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  1. Yes they have 13 head count scholarship for full ride scholarships but most schools in NCAA allocate this head scholarships out to 15 to 16 players providing so much money to each player. What i read on this extra year eligibility is that even if they give scholarship to that player it doesn't count against the 13 available scholarships for the program this is something unique and my understanding is all the players this year that were provided this extra year eligibility this same process will play out for them. This has been stated on other websites stating the same thing and and if you hav
  2. They have 11 spots on the roster with Panoam and they can have 15 scholarships with in total so we have 4 spots currently open right now and now Panoam can come back but will not be counted against the 15 spots so we would half 5 spots open for this coming year. Now you listed 3 players already to be coming in so i believe they could have 2 spots left to fill if they so choose for the coming year. What becomes interesting is next year when we have 4 juniors and again after next year we could carry 4 extra scholarships because of this years extra year of eligibility. This is my understandi
  3. A better question will be which recruits will the new coach want to keep because he may access we may need different needs for this team. I believe this coming year is going to be very interesting year in that with additional year eligibility there may more players available to play than we ever saw before. The reasons for this their are going to be alot of grad transfer available because lot of schools because of financial reasons will not be able to carry these additional players or schools will keep their current players but not offer scholarship to recent high school graduates. My thinking
  4. I was looking at most of these teams in Summit conference and i am thinking most of these teams will be back in full force for next year with this year. SDSU only senior is Wilson and if he wants to come back i am sure they are going to find way same with NDSU only Rocky Cruiser is senior and he will be back i guess, big two at ORU will be back , USD has biggest question with several of their seniors, W ILL. most of the team will be back, KC could see some turn over, and UND will be basically returning their team. If this is the case were going to see very competitive conference next year an
  5. The season is over and what failure of season it has been from start to finish this year. We have not improved enough to be confident in win with any team. We played top opponent at the beginning of the season short handed and maybe played as well as we did today. The positive today is that Borowicz showed by far she is our best guard on this team even only playing her first game of this season with major minutes. Zander again showed she can become dominant player but so far hasn't reached that level where she can give you consistent game. Jarnot is most baffling player she can play like one t
  6. yes those facilities help but for alot of people having to be here during our winter weather is not there first choice. What Fargo has now is this 8+ years of winning program and number of their kids making it to the NFL it attracts players who goal is to play in the NFL and adding that talent just makes a difference to continue to be winner. We just need to keep finding kids that compete and win some of the local big time recruits away to be able to compete where when we get them at home we can win those games and start having chances of winning the conference. I remember 80's and 90's how lo
  7. Well we just lost first game of the series any hope of post season is they have to win tomorrow and then hope that Omaha looses out their final games of the season. It was not the effort i thought we get especially loosing by double digits. Another game of poor shooting you can't win games when you shoot in mid 30's and then number of fouls we gave up they shot 19 more free throws some was us trying to get ball back at the end of game but even before that shot number more Free throws were significant. I wish I could say something positive but this team i will say one thing is they have consis
  8. My guess on finishing order would be NDSU, USD, ORU, SDSU, UND, KC, WILL, and Denver based on last couple weeks of what's happen in the league. Reasons SDSU is not the team everyone expected and they have to go on road to beat NDSU short handed. USD i think are going to come up game short because i look at their opponents hard to not have 500 finish even if they play well, NDSU is at home and is rested for SDSU and I just think they will split with USD. UND I think sweeps at Omaha which i think will pretty much lock them in fourth spot but they could split to on the road moving them to 6. KC h
  9. The face mask requirements are killing factor for many people attending a game or even doing business in any business. The face mask issue is that there are about 30% of people that scared to death of doing anything without a face mask, another 30% that are just complying or doing it when they perceive a risk to themselves or other people and then remaining third who do not wear face masks and if required to will just stop doing business or associating where they have too. I think the frustration is really beginning to build now because we are now getting number of people who have been Vaccin
  10. What you say about her bringing in her players is injustice Bernhard has had with title interm coach because she has had full responsibility but not total freedom yet to make changes if she so chooses. I think she is learning but here at division I level the time frame is quite short without some success. The point guard she did bring may have helped but few games she did play at beginning of season she had not showed yet she could be that dynamic point guard that could change what was happening on the floor. This is what i see as difference for UND compared to the South Dakota Schools look at
  11. Bernhard i will give her credit that these girls play hard for her but our Philosophy on how were going to play the game is so predictable it hasn't changed even though the game has changed in last 5 years. Val Sussex color announcer for tv and former coach i thought basically outlined the problem for UND with her color comments durning the game in that they just believe if they rebound and pound it inside that will win the game. South Dakota which we match up the most in the Summit even showed that you can't win many games with that style of basketball. Today we had better shooting from the p
  12. This was good game for UND were getting to see how good this team can be if players play up to their ability. They still have alot to clean up on turnovers and handling shifting of defenses but overall it was very good step forward. The thing i want to see is improved effort tomorrow because SD will still come out of here with split. I still think they can play better defense against them but South Dakota does have many options to score off. AJ came to life in second half but i did notice they didn't have Inhenacho on him then and soon as they put him back to AJ we got couple of turn overs to
  13. I think this pretty much put hand writing on the wall that UND is going to look for new coach for next season. I got to believe Bernhard interview for this job has been this past year but with UND current record and us at best having 50/50 chance to make conference tournament i think UND wants to go in different direction. Positives for Bernhard has been she has had team still playing hard for her and she has been close in number of games this year but bottom line is you got to win more games than she has. Also the year she had to contend with with covid and injuries has hurt what she could ha
  14. I have to agree with you on UND winning the point guard battle i watched USD play SDSU last weekend USD pretty much controlled the games when there point guard Plitzuweit was in control of the game but in the second game SDSU switched players defending him and shut him down in second half and they came back and won that game. I believe Ihenacho can do this because he is big enough and quick enough to defend and i also believe he is also quick enough and big enough that he can score if he wants to against Plitzuweit one on one situation. The thing that worries me most about South Dakota since w
  15. This team can look so good and then look really bad at times and has to be frustrating the coaching staff but i don't find it abnormal when you look at this team. Its very young team that has little experience on team with exception of Rebraca and this is his first time being leader of team who is very emotional type of player. The only senior on the team Panoam who is just getting his first playing time as player now in second half of the season. My experience has been when you have young teams you have these up and downs you just hope they catch fire at the end of the season to make a run.
