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  1. jodcon


    What's the score guys?
  2. Well not a big surprise the series was lost but making the Yankee staff look like the 95 Braves pisses me off a bit, 7 total runs and never more than one an inning...did not see that coming.
  3. Exactly, why not save him for a big strikeout spot? This bullpen rotation has been baffling tonight.
  4. Please do not have Gibson on this roster next year. That is all. -Twins fan (s)
  5. I expect a couple more Sunday lineups this week.
  6. It's going to be intense when that Yankees series starts, I will get made fun of for talking to the TV. Or worse.
  7. Looks like we're visiting the Yankees as expected, why do I feel like betting the over in every game immediately?
  8. Now you have a week to relax, I feel like this stretch run has kept you on edge Wilbur
  9. This outing took "bad Gibson" to another level
  10. Pretty tough to beat the old 3-hitter by 8 pitchers. Gave one back tonight.
  11. Didn't really need that 9th inning homer put on the board Hawk.
  12. SOX working the bullpen committee pitching scam tonight...working too.
  13. That has to be fairly rare, I'm sure ESPN is searching for Sportscenter now. We'll take it though.
  14. Yeah he would have been toast all right, turned out to be a great call.
  15. Good night Irene, this rides over
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