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  1. LuvHockey

    2018-19 World Juniors

    Should we start a pool on what is the "best" excuse Canada comes up with for this loss??
  2. LuvHockey

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    My buddy is a huge Bison fan. He says Stick is now tied with a prior SU QB (Benson??) for most wins by FCS QB in the history of the entire league. And if they win in Frisco- he will be #1 all time at 2nd level football. That is a statement. He gave up a #1 win option to Wentz too when Carson returned to finish his college career in the final game, which would have given Stick the title now. None of this is verified, as I just don't care much about football, but my buddy is passionate about it. Bison not only lose Stick, but the Coach and many seniors as well. might be a rough next year--especially if coach takes assistants with him to Kansas. The key guy might be the strength and conditioning coach- it is not a fluke that they win games late a lot--this guy is the real deal he says.
  3. LuvHockey

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    If anyone thinks our NCHC officials are weak, check out his link from collegehockeynews: www.collegehockeynews.com/news/2018/11/29_Atlantic-Hockey-Suspends.php That is SIX suspensions in one game, none of which were called. Just WOW! How bad can refs get??
  4. LuvHockey

    WDAZ.com merges with WDAY.com

    FYI the Jamestown and Duluth papers are also owned by the Forum in Fargo.....
  5. LuvHockey

    NORTH DAKOTA vs AA Gameday Thread (SATURDAY)

    I am not a hockey knowledge guy, but. It seems like this team loses its "teamness" and kind of panics at games like this with long stretches of individuals doing a "fling a puck here and another one there" type play with plenty of time to find the open man if a tad of patience was used. I realize things move fast, but we miss excellent pass/play opportunities a lot, and don't appear to need to. Just my $02.
  6. LuvHockey


    Wow. Just wow. This video is well worth watching. And big KUDOS to the traveling fans!! That was nice and appropriate. And to the Engelstad family for all they do...despite big issues with leadership....
  7. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    10 days 2 hrs and46 min until it drops!
  8. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    20 days 6 hrs 15 min until puck drops. That’s under 3 weeks fans!
  9. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    It's now 30 days 8 hours and 28 min until puck drop...
  10. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    It is now 40 days, 20 hrs and 48 minutes until puck drop...
  11. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    Down to 50 days 4 hours and 32 minutes for puck drop.
  12. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    Its now 60 days 11 hrs and 21 minutes until Oct 6 puck drop! Getting closer and closer....
  13. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    69 days 4 hours and 42 min until it drops. (Sorry, was fishing and missed 70 day time...)
  14. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    80 days 10 hrs 30 min until 2018-19 exhibition game puck drop.
  15. LuvHockey

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    90 days 2 hours and 15 minutes now...……..