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  1. Per Rotoworld Buxton hitting off a tee and soft throwing but not facing live pitching yet, probably looking at early Sept I bet.
  2. He has been huge. The only really great year I remember is Molitor a year before retiring, had a huge year for very little moolah.
  3. Not great Gibson again. Sigh. Paging the bats now...
  4. 2 hitter. Or 6 hits and 4 walks in 3 innings. One of those.
  5. This looks like it will be a wild ride
  6. Well putting up a couple FG's in the first doesn't hurt...
  7. Looks like we can't count on the Indians losing tonight. We need to win Twins, we need to score...
  8. I'm catching myself checking the Cleveland scores way too often lately, subconsciously putting more value on them losing than the Twins winning is not a good sign.
  9. Hey everything is great again! Hail Rocco.
  10. This game would be a shame to lose
  11. Well crap, looked like a rally for a minute there. Bad Gibson tonight, you just never know with him...
  12. Hasn't everyone banned Lakes and at least 2 of his aliases?
  13. And not to be greedy but it would be soooooo nice to catch the Yankees and Astros and make them beat each other up in the first round of playoffs. Ok it really is greedy but whatever.
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