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2019 DI Mens Ice Hockey Championship


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12 minutes ago, MafiaMan said:

Some schools take advantage of the breaks they’re given...unlike North Dakota this season.  Can’t blame the Friars for the obvious flaw in the system.  Besides, if Providence was the host school, the Friars would he there anyways.

I'm glad to see a less-recognized school pimp the system.

Hopefully one day Brown gets to benefit too!

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The committee usually "flips" close teams in some regionals for attendance purposes. Nothing new. 

Ain't like SCSU fans had a far distance to travel. Harvard traveled 50 miles to their regional.

There will always be "home teams" (not hosting) in the east when the schools are so close together. 

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Maybe AIC’s attempt to be a major program in Springfield will pay off.  They moved to the 8000 seat MassMutual Center and fired their coach who was fine with being a bottom feeder in Atlantic Hockey.  That move more than doubled attendance, but it still averages less than 650.  


Atlantic Hockey is getting to be a more serious league every year.


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