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  1. Bumping this thread as the NAHL has expanded again. New franchise in Wichita Falls, TX next season. Also, earlier this year rumors of a team in Kansas City , the Scouts, that will play out of the new arena they are building in Olathe, KS. Don't know if that is "official" yet but I would almost guarantee something will happen as Lamar Hunt Jr. is involved. He owns the Topeka franchise so it could be a relocation? Anyways, dovetails into this thread because with recent expansion in New Mexico and Maine, now in Wichita Falls, possibly in KC, the odds get longer that there would be expansion into East Grand Forks or Marshall. Maybe an MJHL team is a possibility? There is a thread here earlier about the possibility of the MJ expanding south of the border into the US. SIJHL? Probably eager to expand after shutting down the Iron Rangers and only being at 6 teams right now.
  2. UST isn't getting invited anywhere unless they win in the conference. They have to not only move up but also succeed. Do you see any of the Dakota schools just handing the conference over to them? I don't. We didn't hand it over to Denver and we won't hand it over to UST. Welcome addition but they have to prove it.
  3. Gotcha. The joke works better if we're lampooning Gopher football. Actually, the joke works well for Gopher hockey as well.
  4. Untapped? Gopher basketball has a pretty good following, but I admit there is room for another D1 on the Eastside.
  5. Yote 53

    FBS games

    Well, seeing as how Saban was a mediocre coach at Michigan State I would agree with you. Spartans were about a .500 team for 4 years under Saban when he finally broke out a 9-2 record in 1999, those 2 losses being beat downs by Purdue and Wisconsin. Quickly used that season's result to get out of the Big Ten and find himself another job and landed at LSU. Point is, the Big Ten takes a lot of heat nationally as not being as good as the S-E-C but the conference is a meat grinder and even God-like Saban himself couldn't win in the conference. So no, I think he would be a failure at Rutgers too.
  6. Moobs at 36 seconds. Somebody needs to hit the weight room.
  7. Latest article on Illinois D1 hockey. LINK
  8. I don't think you guys want to go down that road of wanting another puppet master pulling the strings. Of course, that might make for an interesting battle between REA and Sanford for control.
  9. Augustana was not a charter member of the NCC. They didn't join until the 1940's. One of the many things you were incorrect about in your post.
  10. It's the GAM reference in other threads that gives him away. Known as aldewitt over on the USD board. Provides good content and game analysis over on the USD board but has to constantly be warned about his negative posts running down UND and the hockey program and how UND is going broke, etc. So I guess he comes over to the UND board to run down USD now. So JBB = aldweitt = Boydj282. Got it.
  11. You've been over to the USD board enough to know that everything you just spewed about USD is pure nonsense. Seriously, you have no clue. It's time for you to recalculate your GAM as it is giving you some faulty results.
  12. I think they would be going out on a limb, given all the money Sanford has thrown at USD, SDSU, and NDSU. That money has strings, you can bet on it. Yes, in a perfect world 3 South Dakota schools is too many.
  13. Interesting is the quote by USD AD Dave Herbster. Went on record as saying that as of right now Augustana would be a "No" as not enough of the league schools know enough about them, that they haven't really been vetted. Shocking in that USD, SDSU, NDSU, UND, and UNO know all about Augustana, there is nothing unfamiliar about them. They've been all over the newspapers about this move to D1. NCAA is a small world, how could the Summit schools NOT know about Augustana and their aspirations, errrr Sanford's aspirations? Herbie went out on a limb with that quote, in my opinion. He is a very calculated and measured guy too. That wasn't off the cuff.
  14. We let Lakes post on the USD board. He keeps it in check pretty well there. Only comes around a couple of times a year.
  15. I've said it once and I'll say it again. The answer to the Summit's problems is not to shoehorn schools into the conference that are not a fit, the answer is for the current schools to align their sports offerings, even if it means an expansion in our athletic departments. It should be as simple as "want to be a Summit member then you need to offer men's baseball or men's soccer or both". If that means women's sports needs expansion to meet Title 9 requirements then so be it. In short, USD and UND need to bring back baseball and the Summit will be just fine.
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