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  1. What if it meant the dissolution of the conference and ALL sports (except hockey and football) being negatively effected? Let me spin this another way, every FEMALE sport would be greatly harmed if the Summit League lost it's autobid. How would that play with a certain segment of the population? Being in a conference without access to NCAA championships and NCAA payouts is going to cost more than the cost of adding one sport in order to stabilize the conference.
  2. The simple solution is for South Dakota and/or North Dakota to restart their baseball programs. They should both be making plans to do so right now. It's the easiest, simplest path. Nobody says the programs have to be any good either. It can just be accepted that they would run bare bones, minimal programs to start with.
  3. It's the big shift in mindset today and it starts at USA Hockey. It used to be that you needed to take care of yourself on the ice, don't put yourself in a vulnerable position, especially close to the boards, and keep your head up. Now the onus is all on the defensive (checking) player, that they are responsible for the other player and that they are supposed to lay off. The big hit is penalized and you are only supposed to use body contact to separate the player from the puck in order to gain possession. Frankly, taking that personal responsibility out of the game, where players need to not put themselves in bad positions, is the wrong thing. Nowadays you have guys who think it is perfectly acceptable to expose his back to the checker while along the boards to "protect the puck" all the while putting themselves in a dangerous position to go head first into the boards.
  4. Big hit, the checking player was gliding and not moving his feet, and he didn't leave his feet prior to making contact launching himself. I would not call that charging. Looking at the proximity to the boards, and how the puck carrier was just a few feet off the boards, and the hit violently threw the player into the boards, the checking player leaves himself open to a boarding call. My call, clean hit. Kid, get your head up. You know how it is today, anytime a hit makes a big noise it must be a penalty, especially as you move down levels of hockey. An NCAA game is going to be called tighter than the Stanley Cup Finals.
  5. THIS.WAS.AWESOME. Anybody who thinks this was a charge needs to go watch basketball because you don't know an f-ing thing about hockey.
  6. Why would the NSIC be okay with being a pass through conference for UST? What other options do they have for a D2 conference? Literally zero. All it would take is for the NSIC to say "no thanks", for the Summit to offer them, and then things could be worked out with the NCAA.
  7. Just answered you there. Albeit, wild speculation.
  8. I realize I am venturing into SiouxVolley territory here, but I just read some internet speculation that UST might petition he NCAA to transition directly to D1 given the involuntary nature of them getting kicked out of their conference and lack of options available to them, i.e. if they decide to go D1 the NSIC isn't going to be too open to them parking in that conference for a couple years just to pass through. Could the Summit actually be involved as an intermediary in helping UST go straight to D1 and join the conference?
  9. I am excited for the Tommies. They need to leave that B.S. D3 conference behind and move up to the D2 NSIC or even go all the way to D1 and join the Summit. The hockey program needs to go D1 as well and join the WCHA. We need more D1 programs in hockey, St. Thomas would be a great addition given their location and resources ($429 million endowment). They could pull off a full move to D1, and should.
  10. And because I believe in "links or it didn't happen" LINK
  11. My wife is a Tommy grad and just got the email announcement, they just got kicked out.
  12. Ok, this is anecdotal evidence and I am not even sure if it is true, but here goes. I was in Michigan this year and spoke with a guy who's kid was drafted into the OHL. We talk about the college hockey route and if he goes to the OHL that will shut that door. He tells me his kid was offered $100,000 to sign with this team and if Major Junior doesn't get him to the pros then his college is already paid for, so it's worth giving up college eligibility. I didn't really press it if the 6 figures he was being offered was the monetary equivalent of the Major Junior education package or if it was a $100k cash contract. Either way, that's a lot of money and security to pass up for a teenager. I think the system is just fine as is and any changes would only favor Major Junior and lead to the collapse in quality of the USHL and College Hockey. I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes at some Major Junior programs but my guess is there is cash being exchanged beyond the compensation models we know of. I think College Hockey would end up suffering as every player who has professional aspirations (and what player doesn't) would choose the Major Junior route first and College Hockey would end up being the choice for those who can't make Major Junior or those who wash out of Major Junior, either way the NCAA is getting leftovers.
  13. Actually, it's the opposite. The talent pool is extremely deep. Currently, there are not enough D1 spots for the depth of talent that is out there. Legit D1 players are getting shuffled down into D3 and even ACHA D1. I agree with the other poster that there could be 10-15 programs added and it wouldn't negatively impact the quality of play.
  14. I agree, but UST has received the message they are not wanted. Who wants to be in a relationship where they are not wanted? No matter the vote I expect UST will do an evaluation of their athletics program and will seek greener pastures whether that be another D3 conference or a move up to D2 or possibly even D1.
  15. The best option for the Summit is to look west for members or to form some sort of new conference (yes, the Montana strategy, the Great North Conference). The reason is that once you get out west the mentality about travel changes, we're used to driving long distances. Pretty much everybody on this board knows somebody or personally has to drive multiple hours round trip just to make a trip to the grocery store, or Home Depot, Menards, even Walmart, we're used to living in this spread out country west of the Mississippi. Schools in the east, there are so many of them and the travel is so condensed, they won't stay in a western based conference if they have a choice.
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