not even able to keep assistants for any given period of time until lately because of lack of money to pay the going rate. Basketball has been the third rail here at UND since the 1990's and to have even success we have had is remarkable. I believe that is why the Athletic Directors we have made little change in the basketball programs is because they know this and making change may not result in any improvement or more likely result in us going the other way. I am sure I get all kind of rebuttals about finding right person that can be here a few years turn us into winning program but nobody here on this sight wants to think what if it fails with each failure it gets harder to find person that can produce winner. Pretty soon in that scenario we had 10 years of loosing and tell me how you turn it around. If I am athletic director and my third rail of sports in the school I am at I want program that is consistent at about 500 and every couple of years puts together team that wins conference and makes the tournament. It may not reach excellence a lot of you talk about but its consistent winning enough to keep fans in the seats and doesn't put athletic budget at distress if whole thing fails reaching for that excellence. Example of this now is NDSU women's basketball program they have been reaching for that next Tim Miles on women's side but look at where that program is at and how long does it takes to rebuild the program and how much additional money will it need to get it done. Just some thoughts from different point of view everyone has this idea changing coaching is going to be automatically successful but I would like see the success rate on changing coaching it seems to many of the schools that are changing coaching a lot never see long term improvement. that's my opinion which may be wrong but what I have seen over the years.
  17. NCAA says the play in game is part of the tournament but I just filled out the ESPN Tournament Challenge there they start with the field of 64 for filling out the brackets. They are not using the four play in games as part of the Tournament. If that is the case most people are going to treat the teams in play in games same way as they not part of the bracket. I think its a shame that they are putting our conference into playoff game it just diminishes the conference on national scene. Tv wanted to have conference tournaments but when they get upset then they want to move conference tournament champion to a play in game. These mid major conferences only get one selection at least let them have there day in the Tournament. Like I say mid majors have about zero chance to get into final 16 let alone even final four the last true mid major school to get into final four was Indiana State when they had Larry Bird. I will here about other mid major programs but some them are more closely related to big schools or are independent school that plays big time schedule. I find it so interesting its fine that we have our own separate division in football but not basketball. I guess I will never get appeal of playing with large schools when you know you have zero chance of winning.
  18. ND-fan

    ITS OVER!!!

    I don't follow hockey as closely as a lot of you on the sight and by far no expert but just quickly looking at the statistics is were nearly a goal under or more per game. I also look at our offensive production from penalties were near the bottom on penalty conversion for offense in the conference or that in the nation. Defensively it appears were in the top tier on defensive numbers for the nation. The question that needs to be answered is it talent or is the coaching to get talent out of the players we do have. If this one year blip on for UND I would say they would just need to refocus and try to make some small changes. The problem here is we have three year trend and its getting worse each year. If I was Brad Berry I would be looking for somebody outside for some real hard opinions on what's wrong with the UND program. I wouldn't want it sugar coated and if has to do with me as coach I would want to know what I am doing wrong so I can start correcting or getting handle on what your not doing as a coach. One the first I would ask is Dave Hakstol I would think he could give opinion on whats happening and then I would go some of the NHL scouts I would bet they could give you some insight on your players or even your coaching. When you have back to back years where your putting more shots on goal and yet getting poorer results it leads me to think you have coaching philosophy that other teams are figuring out and defending you so that you don't score. It may as simple as tendency of type of shot your teaching your players to take and where from. But I think its gut check time for coaches of UND and they better start looking or number of them might be looking for work near future if things don't change .