  16. I was just looking at the standings if Omaha should get two more wins yet this season other than North Dakota it would mean that for North Dakota to make the playoffs in Sioux falls they would need to sweep to just to reach number 8 seed. Omaha remaining games 1 with WIU, 2 North Dakota, 2 with Denver and 2 with Kansas city all the teams fighting to just get into the Summit tournament. Also all those teams will have played less games than us so we need to have more wins to get higher win percentage to qualify for the tournament. We could easily miss the tournament especially if it comes down t
  17. Denver series is going to tell if UND has turned a corner for the program or if we return to what happened with 0 and 13 start. The game we won we saw better shooting from our guards than we had for all season on game one. The second game we started the game again shooting basketball quite well and we lead most of the first half. Then we came to second half and again we saw where we shot ball poorly and we lost our lead and lost the game. This is going to be big question now with Denver are we going to have better shooting or are we going to have what we had before with shooting percentages in
  18. They can't afford not to have player that can't hit open look once in while i can't remember last time he hit a three when it mattered in game. It something he got to work on to hit open shot he's got form and ability to shoot but he's now has to get confidence and show he can hit that shot.
  19. I watched part of the game he's got talent but he is kid that is going to take time to develop for D I and from what i watched i don't think he's going to make immediate impact and being starter or playing huge minutes his first year. I think they will need to do quite a bit work in weights to get his strong enough to play defense at the D I level. I think he's good recruit in long run because he is athletic and show's skill but like all new recruits it will be how he adapts to this level of play and how hard he works to develop that talent
  20. A sweep this weekend would put UND in position i would believe to no lower than 6 in conference and that would be assuming we lost rest or our games. I think were going to end up either 4 or 5 depending on how we do against South Dakota but this weekend a sweep would put us in position to go as high as 3 in the conference.
  21. Western Ill. looking at their team will be tough match up again for UND because we don't have the guards to match up with them. They have several smaller guards and couple of larger long guards of 5 10" and looking at their stats this team has four five people that can hit outside 3 so we are going to be challenged defensively with them. If they have poor night of shooting we would have a good chance of beating them but they always when we played in past they have been very quick team and i see they also have one post player that has been scoring quite well even with poor shooting if they dri
  22. I have question were seeing all this building downtown but my question is since Covid has happen businesses all over the country are moving away from having there people coming into offices working on daily basis. They are working from home and using zoom to meet with fellow employees. I have cousins out in Washington where Boeing is selling off office space and working from home and i know this is true because my cousin is one these people and he has number other people working under him doing the same. So getting back to here in Grand Forks i am wondering where are all the businesses that ar
  23. Do you think they are going to let this transgender policies destroy women's sports in US after 40 plus years of title 9 to get women's sports to where it is now. I just don't think they will let go that far. I think politics will change when they see it could change women's sports across America were already seeing some work on this at state level and i got to believe people common sense is going to prevail. Also i don't see how this will translate to world women's sports because if this happens it will kill that also. Its going to be interesting but when the average American who see where t
  24. I am not picking on Tiffin but wondering what level of support is coming to the Women's programs in recent years its just not scholarships but total effort to recruit players here to UND. I know there is no expense left for us recruit hockey players and amount of support i believe its like no where else in the country but the question lies at what expense to other UND sports. Yes hockey generates a lot of revenue but i still think this UND athletics is team effort in developing quality sports department. I know there other ideas and feelings on this but UND in the past was known for more th
  25. What's happen to UND women's sports in last few years cancelled hockey, basketball is mess, and now hockey is going downhill too. Just three years ago we competing going to NCAA tournament and now in all these sports were bottom of league and plus we lost women's hockey.
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