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  1. Someone wake me up when the game starts.
  2. Batting the puck and having it deflect off of you are not the same thing.
  3. Responded to the wrong comment. My bad.
  4. The shaft. His stick was in the air. Very close to the crossbar.
  5. Whether the stick was high or not is a legitimate argument, but you're right. Too close to tell, have to stick with on ice decision.
  6. The refs got the no goal call right. Puck hits adams stick, hits adams on the shoulder, deflects off the Miami player (not possession and control which is needed), and enter the goal. No goal is the correct call.
  7. Rocco had limited playing time as he wasn't performing well, then scored two goals in the gold medal game against Sweden.
  8. Except he played in 6 games, not 5.
  9. The team doesn't make the playoffs if they don't burn Skokna's shirt.
  10. Who's shirt did they burn this year for minimal usage?
  11. Damn Bubba telling our receivers to drop the ball. What was he thinking?
  12. People acting surprised that Boltman is hurt? Hes been hurt the last three weeks. It's why he hasn't been used in the offense nearly as much
  13. He picked up the first down on the lunge too.
  14. I'll say this. If you haven't posted a single time in a football thread all year, and then come here just to !@#$ on the team, you're part of the problem.
  15. Some of you people on here need to fucking relax.
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