  19. I look at this win by NDSU in the summit conference is very similar to the Big Sky conference in that there's not that much separates the teams in the conference usually one player in basketball. I have followed on NDSU form and same thing they were wanting coach fired and program in complete failure. That was less than 2 weeks ago and look now there going to dance of NCAA but all we here on this site is they are going as 15 or 16 seats. That is what Summit and Big Sky conferences are fill in teams with seats as high as 12 but never meant to win much in the tournament but I do congratulate NDSU on putting it together at the end of the season. The small mid major conferences provide programing for TV to sell final four to the public but real fact is 90% of teams are one and done showing and remaining maybe can win opening round game but are usually beaten in next round. So many on the site are wanting major changes from year to year and I look at this year as it was going to be difficult year for UND sports. The changing of conferences alone is hard to learn how to win in your conference and your never get any breaks on scheduling the first year and no breaks on officiating compared to long term members. I think we could be in position next year to win this tournament and also compete for the conference if we can find right missing pieces. The only sport in this Conference right now that has evaluated themselves nationally now is Women's basketball because the South Dakota schools are now competing in top 25 nationally the big question is can the conference sustain this level or are we going to fall back. The Question I have is going to be possible for either NDSU or UND to have facilities to host Conference tournament in sometime in the future. I could see where they could split Men's and Women's tournament from each other if some other host facility could handle and provide comparable turn out and revenue to the conference. I think we will have better idea on the direction of sports programs after next year when we see how coaches have recruited for this conference if we see improvements for the various sports. Also we will be either on final year of their contract or close to final year on their contracts for the coaches.
  20. I get what you're saying but what I meant by playing hard a lot of teams after falling behind team like South Dakota in third by 20 points would have let that score go to 30 to 40 points and South Dakota would have been to able to put in their bench by fourth quarter. We made them play hard for most of the game. This team playing South Dakota basically had no chance of winning this game we couldn't match them in guard play and has been weakness of this team all season long. I did see in this tournament that some of girls on the bench have more talent than I thought when they got a chance to play in the Tournament. I was looking at Mckeever a girl less than 75 miles from Grand Forks playing for South Dakota wonder how we missed on her and maybe we never had a chance for her. But I looked we brought in guard of Chasity Franklin the year that Mckeever was recruited so we did have opening for a guard that year. I was looking at the amount of turn over we have had in players and has been significant I was looking at this senior class we have lost swatze, Asuncion, Ripplinger, Boike, Burroughs, and Freije . With the first four on list being guards and then after some these were let go we brought in Daily sisters for guards. The question I have is out of this list with the other two senior guards of Strand and Morton we had no top flight guard on this team. So to speak we have in four years looked and offered spots 8 different people and have missed on all of them. I would think you would start evaluating the criteria on how your determining to find guards that can produce for you offensively and run your offense and play defense. Because a college coach is not only coach but also general manager in acquiring talent putting people in place that can assist you. Here again we have large turn over in coaches etc. in the last few years so this is signs we have something occurring to well being of this program. Brew by winning to get us into semifinals of tournament and his past success here has earned just enough to get another year but I think he has to produce big next year especially when his contract is coming to end to get another one.
  21. Und played hard today but bottom line is that they are just not at the South Dakota level of talent. I think Brew saved his job yesterday with win in the tournament and because SU fired there coach. This is time for us to lock up some talent for next few years from the region. I think Brew wants to keep coaching he better start looking for the fast moving guards that can shoot and drive the basketball. Over the years he has let to many of these girls get recruited out the area and have come back to beat him on the court. I actually think that Klabo being gone next year will be good thing for the UND program. I can here the sound of the responses from everyone here but I think it will make us better team. I also think will make Brew coach this as team instead of star lead team. All year we had this star mentality for the structure of the team instead of just looking for the player that's open or who's hot at given time. The game when she was hurt we got glimpse of this when we found some of these other girls on the team could perform and we were much harder to defend because they didn't know who was going to be the first option. The big question is what is the talent coming in for next year and what style of basketball are we going to play. Are we retooling to be able to play against South Dakota schools or are we going to stay the course with us being big team in the front line and pounding it inside. If we choose the latter we will be looking for a coach year from now. Second thing is if Brew is going to stay around hw needs ditch ego and mind games he played with his previous teams. He can coach and knows the game but if he's going to make next big step he needs to get point where his girls buy into him like Roebuck did when he coached this is what separates coaches from being average and coaches that are considered top coaches. I think you can get away with mind games and etc in major programs because level of talent they recruit and because so many players covet being at major program they have numbers where players can be easily be replaced other than their top recruits. I look at next year will determine what direction we are heading as a program but my guess is Brew is on pretty short leash for the coming year.
