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  1. Siouxperman8

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    I didn't hear that UND wanted Mertens on defense but wouldn't know for sure. I was told by someone close to him that he told Dale that the deciding factor for him was full ride vs. half scholarship
  2. Siouxperman8

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Early signing day is a week from today. I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk about that.
  3. Siouxperman8

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Their recruiting success over us started back when we were DII and we haven't been able to overcome it During DII - we offered half rides to 72 players where they were able to offer full rides. Mertens told UND the deciding factor was the full ride at SU and Lennon wasn't willing to match that when the rest of the team was on half ride at max When we went DI NDSU was through their transition and we lost some kids because they didn't want to play in a limbo situation for us - Veldman said he picked them because he needed to have something to play for Since then they have been a juggernaut and are getting pretty much everyone they want. I don't know how we break through that
  4. Siouxperman8

    Summit League MBB

    130 points with 3:30 left
  5. Siouxperman8

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    I know that the Bohl and SU split was not friendly and he is still bitter at the school.
  6. Siouxperman8

    UND vs. DU

    Same here
  7. Siouxperman8

    2018 and a Look Ahead

    Can substitute 'high end recruits' for 'all-conference performers' too. Need to figure out how to win enough to be more attractive to the kids we are recruiting. That's why 3-8 two years ago killed us.
  8. Siouxperman8

    WR and OL Coaches

    http://www.pcsaints.com/article/1944.php Presentation College in Aberdeen SD Article is old and he is now WR coach Travis Lueck @Coach_Lueck WRs Coach @PCSaintFootball former WR/Ret. for @UNDfootball & proud @UND_Alumni Hopefully having a positive impact on someone... Aberdeen, SD
  9. Siouxperman8

    2019 Attendance

    I’m re-upping my 4 season tix.
  10. Siouxperman8

    New OC Danny Freund

    good example was the toss play we ran. By the end of the season other teams would crash the cb when they saw the pitch, we couldn't get the fb out there to chip him and the play went nowhere. Happened numerous times in the NAU game. The one time we did get a piece of the cb we had a good gain. I don't care if you have to change alignment or put the fb in motion to get him out there earlier - something needed to change. Even if they knew what was coming it would have had a better chance of being successful if we had players in the right position.
  11. Siouxperman8

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Coaches in all sports are reluctant to do this because it could hurt future recruiting.
  12. Siouxperman8

    Time For Some New Blood

    my point was that if we had used Izzy, McKinney and Santiago (slot) for the speed guys plus Wanzek and Maag we would have been pretty good at wr this year.
  13. Siouxperman8

    Time For Some New Blood

    Wanzek catches everything and is a stud and Maag might be too. Have a couple of speed guys in Adeoti and McKinney but need to figure out how to get them the ball in space. Santiago in the slot would have changed the complexion too. More of a usage thing in my eyes vs talent level. ran into McKinney's dad in Flagstaff and he told me Cam runs a 4.34. Not sure how accurate that is if true it should be fast enough.
  14. Siouxperman8

    Time For Some New Blood

    not arguing with that. I just noticed that the punter sped up his delivery. It was obvious at NAU
  15. Siouxperman8

    Time For Some New Blood

    the snap still seemed to be getting back a little slow at the end of the year but the punter definitely sped up his delivery in the last couple of games.