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  1. Listing copious mainstream media "articles" from totally biased completely anti-Trump sources does not influence my thoughts on the accuracy of your claims about the President or the responses to this virus. Sorry, but the Pravda-like messages just are not believable. So, how about suggesting ways to make things a better world on your idea's merits, not on how much you can accuse Trump or how well you can tear him or anyone else down?
  2. What are your thoughts on reparations for African-Americans? Yay or nay? I think reparations should be considered to be charged to slave owning families yet in America with rewards to families of such slaves. But then the families of these slaves need to pay reparations to all the families of Union soldiers who died in the Civil War to create the free environment these slaves then were allowed. After all, fair is fair, right?
  3. Ooops typed wrong. 110. Now 109. Big fingers on phones not accurate.
  4. For those who believe it will happen.....100 days until the puck drops!
  5. For those who feel hockey starts in Oct: there are 120 days until the puck drops!
  6. for a number of USA deaths comparison: Last years flu deaths: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/2018-2019.html which is 34,000 (varies yearly by dominant strains) So far with Covid 2020: https://coronavirus.1point3acres.com/en which is 95000 deaths (some states overestimated). A lot of deaths annually from flu but no nation-wide shutdown articles about protecting from flu are seen
  7. So today, if allowed to open the season as scheduled on Oct 3....there are 160 days until the puck drops! I hope, I hope....
  8. Also, stop with the political stuff. This thread is significantly better when people discuss the problems at hand without harping on this side vs that side. It doesn't matter if you are red or blue, this is an issue of red, white, and blue. Americans are losing their jobs and their life savings, and Americans are dying. Amen
  9. LuvHockey


    Spiritwood Lake is 15 miles NE of Jamestown and has a fish pier, campground (one for trailers, one for primitive camping) and a resort with bar/restaurant. Pier fishing spot by boat ramp on SE corner is in an excellent location for catching the many smallmouth there. Across the lake is shore fish spot where previous Game and Fish hatchery was (north side). Also the lake has northern, walleye and some perch.
  10. The way things are going in primary care these days, you will be lucky to find a PCP physician... There are fewer every year. And everyone wants to find some. We will all likely be mostly cared for by ancillary providers (NP/PA types) if things don't change. Not that there is anything wrong with physician extenders directly- I've worked with several just as good as MDs, but that is not the majority.. When complex patients need management, MDs just (usually) do a better job. There are those whom that is not true about as well. At any rate care quality is really an issue these days. I really feel for those who don't have a trusted PCP.
  11. Posted 1 hour ago Based on how this team this year, how it ended, and how many guys we got coming back, this may be the most anticipated seasons of UND hockey in a long time!!! It's barely April and I am already excited for next year!!!! Just so you know...if Oct 3 is the start date, there are 184 days till the puck drops...
  12. Unable to confirm...but my son tells me friends in Duluth say a local distillery-bar-restaurant business is now closed, so they converted the distillery to making hand sanitizer. And give it away. Nice and kudos if actually true..
  13. If next season begins on Oct 3 (Saturday) then today marks only 200 days until the puck drops!
  14. Well at least now we can see what our rink would look like if we ever joined big6 conference!
  15. Should we not be concerned about a coach who has a goalie "get a concussion" but still played the whole game? Plus all the other "concussions" with the player remaining in the games??
  16. Shots 14-1 and score 4-0 until GFC called for two penalties, so the 1 came from a 5 on 3.
  17. Can there be a worse officiating crew?
  18. Check out USCHO top 5 plays of the week... https://www.uscho.com/2020/01/06/uscho-com-presents-its-ncaa-division-i-plays-of-the-week-jan-3-5/
  19. Went to Omaha. Visit was fun. But I'll never go to an outdoor game ever again. Worst game I've watched live in 40 YEARS of watching hockey
  20. BTW Sportscenter #3 was the NFL Titan QB escaping 2 man tackle and tossing a huge gainer. #1 was an uncontested 3 point shot after defender was faked out...… sad sad sad. #3 or #2 were way better.
  21. Kawaguchi goal made SportsCenter #2 tonight!
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