  22. I think Und can be in mix at the top of the Summit next year. NDSU looks to be there also for next year. USD I think could be the top team but so much depends on health of the teams and who they have coming in. Any of teams if they bring in top player can change picture who could be top team. If anything shows by end of next year any team could contend in this league and that is true for most of mid major programs. Look at this year everyone said that SDSU is going to run away from the conference and look they get beat in first round of the tournament. Even we were One or two plays away from sending home Omaha for the season. Then look liked Fort Wayne was fading fast and look how they dominated SD there isn't that much difference in any of these teams. I think why teams close up at tournament time is refereeing becomes actually balanced not weighted for the favorites and home teams. I am looking forward to next season for UND if Jones has as successful off season finding talent as he did last year we could have really fun team to watch nest year. I look at the talent he lost in past couple years to major one division schools we would have had quite successful run in basketball. Two years ago after NCAA year if we had kept Schanks and Bernstine on the team that year we would have had team could have won the conference tournament. Now this year if we had Crandle at point guard and with other players here we would have had missing piece we needed in point guard. Marlon developed into that player but just think having him and Crandle it would have made us tought match up with us for other teams in the conference. I know there is chemistry risk with Crandle but just looking at it from talent match up we would have been much improved. But the current team we have now has potential to develop into very good basketball team with can couple of pieces where we are weak at now added we could become favorite for next year.
  23. I will express opinion that may not be to popular with Grand Forks residents but I am going to say it anyway. When Grand Forks passed the city sales tax for their water treatment plant I think it has hurt there retail business more than they thought. I know being outside of Grand Forks people I know were upset with passage of this tax and I believe it help shift shoppers minds on doing business there. I can hear people say it wasn't that big a deal but sometimes there comes to point that breaks the camels back or people get mad to point they find alternatives. The feeling was that instead funding your city water project on people living in city and businesses in the city you looked to tax people from outside your city to help pay for your infrastructure. We our selves have shifted to more online shopping where we only have to pay the state sales tax not additional sale taxes Grand forks levies a reduction in cost of products we buy. You say it isn't much but it adds up when you consider we pay nearly 2and 1/2 percent less on goods bought this way. Over years we probably came to Grand forks spent at least $500.00 to 1000.00 month shopping in the city and now we have eliminated at least 75% of this shopping saving us at least $150.00 year in taxes and then consider driving costs and eating in the city were saving at least another 1500.00 to shop in your city. This is money we can spend else where or for our pleasure. Where we come from we have to tax ourselves to pay for infrastructure for basic needs like water, sewer, and roads this is should have been the way Grand Forks financed there water project. If I am right I think it has hurt Grand Forks retail businesses and also slowed growth for the city. This taxing without representation has cost but it hard to show it in real figures but its there.
  24. Another disappointing loss for UND most positive thing for the game was when he had younger lineup in the game seemed like they just played together much better. Also when he had the guards of Reinke, Orth, and Daily in there they were much better team these guard are much quicker and give more offensive potential for UND. Also they are much better at driving and dishing the ball of front line people. I also like it when they went big at times to but they can only do that when they Orth and Reinke playing guard and even Daily. Dooley did good job today playing defense and rebounding but for her to be effective offensively she needs to be with other big people. I think this team makes conference tournament but to me they are one and done team unless they are shooting lights out from the outside which they haven't shown all season.
  25. If UND could win 2 of last 3 they would have a good chance of being in tie for 6 place in the conference. If the win came against South Dakota I don't know what the tie breaker would be. But if they do end of 7 they would more than likely end up playing Omaha. This would be a team that they have matched up played tough at home but didn't play so well on the road but that was road trip of busing to Indiana and back to Ohama.
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