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  1. Ivy League is thinking BIGTIME here. They are filling the XFL void and having football in the spring. This has nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with massive ratings for spring football. Just kidding.
  2. Going back to that Jets article, I started to laugh at this quote: "Have you ever gone to Toronto and watched a Leafs game one night and a Raptors game the next? Same building, totally different beast in terms of how much entertainment drives the NBA. "Hockey is saying we've got a million corporate tickets sold and we don't really care as much." I don't think it's a hockey does not care issue. When you go to a hockey game the game is the entertainment, the game is the product. I read those quotes as an indictment of the NBA's product. When you go to an NBA game the clubs kno
  3. Here is the news story on the incident. LINK Hockey and sports in general mirror society today. There are extremes on both ends. While there are people like this out there and crazy does happen I don't think it reflects or defines the sport. There are a ton of good people involved in hockey doing things the right way, players, parents, coaches, and referees . These days the ugly incidents and knuckleheads can make national headlines in minutes given the reach of social media and make everybody look bad. This guy will never coach again. His club fired him and he's probably
  4. Didn't know that. They don't show up on any of the national rankings and they must not be a national tournament bound team because Sioux Falls has gotten a pass to nationals the last couple of years out of the Northern Plains district. I thought the program had folded. Suppose I could have just Googled it to find out. Edit: I did Google it and see only the 14U team is playing Sioux Falls for a spot at Nationals. 16U and 18U are not.
  5. Whatever happened to Team North Dakota Tier 1 Before and After program? They haven't fielded teams the last two years.
  6. Must have flipped his commitment this year. He was a CC commit.
  7. Just keep giving them access to State and support hockey in southern MN. It may take years but they'll get better. Already see the improvement in 3A programs like Luverne, New Ulm, Hutch, LDC, Marshall over years past. Heck, I remember when some of these towns didn't have programs and were just getting youth programs started. It takes a while to catch up.
  8. To be fair, the 1A semifinals are going to be great. Any four of those teams could win the title. Should be some pretty good & entertaining hockey. As bad as the 3A rep Hutchinson got boat raced (as did the 1A and 5A reps) they need to keep the Sections how they have them. Hockey is growing in southern MN and in a few more years you'll see the 3A schools become more competitive. Also, need Section 1A to grow and growth in the Rochester Area. No idea how Rochester is going to support 3 Class AA high schools (Century, John Marshall, Mayo) and 1 Class A school (Lourdes) when the you
  9. NTDP, Juniors, AAA. One of the best U16 goalies in the country is from Minnesota and has never played a HS game there in his career. Been at Sioux Falls AAA the entire time and got some time with USHL Dubuque this year as well. You come across quite a few Minnesota addresses if you start digging into Tier 1 and Junior rosters.
  10. I think you missed my point. Players and parents don't get into the game for the purpose of getting a scholarship. If that were the case you could take all the money spent on youth hockey put it in a 529 and pay for an Ivy League school. If you are a good athlete and good at a sport there should be a legitimate pathway to play collegiately, with a relative number of available spots, and we shouldn't be prematurely washing potential hockey players out of the system because there are so many barriers to reaching that level, that's my point. It doesn't take too many years (those pr
  11. This is important. Lack of opportunities down the road is a disincentive to get involved, stay involved, or continue to pursue a higher level of hockey for players who show some promise. Right now a player has to delay college for 2-3 years and play Juniors with a tough shot at making a D3 roster, let alone a D1 roster. If you use USA Hockey's own Long Term Athletic Development Model (ADM) it has 8 steps and players don't even reach the Train to Compete stage until Stage 6 at U20. Most players wash out before even getting to this point due to a lack of a realistic opportunity that any of
  12. That Iowa article does not say they are going D1. In fact, I've had this argument over on the Iowa board for years, there is just no desire by Gary Barta to start a D1 hockey program. Iowa is one of the richest AD in the country and could do it if they wanted to with Xtreme Arena and it's 5,100 seats sitting right there waiting for them. The fact is they won't do it because it would be winter competition for the wrestling and basketball programs. Wrestling attendance would be fine but basketball, not so sure. When basketball is down Carver Hawkeye is a ghost town. I think the AD is resist
  13. As far as the Summit is concerned the only talk about Augie to the Summit has come from the Sioux Falls media. Nobody from Augie has contacted the Summit about possible membership last I heard. It's now been two years since Augie announced they were going D1 and then... Summit is good at 10. Augie shouldn't even be considered.
  14. Well it looks like it worked out for Notre Dame. They play in the beautiful Compton Family Arena, are members of the Big Ten in hockey, made the Frozen Four in 2017 & 2018 and Big Ten titles in 2018 & 2019, and have their own deal with NBC Sports that gives them a national TV audience. They got everything they wanted.
  15. What year is Trey Lance scheduled to graduate? 2023? Uh oh.
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