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Next UND President


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4 minutes ago, dmksioux said:

I haven't read the qualifications for the position, but does Mr. Purpur even qualify?  I'd assume they are looking for someone with their doctorate?

Deputy AD to President seems like it might be a stretch, even if it is Stanford.  Not saying it should be a stretch, just thinking it will be.  

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8 minutes ago, NDSU grad said:

Interestingly, it's a preferred, but not required qualification.

Looks like a Doctoral/Terminal degree is "Highly preferred."


Candidates with an earned doctorate/terminal degree from an accredited institution of higher education will be highly preferred. The successful candidate should be committed to working effectively in a statewide system of higher education (North Dakota University System) and with a statewide governing board (State Board of Higher Education). 


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The open records issue would limit some possible excellent candidates. They may have an issue of being identified as "job seeking" by current employer, so if not selected at UND they may lose favor for promotion where they now work.

Open records are not always in the institutions best interest......

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I agree that people wouldn't want to apply for fear at their current employer.

That said, The Boise State, FGCU, or candidates that come from Schools that have done some of the growth/notoriety I want at UND are attractive.  It's naïve, I know, but they have been there seen the journey and may know how to facilitate, capitalize on, and keep it rolling.

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52 minutes ago, The Sicatoka said:

Ray's problem? All athletics; no academics. 

I'd venture to guess that academics may have crossed his path once or twice at Stanford, one of the most elite universities in the country.

Is the guy a leader?  That's the bigger question.

I respectfully reject the notion that the new President must be from academia and have a Phd.

Given his background, he, or anyone else for that matter, needs to be able to be an effective communicator and leader.

I want our next president to be a great leader, academically and athletically, Phd or not.

Having a Phd or academic background does not ensure leadership qualities.   Just like a masters degree doesnt for a football coach.

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