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  1. Thanks and that makes sense. I hadn't thought of it from that angle.
  2. I saw some Twitter posts from UND potential recruits that showed they were offered to pick from a number of games and could get 4 tix or something. I don't believe the NDSU game was listed.
  3. Something came up for us and I need to sell my 8 tix. Is going through Ticketmaster the easiest/best option? I've scalped a lot of tix in person to get into games but haven't sold many and those were hard tix. My old school skills of in person haggling don't do me any good here.
  4. Thank you. Band said they’d take care of it for us but must have forgot
  5. That’s what I’ve been thinking. Better on this drive. Isaiah Smith has been good.
  6. Two long runs off edge but otherwise haven’t opened any holes inside.
  7. I got that app and my ticket info all loaded but ticket barcodes wouldn't show up. By Sunday this week 2 of my ticket barcodes loaded. On Tuesday the other 2 did. Strange
  8. how did we fall so far so fast?
  9. Tommy's been very solid so far this year.
  10. Don't smart off to the head referee. Hugh pipes on that guy
  11. Siouxperman8

    UND @ ISU

    Poor play call. Also called run on 3rd and 14 or something earlier. At least Weah got the ball that time.
  12. Siouxperman8

    UND @ ISU

    Ugh. Let’s go ESPN
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