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  1. Let's say a herbicide gets labelled in wheat for a specific weed. Then there's an 'outbreak' of that same weed in flax. A section 18 label can be applied for to legally use that product in flax. It has restrictions as to how long it can be used for that application. Just curious if something like that could work in the pharma industry.
  2. Stupid question but does the FDA have an emergency provision like the EPA does for herbicide registration?
  3. This could be a really interesting signing. He stood out big time the one time I saw him play. Man against boys type guy.
  4. I think MSU will represent well. Wouldn't be surprised to see 1000-1500 Bobcat fans.
  5. Yeah that was my bad. Like Hammer said he did break two collarbones a total of three times.
  6. Nope. He broke his collarbone in two different seasons. In practice his true freshman season. 1st game his second season. That’s about the only way you can get a sixth year in D1.
  7. Saw Peyton play one time. Looked more like an o-lineman I thought. But I think he will be really good on that side of the ball.
  8. NDSU grad

    2019 Season

    He would have had to miss his 2015 year (the original redshirt year) due to injury. That's the most common way 6th years are granted. That's how Zach Vraa was awarded one anyway.
  9. I think Minot State could pull that off if they dropped football. That would be a hard sell in the community.
  10. NDSU grad

    2019 Season

    No to mention the drive from Williston to Browning is beautiful.
  11. I agree with this. I thought Balvitch was the better RB for Davies last year. Maybe he’ll develop into a stud but right now looks like a reach.
  12. Killdeer? It’s 100 miles from Williston to Killdeer. That would be like including Devils Lake in Minot’s population growth.
  13. Pretty sure it would be cost prohibitive to expand. Bound in on one side by the rest of the complex, and Burdick Expressway and Highway 2/52 Bypass on two other sides. It’s a nice little arena though.
  14. Minot St. would support D1 hockey, but they would need a lot of private donor money and institutional funds if they really wanted to compete. The new Pepsi Rink only holds about 1800; they could fill that up most nights with a D1 schedule but that obviously limits the revenue potential.
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