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  1. Hope works out better for kid, where ever he plays. Dad hoops issues? U of M? Same family?
  2. Just saying! Hopefully 21-24! Maybe our SDSU TE. Tearing up 1st game in WDA! Doing it all.
  3. SIOUX29

    Spring Ball 2020

    The bad thing about his God awful hair was, he was way better with it! Should have had someone travel to Louisiana just to bread it up!!!
  4. When at the Betty do not eat the Hawk turnovers, their terrible. It doesn’t matter if at the men’s game or women’s. How do the coaches not loose their mind? Deja vu all over again!
  5. We’ve seen that before because Ketteringham’s home hair was god awful.
  6. Thank you, now let's go win the Nicholls's Trophy!
  7. We’re only going to be as good as Stewart plays a good point. I just don’t think Stewart is the leader we want/need. I understand that he gets no help at the so called shooting guard position. Brown? Moody??? But he pouts too much when he can’t get off himself. Reminds at times of DaRuin my Night, a few years ago. Hopefully coach got a point that allows it to come to him and not worry about getting his.
  8. SIOUX29

    Weber State

    I’m feeling way better about this game, now that I see we get them the second game of a double header! Nov 9, 2019 Idaho Ogden Nov 9, 2019 North Dakota Ogden, Utah
  9. SIOUX29

    Onto Sam Houston

    I agree, depth is always good.
  10. SIOUX29

    Onto Sam Houston

    I Thought Siegel played well on Saturday, especially the first 1/2. They went after him a few times and he was up to it.
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