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  1. Seems like NCAA should void the gopher win, and just declare this game an official tie. That would be a better result than a reward to Goofs for a cheated goal.
  2. At least we lost on a legitimate shot...not like St. Clown on a blatant hooking non-call to steal the puck and set up a game winner....
  3. How sad is this: I wandered to GPL for the first time in over a year, and messages were a lot of concern that only 10% of the fans were wearing masks! Really? Your team loses 1-2 at home (to a tough team) but that is your concern? Wow.
  4. Quality of whole process looks like they overcharge for this by $28.
  5. Slow motion on the slow motion replay: it appears that Sanderson was toe-dragging around the goalie stick, then the D man tried to poke check Sanderson, and struck the goalie stick as goalie was moving to follow Sanderson across the crease. Jake never touched goalie stick- but just after stick went flying away- lifted puck over the pads and in. Sweet play.
  6. Niagra #10 Randklev was about invisible. Partly by being quite small...first two checks on him sent him flying (first a penalty on us). He needs a lot of body development to be an impact player it appears.
  7. A student got in fan cam and lifted his shirt showing a T saying” I ❤️BJs!”
  8. As of tonight........20 days until the puck drops!
  9. Here is the new stadium as of today: IMG_0772.MOV
  10. TV coverage is 4-5 full stations, but it is common to flip channels and get 4/4 or 3/4 showing ad after ad after ad.... One needs to really channel surf 4 stations to try to get any actual action, and this is before finals! We need a "Netflix" channel for sports....
  11. bunch at nearly empty mall in Jamestown off I94 and 281 corner- never seen a car plugged into one so far....
  12. 70 days until the puck drops.... well 69- I missed time to post this...
  13. I was called by ticket office yesterday about seat change possibility, and I asked. All I got was "soon"..
  14. Tonight at 7:07 will be 80 days till the puck drops….
  15. That's the difference! If you disagree, just stay away. But no... the Frantell ilk want to shut down anyplace or thing they disagree with. Freedom please...especially on July 4th!!
  16. McAvoy hooking and grabbing him all around the pass behind the net, so player stops and shoulders McAsswipe. In. The. Face. Seems like that ass deserved what happened in my view. Too bad it did not include some teeth.
  17. USA just beat Germany for the bronze. Late goal by Germany took away the GWG for Wolanin (scored first one). USA Record I think was 8-2. Losses to Finland early, and Canada 4-2 in medal round after beating them 5-1 in round play. Finland and Canada play for Gold now.
  18. Winnipeg sure is making Montreal look good tonight. Getting outplayed every shift even every play it seems.
  19. Missed a late shot on open net, and the team kept trying to set him up after that, but it was just not meant to happen.... 3 point night, but no hattie. Still they won and move on to Boston next.
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