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  1. I’m not positive but I don’t think NDSU is requiring face coverings. Not saying either approach is right or wrong, just interesting to see the differences. EDIT: Never mind. It looks like NDSU is requiring face coverings while in class. Not sure about all common indoor areas. The enforcement at both campuses might be interesting.
  2. I’ve contended the locust swarms plaguing East Africa currently will ultimately kill more people globally than Covid. I wonder if we’ll have daily death updates for that from the media?
  3. An interesting case study may be the 1957 Asian Flu Pandemic. U.S. mortality rate of about 650 people/million population, which is greater than what we’ve seen for a Covid-19 to this point. I have no idea what kind of quarantine/isolation procedures were in place back then though. An interesting sidenote is that a vaccine was available in limited quantities about 10 months after the virus was identified.
  4. My main concern with the masks is that people will feel they don’t have to social distance while wearing one. IMO social distancing will have a much greater effect of reducing transmission than wearing a mask.
  5. If they go after land-grant universities why not individual landowners as well? Especially land acquired through the Homestead Act?
  6. I've read about the instances of false negative, particularly with the rapid tests, but nobody has ever talked about the possibility of false positives.
  7. Regarding the South Korea cases, are they testing positive and showing symptoms or testing positive and asymptomatic? The latter would not surprise me at all. But that would probably mean they have the possibility of infecting others.
  8. Question for any medical professionals. Let's say my antibody test comes back positive for Covid. Let's assume I was completely asymptomatic, and let's also assume re-infection is not possible. Can I still be a carrier for the virus?
  9. In browsing Abbott's website something that caught my eye was that they would have 20 million antibody tests available sometime in June. The antibody test will only determine if you've had the virus at some point in the past, not if you currently have it. That may be more important than testing if you currently have the virus.
  10. I don't doubt what you say is true, I just don't think it's realistic. There won't be a rapid test one can use in the home, and you would need 9.9 billion kits/month if you tested every single person daily in the U.S. for 30 days. I believe Abbott laboratories said they would have 2 million rapid test kits available for the entire month of June.
  11. So are you advocating for daily, rapid testing? As far as I know Abott Laboratories has the only rapid test available, and it's only available in a medical setting. And this technology is only a month old so I don't know if it's as accurate as PCR based testing. IMO, a vaccine will come before that kind of testing becomes available.
  12. LOL. I had the exact same experience, except the small group of Americans I was with started to cross. We got yelled at in German and stayed on the sidewalk until the light turned green.
  13. Let's say a herbicide gets labelled in wheat for a specific weed. Then there's an 'outbreak' of that same weed in flax. A section 18 label can be applied for to legally use that product in flax. It has restrictions as to how long it can be used for that application. Just curious if something like that could work in the pharma industry.
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