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  1. LuvHockey


    Wow. Just wow. This video is well worth watching. And big KUDOS to the traveling fans!! That was nice and appropriate. And to the Engelstad family for all they do...despite big issues with leadership....
  2. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    10 days 2 hrs and46 min until it drops!
  3. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    20 days 6 hrs 15 min until puck drops. That’s under 3 weeks fans!
  4. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    It's now 30 days 8 hours and 28 min until puck drop...
  5. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    It is now 40 days, 20 hrs and 48 minutes until puck drop...
  6. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    Down to 50 days 4 hours and 32 minutes for puck drop.
  7. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    Its now 60 days 11 hrs and 21 minutes until Oct 6 puck drop! Getting closer and closer....
  8. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    69 days 4 hours and 42 min until it drops. (Sorry, was fishing and missed 70 day time...)
  9. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    80 days 10 hrs 30 min until 2018-19 exhibition game puck drop.
  10. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    90 days 2 hours and 15 minutes now...……..
  11. LuvHockey

    2018 World Cup

    Tough game to watch. Columbia was nothing but thug play until (finally) the American ref pulled numerous yellow cards in a row- some on England too. He lost control of the game for 1/3 of it. But England did not play offense either.... No one to root for here- kind of hoped both teams would lose. And England goes thru with less penalty misses. Doubt either team gets another win so winner doesn't matter.
  12. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    98 days, 7 hours 28 min till puck drop now...
  13. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    Since no active hockey to follow just a reminder-- 110 days 3:40 until puck drops Oct 6.....
  14. LuvHockey

    2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Could not agree more (hope that is correct MM). I would like to watch ONE game this series where the referee decisions (or lack of them) had no big impact on the game.... How about a new concept: call the game by the rules for a change, not for Vegas or TV ratings/added days of more games...
  15. LuvHockey

    Sioux Falls

    Sent you a PM