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  1. You're getting a good one here. Local Sioux City kid. Brady Ferner - Elite Prospects
  2. It just blows my mind that you have the Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Steelers offering to help and the school administration doesn't at least try to come up with a plan to save the programs. They have zero interest in even trying. Other people in that university community need to understand that these current decision makers are really bad for the university. They were trusted with something and they allowed it die. Even sabotaged it and caused it's death. If the hockey programs were doing poorly it's their fault for letting it get to this point. Negligence. Especially when help i
  3. The comments section is scathing.
  4. Reading this article, this is incredible. The two cowards who made the decision are just hiding out in their bunker. If the rest of the Board of Trustees is that mad don't resign, remove the Board Chairman and the School President.
  5. I have seen that but in their announcement they indicated the facility was going to continue to be used for the club teams and recreational purposes. So it didn't sound like they were shutting down the rink.
  6. I'm having a hard time figuring this one out from the announcement. I want to say it's COVID related and they just can't afford it but that's not really coming through in the statement. In fact, it has a "because we felt like it" attitude to it. Some excerpts. "The Beyond 100 plan includes a focus on diversity and inclusion, more campus events, and a reorganization of its athletics programs." So they're cutting hockey to appeal to "diversity and inclusion". In other words, "we're getting rid of "white" sports"? Celebrating 100 years as a school by cutting programs? Doesn't make
  7. Waiting for the Title 9 lawsuit from the women hockey players, that program to be saved, men's program still killed. That's the way these things have been trending over the last year.
  8. They cut the program via Twitter announcement with no prior warning. RMU administrators can DIAF. F them.
  9. I've long said there needs to be at least 10 more D1 hockey programs given the amount of talent that is out there capable of playing at the D1 level. Glad to see this quote in that article: "You could easily put together 9-10 teams of competitive division one talent that would make the haves in this sport sweat." I'm going to add to that and say that we need about 20 new NCAA D1 programs and an exponential number of that added to D3 and probably a large expansion of D2 given the amount of talent that is out there being developed in the youth and junior ranks right now. The number a
  10. Since Minot State is NCAA D2 and a member of the NSIC for all sports they don't have the option of playing down in D3. They could play D2 hockey, but that would be pointless since there is only one D2 conference in the NE USA. I would assume they would go NCAA D1 and try to get in the WCHA, if D1 hockey was in the plans. I don't know if this is a thing but can the program remain at ACHA Club level but be administered by the athletic department? Funded by the athletic dept?
  11. What exactly does that mean? Is this another way of saying they are making it a varsity sport and moving the program to NCAA D1?
  12. Which is why I can't believe they are not D1 already. They had the money to bully their way into FBS football and the NCAA could not stop them (or didn't to pop open Pandora's Box by denying them). They have the money for a full fledged D1 program.
  13. How the heck does a club program fund all that? Has to be funded directly by the university. This program is club in name only, they'll be D1 soon, shocked they haven't announced already.
  14. I've heard there are going to be at least 3-4 new D1 programs starting in the next couple of years. Liberty, obviously, at the top of the list and quite a few programs out east that are looking to move up. Anybody heard any of these rumblings and a list of potential schools?
  15. Good. It's about time the NCAA gets sat in the corner.
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