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  1. Impressed by playcalls so far. Need to tackle.
  2. ericpnelson

    2019 Season

    I'll go ahead and put my money on JJ being a monster this year. Definitely other positions have me more concerned.
  3. The District 8 affair is a little more complicated than what may be portrayed outside the community. There are D8 voters that voted against this bond measure because they think it makes more sense for 8 to help fund expansion of the D1 high school instead of building a brand new one (+all associated admin, entire new school of teachers, etc...). There are definitely people who would prefer redrawing of district lines or some kind of combination of district 1 and 8. The school building situation here is a mess... and not easily summed up in a single post. I just didn't want people to draw conclusions on an inconclusive situation.
  4. it's a joke that you can't see a replay during the ref's 8 - 10 min leisurely review
  5. You want to take away reasons for people to get out of their seats? Roaming beer guys/gals. Probably screws up sight lines. Biggest problem for me not being engaged at games is you are kind of treated like a stick in the mud if you dont want to race the end bars at every intermission. And if you end up there, inevitably there's some who never want to leave. Im sure there's nothing that can be done due to the amount of revenue, but i dont see how that isnt part of the problem.
  6. ericpnelson

    Spring Ball

    I like the grey pants with green jerseys look, myself. Also I'm pretty sure that's what they wore against montana this year... can't argue with success *hopes he is remembering correctly*
  7. it would be really cool if Joe Blacks takes this. I hope all Siouxsports-ers with twitter vote.
  8. Move away from grand forks and you'll miss bartenders that can operate with more than 10 people in the bar. Joe Black's service is pretty outstanding
  9. I am really glad him and @CMSioux stopped by tailgating, so I had the opportunity to meet him. It was a joy to chat with him at tailgating, and we were in adjacent sections at the Ralph. Heavy heart seeing this.
  10. How many years left on Jones contract?
  11. Pretty sure he's benched. Havent seen him on the ice for at least 8 min
  12. Does anyone know who is in the running for the OL coach?
  13. I love und football. I bought a stupid GD vehicle for it... I'm pretty apathetic now. How am I supposed to care.
  14. Only can be named greeny if he eats wings with gloves on and his wife won't let me do anything remotely manly.
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