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  1. Kato 2-0 now. Watching Tomey is nice. Gets left unsupported a lot. Tough job at St T.
  2. Standing by students could be solved. Move them to an endzone like many arenas and reseat the Ralph with people knowing where the students are- some want to be near that "energy", may do not. Current seats were chosen by a chart with the arena not built- not able to see your sight lines and student places. Very few people would be affected by an end zone student placement, as the bars are there. And a reseat after 20+ years should be considered anyway.... Lots of turnover of seats and seat hierarchy in 2 decades.
  3. In the era of declining enrollments, as long as there is a rink available, it is a good plan to add hockey for the enrollment it offers these schools. And Club hockey is popular in many of them. Look at U Jamestown: 3 hockey teams- 1 D1 Men- 1 D2 men- and 1 for women. All club level, all full (or nearly full) rosters.
  4. I have 2 in 107 and 2 in 110 if you still need some. Family deal that day...
  5. USA 3-2 over Slovaks. Barely. Looked good until 3rd period. Kind of fell apart there.
  6. Odd to hear: “offside at the Finnish line”
  7. USA plays Slovakia at 8:30 Central Dec 26. Only had 1 prelim game, lost 4-3 to Finland, but led 3-1 late and had a 5 minute major called, where the Fins scored 2 and tied it. Then they scored PPG in OT for the USA loss. (The 5 wasn't Sanderson nor Klevin). But still: stay outta the box! Go USA!
  8. Human covid details: Human Coronavirus Types | CDC Origins of coronavirus: Zoonotic origins of human coronaviruses - PubMed (nih.gov) and Zoonotic origins of human coronaviruses (nih.gov) These have been around for a long time, and will always be around in some mutated fashion. Remember a mutation does not have to be deadlier, can be less infectious.
  9. Friday was not good… but not that bad. One tipped shot and one dumb goalie play and it’s 1-1. Maybe we learn good teams can’t get those chances.
  10. That was GREAT! But what about Spirko goal from behind the net in OT to win it? I'd love to see that one again....
  11. I know the value of early polls.....but just looked for the first time this season. NCHC has 6 teams in the top 13. Wow.
  12. So no added discipline to Savoie for the dirty hit? He should get more time on the bench- but another Denver gift?
  13. 3300 capacity rink. Plenty of empty seats for 2 top 10 teams playing.
  14. Knock our goalie down but no call. Yep. Interesting.
  15. LuvHockey


    Do whatever. You want to watch hockey or not? Get er done!
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