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  1. Probably my favorite snip from the piece: "After a rough home loss during a challenging 2016-17 season, I sat in the press box typing my game story. My Twitter mentions were buzzing with angry fans sounding off. I saw two comments saying this team was a bunch of losers who had no heart. Then, I looked down on the ice and saw Tucker Poolman and Tyson Jost, wearing street clothes in an empty arena, passing the puck back and forth with a child who was battling cancer, while Christian Wolanin gave a personalized tour of the locker room to another fan with health challenges. The kids were so happy. I thought to myself, if only those angry fans knew: On this night, these players were big winners and they were all heart."
  2. Fader


    https://exclusivepro.com/ EPS does excellent work. I would take stitched over heat-pressed any day.
  3. Fader


    Did the same with my white authentic. VERY jealous of the Frozen Four patch. Pretty much impossible to find one now
  4. As I recall, Allentown/Penn St was the ONLY bid for the Midwest regional. Not a lot of options. And judging by the attendance at Sioux Falls and Scheel's Arena last year, there can be a lot of risk. Good to see Denver put in a bid too.
  5. Way to early for Bracketology to really mean anything. Aside from having to travel to Worcester, it looks like one of the better Regionals to be in. From the article below: The Bracket: Albany Regional (Albany, NY - Host ECAC) 1. Minnesota State vs. 16 Sacred Heart 8. Ohio State vs. 9. Arizona State Worcester Regional (Worcester, MA - Host Holy Cross) 2. North Dakota vs. 14. Clarkson 7. Bowling Green vs. 10 Massachusetts Allentown Regional (Allentown, PA - Host Penn State) 3. Cornell vs. 15. Notre Dame 6. Penn State vs. 12. UMass Lowell Loveland Regional (Loveland, CO - Host Denver) 4. Denver vs. 13. Michigan Tech 5. Boston College vs. 11. Minnesota Duluth https://www.ncaa.com/news/icehockey-men/article/2019-12-11/college-hockey-bracketology-how-things-look-heading-winter?fbclid=IwAR1ltfNdFd98fw8a5-zt4I8NvsQz_5YRUtFL7BqAJkFEEAhsUNGUPAy9BNA
  6. Frank's Lounge generally has NCHC.tv on for the away games. And a nice bourbon selection
  7. Clymer at the 1st period break : "We'll find out what MN players are thankful for" Me: "Not having to play NCHC teams every week".
  8. Well, he is wearing better suits now....
  9. Nice piece on CNH too. https://www.collegehockeynews.com/news/2019/11/14_It-Hit-Us-Pretty-Hard.php
  10. I think I would try to stay on the sides, near the corners. There are seats at Xcel in the corners that are actually in little corners in the row... bumping knees with your neighbor the whole game. Very cramped and uncomfortable. My buddy and I have migrated more toward center ice, 10-12 rows up.
  11. Fader

    Kato GDT

    Frank's Lounge in Fargo says they will have the stream tonight.
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