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  1. ericpnelson

    WR and OL Coaches

    Does anyone know who is in the running for the OL coach?
  2. ericpnelson

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    I love und football. I bought a stupid GD vehicle for it... I'm pretty apathetic now. How am I supposed to care.
  3. ericpnelson

    Students Spearhead Effort for Fighting Hawks Mascot

    Only can be named greeny if he eats wings with gloves on and his wife won't let me do anything remotely manly.
  4. ericpnelson

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    Same. Please help
  5. ericpnelson

    2018 UND Recruiting

    That bowl lost all its credibility now that it is no longer the Wet The Beak Ponzi Scheme Awareness Bowl Presented By Pardon My Take Presented By Barstool Sports Bowl
  6. ericpnelson

    Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    The team doesn't give a !@#$. Hot take. I love bubba, but if this doesn't turn around, what do you do? This isn't a football term. It's random individuals on a football field. Coaching staff deserves real blame. Should have taken 2 defensive timeouts. If you don't know the formation on that 4th down, call a timeout. If you don't know that 65 is ineligible on that other formation, call a timeout. They covered him but not the eligible receiver who caught the touchdown.
  7. ericpnelson

    Gameday vs USD

    They've only not scored twice, right? one punt, and a missed fg?
  8. ericpnelson

    Gameday vs USD

    just have no idea what to even say
  9. ericpnelson

    Gameday vs USD

    Fiedler again? woof...
  10. ericpnelson

    Gameday vs USD

    looks like a mussman team
  11. ericpnelson

    Gameday vs USD

    need more updates?
  12. ericpnelson

    Gameday vs USD

    who is this defense?
  13. ericpnelson

    Gameday vs USD

    I honestly can't remember a game this penalized in the bubba era