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  1. From Sidearm this AM: I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and understand how frustrating this can be. The internet was lost at the arena during the third period of the game. They have been working non stop to fix the issue and it should be up and running for the game tonight. Please contact us with any further questions or concerns and I thank you in advance for your patience. Thank you again, Dan Wallace Manager of Streaming Services SIDEARM Sports 109 S. Warren St., Suite 600 | Syracuse, NY 13202
  2. The rye in this release is definitely more interesting than the regular rye. It's still VERY young. I still think the Belfour Bourbon was the best of the 3. It would be a fun collectable to have, but it is not an $85 whiskey in my opinion.
  3. Update from Joanna's FB: Joanna Pearson is feeling emotional with Al Pearson PRAYER WARRIORS UNITE: Per my Dad's request to "put a message on your thing...." & "don't make it too heavy..." here goes: The past couple days have been absolutely miserable for Dad. (But, really...how miserable can it be when he has me!) He has not been able to get out of bed or do any task on his own. His body is completely tightened - regardless of medication. We've shared a few t
  4. This guy looks familiar. @MafiaMan
  5. Congrats Dynato! Dynato 233 The Sikatoka 208 Fader 157 andthehomeofthe SIOUX! 151
  6. As of 9/14 Dynato 208 The Sikatoka 182 Fader 147 andthehomeofthe SIOUX! 133
  7. Probably won't have a noticeable effect on attendance...
  8. As of this AM: (I think) Dynato 141 The Sikatoka 126 Fader 104 andthehomeofthe SIOUX! 92
  9. Did you include the Play-in round? I have: The Sikatoka PTS Fader PTS Dynato PTS HomeoftheSioux PTS Alums PTS Ovechkin (WSH) 5 Ovechkin (WSH) 5 Ovechkin (WSH) 5 Ovechkin (WSH) 5 Boeser (VAN) 7 Kusnetsov (WSH) 5 Kucherov (TBL) 9 Pastrnak
  10. Through Wed 8/12: 1 The Sikatoka 52 2 Dynato 51 3 andthehomeofthe SIOUX! 47 4 Fader 43 5 All_UND 26 The boys: Boeser (VAN) 5 Parise (MIN) 3 Toews (CHI) 7 Caguila (CHI) 0 Nelson (NYI) 5 Schmaltz (ARI) 0 Jost (COL) 1 Grimaldi (NSH) 0 Oshie (WSH) 3 Stecher (VAN) 1 Poolman (WPG) 0 Forbort (CGY) 1
  11. Through Sunday 8/10: andthehomeofthe SIOUX! 36 The Sikatoka 35 Dynato 35 Fader 31
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