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  1. Fader


    Found this image of Jason Ulmer, Should be 99-00 season with the "A"
  2. Fader


    First off, Very cool purchase! My question is did the Nikes size so small that Oshie would have worn a size 60? Pretty big jersey I would agree with @siouxkid12, Get whatever you want on it. If you send a couple of 'guide' photos to EPS, they can most likely match anything.
  3. Fader


    Yes, but I provided the patch.
  4. Fader


    Got my Authentics back from EPS last week. Very happy with the results
  5. Heartfelt condolences to you and your family @Ice Arena Man.
  6. Fader


    I think @MafiaMan is correct with a Starter. The tag is the right color based on the photos I have seen. Starter made legit replicas and decent quality in my opinion. There are a couple on e-bay now listed at $350. Seems a little high considering the last one that actually sold on E-bay went for $165. Several listings didn't sell in the $200-225 range.
  7. Fader


    Willing to bet that all the "patches" are embroidered and not tackle twill. Second easiest tell.
  8. Fader

    Shaw's gone.

    Curious if anyone has a copy of the posting for the job. Interested in what they listed for requirements. Of course, I did not think of this when it was up on the UND site.
  9. Just for fun. Possible score with the players picked in this game and Max possible score for the league. Red players won't be putting up anymore points this year. Picked Players Overall Marchand (BOS) 9 Stone (VGK) 12 Ovechkin (WSH) 9 Pacioretty (VGK) 11 Hertl (SJS) 8 Rantanen (COL) 9 Backstrom (WSH) 8 Marchand (BOS) 9 Kuznetzov (WSH) 6 Ovechkin (WSH) 9 Pastrnak (BOS) 6 Hertl (SJS) 8 Theodore (VGK) 8 Karlsson (SJS) 9 Byfuglien (WPG) 8 Slavin (CAR) 9 Pietrangelo (STL) 6 Byfuglien (WPG) 8 Carlson (WSH) 5 Theodore (VKG) 8 73 92
  10. I have Mafia at 31. Subban? (May have missed it when checking yesterday)
  11. Fader


    Question for the Jersey experts out there. What years did the Reebok Brien logo jersey have the black WCHA patch on the back hem? With Trupp, this is probably 2010-11. Same patch placement in 2011-2012? Trying to decide on customizing a white authentic.
  12. Day 11 (4/21) - Please verify 1 Ray77 39 2 CoolGuy2K 38 3 Shawn-O 36 4 CarpeRemote 35 5 andtheHomeoftheSioux 34 6 The Sikotota 32 7 iluvdebbies 30 SiouxRube 30 Goon 30 SiouxFan100 30 stoneySIOUX 30 12 MafiaMan 29 13 Fader 26 14 tnt 25 15 90SiouxFan 24 16 jodcon 22 Petey23 22 18 George M Bluth 18
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