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Two months ago, if you told me UND would be sitting #2 in Pairwise and Minnesota at #20, I'd have asked for a shot of whatever you're drinking.   


Key this weekend will be keeping our heads.  If we play them 5x5 for 60 minutes, and don't take extra penalties or lose a key D or F,  I like our chances.  


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9 minutes ago, Siouxperior said:

Oh, you mean in this article here where the caption actually says it's from last season?



Don’t have a subscription...why would I assume the newspaper would actually use pictures from this years game?  What was I thinking?

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5 hours ago, Blackheart said:

Looks like they really packed them in this weekend.


...and to think someone on GPL said they couldn’t believe all the empty seats in Nashville.  So we had probably 4 times or more fans at a venue 1200 miles away than they have in their back yard!  Reminds me of their fans complaining that they last played us at home on Thanksgiving when students were gone, allowing us to take up a good share of the arena.  Not worried about that happening here this weekend.

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