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  1. You already know they're going to dismiss as a nothingburger regardless of what she presents. They've made their minds up.
  2. If the fraud is in line with prior years, and the voter turnout was much higher, wouldn't that indicate there was much more fraud?
  3. You've been crying for days about our "democracy being finished".
  4. This isn't dismissing covid deaths because people are old. Would you like to try again?
  5. Go ahead and point out to me who is "dismissing" covid deaths.
  6. You made the mistake of using too many words there. He won't be able to handle that.
  7. "Just give it another two weeks, and it will be really bad. We swear!"
  8. You're telling me somebody involved in politics has their own interest in mind? You may have just cracked the code!
  9. He's golfing inside the white house? Dope.
  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/hillary-clinton-trump-is-an-illegitimate-president/2019/09/26/29195d5a-e099-11e9-b199-f638bf2c340f_story.html
  11. Surely this isn't a serious question?
  12. Not a chance he understands what you just said.
  13. Every time you post, I laugh hysterically. Some of the dumbest !@#$ on this board, which is quite the feat.
  14. There are plenty of videos of stuff going on before this, but you do you.
  15. Just give it three more years and they'll be claiming that Trump wasn't even that bad. "Donald Trump wasn't bad compared to (insert GOP pres candidate). They are literally HITLER!"
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