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  1. Well I was not selected to get a single ticket this year, darn it. But I have decided to donate my entire ticket package cost to the U for the assistance they will need in this challenging year. And I would encourage other to do the same, if they are able. It was not an easy decision.
  2. Tonight it’s Wisconsin 1 N Dame 0 after 1 period. And outplaying them too. female “color guy” yapping away so much- with a LOT having nothing to do with the play- is very irritating.
  3. “Honorable” crosschecker and cheap shot artist—but second to the Rat!!
  4. All 4 Thursday and Friday playoff games are postponed until Saturday as players decide to protest racism and police brutality. Wow. Now hockey too.
  5. We also wanted to get up there once, and on the last trip there (non-conference) my brother and I made it up. Flew up on the team plane, back on it too, wearing Sioux gear. Players gave us fist bumps and high 5's. Coach Barry stopped and chatted and thanked us for making the trip. He is a class act all the way. So was Hak on other prior trips. Flew by Denali- that was worth the trip by itself. Saw Earthquake park, went to Homer. It was so fun we want to go again, sadly that won't happen now.
  6. Ooops typed wrong. 110. Now 109. Big fingers on phones not accurate.
  7. For those who believe it will happen.....100 days until the puck drops!
  8. For those who feel hockey starts in Oct: there are 120 days until the puck drops!
  9. So today, if allowed to open the season as scheduled on Oct 3....there are 160 days until the puck drops! I hope, I hope....
  10. LuvHockey


    Spiritwood Lake is 15 miles NE of Jamestown and has a fish pier, campground (one for trailers, one for primitive camping) and a resort with bar/restaurant. Pier fishing spot by boat ramp on SE corner is in an excellent location for catching the many smallmouth there. Across the lake is shore fish spot where previous Game and Fish hatchery was (north side). Also the lake has northern, walleye and some perch.
  11. Posted 1 hour ago Based on how this team this year, how it ended, and how many guys we got coming back, this may be the most anticipated seasons of UND hockey in a long time!!! It's barely April and I am already excited for next year!!!! Just so you know...if Oct 3 is the start date, there are 184 days till the puck drops...
  12. If next season begins on Oct 3 (Saturday) then today marks only 200 days until the puck drops!
  13. Well at least now we can see what our rink would look like if we ever joined big6 conference!
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