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  1. So you and midwestern know for 100% fact that these players are transferring out because of Bubba? 100% fact?
  2. Also want to point out that South Dakota lost to another MVFC team.
  3. He would have said something to the ref.
  4. Thanks. I am undefeated down here.
  5. You're right. Why should we as fans ever be optimistic about the program moving forward? Maybe if we we're all extremely pessimistic and down we could be considered real "fans" like you.
  6. It's a shame you're being forced to be here. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
  7. The kind of speed that forces a defense to keep a safety over the top. Clive was the last one we had. Need another one.
  8. It's all related. Should Walsh have called the dive? Yes. Did he make a mistake not calling it? Yes. Did he also make up for it by giving Biondi a double minor 40 seconds later? Maybe. Did he and the other officials make multiple mistakes throughout the weekend? Yes. There is an unbelievably toxic view of referees whether it be the youth, junior, college, and pro ranks in hockey. This comes from idiot parents, idiot coaches, and yes idiot fans. Sat next to a family on Friday who were upset with a call on the ice. The dad started yelling and not more than 5 seconds later, his son (maybe 6 or 7 years old) started yelling about the referee sucking as well. Do hockey officials make mistakes? Yes, all the time. It's easily the hardest sport to officiate as nearly every single rule is left up to the discretion of the referee. USA Hockey's new rulebook this year makes it even more difficult. Is there a problem with calling out a mistake made by an official? No. I commend you for getting your certification and volunteering your time. I would just think you would have a bit more respect/sympathy for others doing the same thing. Looking forward to this weekend. Always a fun time when the goofs come to town. Be prepared for controversial calls and even missed or bad calls. Also try to remember that referees are human.
  9. Yeah, as much fun as it is to clown on gopher fans, not a good look at all.
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