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  1. Link:Jim Zalesky named new Jimmie men's wrestling head coach | University of Jamestown Athletics Athletics (jimmiepride.com)
  2. UJ just announced the hire of Jim Zalesky as its new wrestling coach. WOW. Previously coached out at Oregon State, and Iowa State before that. In National wrestling hall of fame. NCAA champ 3 years in a row himself. Pretty good get it seems.
  3. There are 3 Men's divisions and 2 Women's divisions in Club hockey. In ND there are D1 Mens in Minot and UJ. UJ and Mary and Bottineau have D2 teams. Its all about recruiting students to campus. Many students want to play, but can't at NCAA D1 or D3. Check it out here: ACHA Website (achahockey.org)
  4. Upgrade? To Bucci/Melrose? The only upgrade is to get rid of Pierre McGuire......... Yet to see just how many games they broadcast live, not just NY vs. Pittsburgh or Boston vs Philly over and over. TNT holds better hope in my book.
  5. Pinto- a rookie- doing D zone face offs on PK. And winning them... There must be some kind of confidence in his game too.....
  6. Boeser had another sweet goal last night. Pinto had his 4th game, played penalty kill, had lots of shifts, still doing well on faceoffs..
  7. Game was in Montreal but Pinto still got a first lap on the ice and first warm-up shot. Said it was an NHL tradition now. Commentaries were very favorable about him "power center- don't hear that often" and "he is a faceoff guy in college, and it looks like he's bringing it here too". He played PK and did well. His late game D zone faceoff went back to the end boards where it was picked up and after getting around the net, was shot for a 200 ft ENG and a point for him as assist. Very nice debut. JBD was a scratch tho.
  8. Watched part of the debut of JBD tonight. TSN people gave him a few kudos comments, but nothing like Kierstads coverage with Florida. But boy, I 'm no expert, but Ottowa looked terrible, just awful. I felt bad for our boys. Hope the new blood helps turn that team around, they need help. No statement on Pinto start. Either Sat or Monday I guess.
  9. Assuming Oct 2 as season start...only 174 days till puck drops.
  10. Goalie runs now at 3 in this game. But no penalties on any. Why can’t I see some of this in nchc play?
  11. This is (almost) typical St Clown tourney play. The only difference is choking in last game- not first!
  12. While I really would like to see another NCHC champ for 5 in a row... the most satisfying thing is that it wont be Duloot. Now I can watch the game to see who the gets their first ever title and enjoy watching it- no pressure/anxiety. So (softly) go huskies?
  13. National Championship Hockey Conference has one team in the final!
  14. More: best shot-er. Uh Shooter basically OT- only 9-10 min left.
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