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So, after the PHF and Union (PWHPA) dissolved the PHF.

Well now there is the PWHL with 6 teams Minnesota, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Boston, and New York. Calling them the Original Six :silly::lol:

No team names yet 

The New York team will play in New Jersey, New York City arena, and Connecticut (because its close enough I guess).

Neutral site games will be played during the season. 

NHL is supporting the PWHL.

New Professional Women's Hockey League reveals six franchises - ESPN


"That means games in other cities that are not cities in our 'Original Six,' both NHL cities and possibly even non-NHL cities," Kasten said. "In some of our markets where we are not playing [home games] in the bigger NHL venues, we will probably have events in those venues. We'll be promoting those as special events."

Let be real, play in arenas around 5K max.


Kasten said the league's business plan extends 10 years. "We understand that this is gonna be expensive, particularly in the early years. But we're prepared for that," he said. "We didn't do this for the short term. We didn't do it for the long term. We did it to be permanent."

The PWHL is fully funded by Dodgers co-owner Mark Walter and his wife, Kimbra. The Mark Walter Group purchased assets of the Premier Hockey Federation (PHF) in June to effectively dissolve that league in order to launch the PWHL as the only pro women's hockey league in North America.


The CBA still has aspects that need ironing out. For example, Hefford said the PWHL is working on its "transgender policy" that will be in place soon and available to the public. She declined to specify which organizations the league was partnering with in establishing a gender inclusion policy.

 Yeah, this should be cut and dry. If you are born a male go to the countless other leagues or just realize you are not good enough.

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