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  1. Saw Peyton play one time. Looked more like an o-lineman I thought. But I think he will be really good on that side of the ball.
  2. NDSU grad

    2019 Season

    He would have had to miss his 2015 year (the original redshirt year) due to injury. That's the most common way 6th years are granted. That's how Zach Vraa was awarded one anyway.
  3. I think Minot State could pull that off if they dropped football. That would be a hard sell in the community.
  4. NDSU grad

    2019 Season

    No to mention the drive from Williston to Browning is beautiful.
  5. I agree with this. I thought Balvitch was the better RB for Davies last year. Maybe he’ll develop into a stud but right now looks like a reach.
  6. Killdeer? It’s 100 miles from Williston to Killdeer. That would be like including Devils Lake in Minot’s population growth.
  7. Pretty sure it would be cost prohibitive to expand. Bound in on one side by the rest of the complex, and Burdick Expressway and Highway 2/52 Bypass on two other sides. It’s a nice little arena though.
  8. Minot St. would support D1 hockey, but they would need a lot of private donor money and institutional funds if they really wanted to compete. The new Pepsi Rink only holds about 1800; they could fill that up most nights with a D1 schedule but that obviously limits the revenue potential.
  9. I think that's maybe just for the stones used at the Olympics. The stones we use in Minot are decades old. I don't know if the NCAA would have tighter specs and they would have to be replaced more often but I don't think it would be a huge concern. And I would definitely be all in on curling being an NCAA sanctioned sport.
  10. Something I find somewhat interesting is how strong Central has become in wrestling. They can't really compete with the west teams but there's no eastern teams that can. It seems they have a coach who is really trying to build a culture there. Maybe wrestling resonates more with that demographic, or perhaps its because wrestling is probably an order of magnitude less expensive to play as a youth compared to hockey?
  11. As other people have said pushing us drill called. It’s also crazy how the rules of traveling have changed. You can basically change pivot feet in certain circumstances now. Dont even get me started on the ‘arc’ rules.
  12. The best is when basketball parents start screaming ‘over the back’, which isn’t even a thing in basketball now.
  13. If a bond vote is required to build a new high school in Minot it will never happen. The downtown parking garage disaster will forever be in the back of peoples’ minds. The community simply does not trust any form of government to be good stewards with their money, and for good reason.
  14. I hope you're right on Watford City. It would be fun to have another competitive team in all sports in the WDA. As to Minot, Nedrose has greater potential for increased growth relative to South Prairie. Many of the younger grades at Nedrose have 50-60 kids per grade, so that would put them at a fairly large class b school. South Prairie's younger grades are sitting at ~30 kids, but the problem with South Prairie is I could see a scenario where the southern neighborhoods ask to be annexed to Minot Public because of convenience. That could hurt South Prairie's potential growth.
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