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  1. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    20 days 6 hrs 15 min until puck drops. That’s under 3 weeks fans!
  2. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    It's now 30 days 8 hours and 28 min until puck drop...
  3. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    It is now 40 days, 20 hrs and 48 minutes until puck drop...
  4. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    Down to 50 days 4 hours and 32 minutes for puck drop.
  5. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    Its now 60 days 11 hrs and 21 minutes until Oct 6 puck drop! Getting closer and closer....
  6. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    69 days 4 hours and 42 min until it drops. (Sorry, was fishing and missed 70 day time...)
  7. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    80 days 10 hrs 30 min until 2018-19 exhibition game puck drop.
  8. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    90 days 2 hours and 15 minutes now...……..
  9. LuvHockey

    2018 World Cup

    Tough game to watch. Columbia was nothing but thug play until (finally) the American ref pulled numerous yellow cards in a row- some on England too. He lost control of the game for 1/3 of it. But England did not play offense either.... No one to root for here- kind of hoped both teams would lose. And England goes thru with less penalty misses. Doubt either team gets another win so winner doesn't matter.
  10. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    98 days, 7 hours 28 min till puck drop now...
  11. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    Since no active hockey to follow just a reminder-- 110 days 3:40 until puck drops Oct 6.....
  12. LuvHockey

    2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Could not agree more (hope that is correct MM). I would like to watch ONE game this series where the referee decisions (or lack of them) had no big impact on the game.... How about a new concept: call the game by the rules for a change, not for Vegas or TV ratings/added days of more games...
  13. LuvHockey

    Sioux Falls

    Sent you a PM
  14. Have 6 aisle seats sec 115 row P 9-14. easy access to concourse, refreshments and loo Also have 2 motel rooms to negotiate with at Candlewood suites. Call 701-282-9133 and make an offer.
  15. LuvHockey

    NORTH DAKOTA vs. St. Cloud - SATURDAY Gameday

    The Team played way better than I expected. Consider they were 2 disallowed goals (1 each night)- both of which could be legitimate goals, not seen as such by refs- from a sweep of the #1 team in the nation. I did not expect that. Even if they had swept Clowns, they would still be #4 in NCHC anyway too, so none of it matters as it turns out.