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  1. Check out USCHO top 5 plays of the week... https://www.uscho.com/2020/01/06/uscho-com-presents-its-ncaa-division-i-plays-of-the-week-jan-3-5/
  2. Went to Omaha. Visit was fun. But I'll never go to an outdoor game ever again. Worst game I've watched live in 40 YEARS of watching hockey
  3. BTW Sportscenter #3 was the NFL Titan QB escaping 2 man tackle and tossing a huge gainer. #1 was an uncontested 3 point shot after defender was faked out...… sad sad sad. #3 or #2 were way better.
  4. Kawaguchi goal made SportsCenter #2 tonight!
  5. FWIW in Dec. Sioux just moved past Mankato to #1 in pairwise today.
  6. A must see goal...Spectacular describes it well
  7. Pairwise puts UND at #2 for now. Only behind Mankato. Wow . Nice first half!!
  8. Thanks for the link to ASU-Denver. What a crap arena for ASU! ceiling so low you cant dump pucks. Looks like <1000 fans possible. And agree that this must be a Denver shame-fest. Wow 4-1 final.
  9. more from vegasgopher on gpl: Ok, let me see if I have this straight about the current state of gopher hockey?-we are the 4th best program in the BIG, at best -we are the 4th best program in the state, at best-our building is half full on most nights, at best. Unless we are playing a rival and then they outnumber us-for our 2 biggest rivalry weekends of the year we can't even get a band to play. Enrollment is over 50,000 and alumni number in the millions -we lost the national championship game to Union, I'll say it again Union-our coach is wearing fancier clothes now than when he coached for Jan Brady state-not enough Minnesotans, 1st rounders, players over 22 years old, not enough Canadians, too many from Edina/ sw metro-the Olympic size sheet we've played on forever is now too big and everyone just skates around us and laughs -ticket prices are too high and beer hasn't helped -mini donuts are missed more than wins (tongue firmly in cheek)-Minnesota is now a football school And the reply is: Nailed it!
  10. Link: https://youtu.be/bbSg4Gnkx6Y Had to shake off the rust to figure out how to do it again. Apologies for the Xsplit watermark. Too cheap to pay for a license. PS This is for SiouxSports folks, please don't share elsewhere. Thank You!!!! In NewYork City and could not get the game. Double thank you!
  11. Ottawa is between Toronto and Montreal. You couldn’t FLY there in 1:45!
  12. Amen to this^^^ I thought it was monstrous large, but LOVE it when play in in corners where my view is blocked by students standing and by boards. Can really see the play well when down low and or on the wall.
  13. Is there anyone home? How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?
  14. Minnesota needed the PP to beat Niagra…….. so stay out of the box! Duluth had 2 early 5 min majors- but gave up 1 goal on them. Loss of d men showed late when Wisco went at them tho. They committed a 3rd 5 min with no call in the 3rd too. Plus gave up a shorty. So Duluth was getting called tonight on their aggressive play- early in the season, and with B10 refs tho.
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