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  1. I think that's maybe just for the stones used at the Olympics. The stones we use in Minot are decades old. I don't know if the NCAA would have tighter specs and they would have to be replaced more often but I don't think it would be a huge concern. And I would definitely be all in on curling being an NCAA sanctioned sport.
  2. Something I find somewhat interesting is how strong Central has become in wrestling. They can't really compete with the west teams but there's no eastern teams that can. It seems they have a coach who is really trying to build a culture there. Maybe wrestling resonates more with that demographic, or perhaps its because wrestling is probably an order of magnitude less expensive to play as a youth compared to hockey?
  3. As other people have said pushing us drill called. It’s also crazy how the rules of traveling have changed. You can basically change pivot feet in certain circumstances now. Dont even get me started on the ‘arc’ rules.
  4. The best is when basketball parents start screaming ‘over the back’, which isn’t even a thing in basketball now.
  5. If a bond vote is required to build a new high school in Minot it will never happen. The downtown parking garage disaster will forever be in the back of peoples’ minds. The community simply does not trust any form of government to be good stewards with their money, and for good reason.
  6. I hope you're right on Watford City. It would be fun to have another competitive team in all sports in the WDA. As to Minot, Nedrose has greater potential for increased growth relative to South Prairie. Many of the younger grades at Nedrose have 50-60 kids per grade, so that would put them at a fairly large class b school. South Prairie's younger grades are sitting at ~30 kids, but the problem with South Prairie is I could see a scenario where the southern neighborhoods ask to be annexed to Minot Public because of convenience. That could hurt South Prairie's potential growth.
  7. Minot would be the most likely to add another high school, but it won't happen within the next seven years. Watford City is going to struggle mightily in Class A, as their increased enrollment doesn't translate into greater participation numbers for sports. The population is just too transient, I seriously feel really bad for them.
  8. You're thinking of Rick. That's Doug's cousin, not brother. And yes, his stake in Great Plains was larger than Doug's.
  9. I believe Alexander and Center-Stanton are playing a 6-man schedule right now. Grenora plays with Westby, MT as Mon-Dak in Montana right now. May be one other team. I think if the NDHSAA sanctioned it a few more teams would have it.
  10. Never seen a sports book in a reservation casino. But you’re right, I bet this gives them an in into establishing them.
  11. Kennedy's talking about percentage of the total budget from state dollars. Even though UND receives more dollars from the state, their total budget (basically state money + tuition) is also greater than NDSU's, resulting in a smaller portion of that budget coming from state money.
  12. If you're referring to what President Kennedy, you're absolutely correct. I was responding to Darrell, who claimed Bison fans whine about UND receiving more money from the state legislature, which they do in absolute dollar amounts. And I also agree about using old numbers; in my quick search I couldn't find appropriations for 17-19, although I presume numbers were adjusted down in a similar fashion for all NDUS institutions.
  13. For the 15-17 biennium UND received about 13 million more dollars in state appropriations than NDSU. It's on pages 11-12 of the following report. LINK
  14. He just forgot the '0' between the decimal and '7'.
  15. Remaining AA in football. They’re going to have difficulty competing in the WDA in most sports right away. Hopefully they can become competitive as time goes on.
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