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  1. And for other sports Jamestown has Watford City, Williston, and Belcourt.
  2. Yep. I don’t care what league you’re in or the disparity between the teams, you’ll always be happy with a split on the road.
  3. This is exactly how it should be. The one positive outcome from the pandemic is a return of some power to the states. I’m afraid this will be short-lived however and we’ll have a return to federal overreach.
  4. We can't have a complicit media in lockstep with one party of the government. This was the case in the former USSR and presently China.
  5. It's because the Russian Facebook memes were for the 'wrong' guy.
  6. I’ve pretty much stopped consuming news because of all the misinformation but people who I respect have great things to say about The Economist. Have also heard the BBC does a pretty good job. My politics can be described as an anti-left Libertarian.
  7. The actual number of infections is much higher. Most models predict 4-6x the number of confirmed cases.
  8. Nixon was not impeached. The House judiciary committee recommended impeachment but Nixon resigned before the full House could vote on the articles.
  9. He hasn’t been charged with a crime. You can’t pardon somebody when they haven’t been charged with a crime.
  10. I think it’s for being a big fat meany-pants.
  11. I'd like to LOL at this but a part of me thinks there's truth in it.
  12. I’m just giving you some crap. The link explains how COVID is transmitted primarily by close contact through actual droplets, rather than aerosol. It also goes on to explain how chickenpox, measles, and tuberculosis are efficiently spread by aerosol, i.e. those diseases are highly infectious. COVID is very middle of the road in this regard (thanks god). The high case rate is best explained by the fact it’s a novel virus that the human body has never been subjected to before.
  13. You’ll probably never know how it works in terms of efficacy. It will be interesting to see what kind of side effects there are though.
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