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  1. Latest article on Illinois D1 hockey. LINK
  2. I don't think you guys want to go down that road of wanting another puppet master pulling the strings. Of course, that might make for an interesting battle between REA and Sanford for control.
  3. Augustana was not a charter member of the NCC. They didn't join until the 1940's. One of the many things you were incorrect about in your post.
  4. It's the GAM reference in other threads that gives him away. Known as aldewitt over on the USD board. Provides good content and game analysis over on the USD board but has to constantly be warned about his negative posts running down UND and the hockey program and how UND is going broke, etc. So I guess he comes over to the UND board to run down USD now. So JBB = aldweitt = Boydj282. Got it.
  5. You've been over to the USD board enough to know that everything you just spewed about USD is pure nonsense. Seriously, you have no clue. It's time for you to recalculate your GAM as it is giving you some faulty results.
  6. I think they would be going out on a limb, given all the money Sanford has thrown at USD, SDSU, and NDSU. That money has strings, you can bet on it. Yes, in a perfect world 3 South Dakota schools is too many.
  7. Interesting is the quote by USD AD Dave Herbster. Went on record as saying that as of right now Augustana would be a "No" as not enough of the league schools know enough about them, that they haven't really been vetted. Shocking in that USD, SDSU, NDSU, UND, and UNO know all about Augustana, there is nothing unfamiliar about them. They've been all over the newspapers about this move to D1. NCAA is a small world, how could the Summit schools NOT know about Augustana and their aspirations, errrr Sanford's aspirations? Herbie went out on a limb with that quote, in my opinion. He is a very calculated and measured guy too. That wasn't off the cuff.
  8. We let Lakes post on the USD board. He keeps it in check pretty well there. Only comes around a couple of times a year.
  9. I've said it once and I'll say it again. The answer to the Summit's problems is not to shoehorn schools into the conference that are not a fit, the answer is for the current schools to align their sports offerings, even if it means an expansion in our athletic departments. It should be as simple as "want to be a Summit member then you need to offer men's baseball or men's soccer or both". If that means women's sports needs expansion to meet Title 9 requirements then so be it. In short, USD and UND need to bring back baseball and the Summit will be just fine.
  10. Very objective article. The first line: This paid piece is sponsored by Augustana University.
  11. I think so too. Getting kicked out of the MIAC has opened a lot of eyes to the possibilities of what St. Thomas could be. It's an opportunity, and the perfect excuse to move up.
  12. I could see the state of Minnesota adding one, two, or even more D1 hockey schools simply out of pure arrogance, and I mean that in a good way. Think about it. It used to be only UofM and UMD. Now you have UMD winning natties, SCSU and MSU getting #1 rankings and NCAA tournament seeds, even BSU making it to the Frozen Four. All of the MN hockey schools have had success and doing it with a lot of MN kids. There is so freaking much hockey talent out there today, with so few NCAA spots, I can totally see a groundswell of support for Crookston, Moorhead, and almost certainly St. Thomas when they decide to move up, to sponsor D1 hockey programs. They would probably be successful too, all with a majority of MN kids on their rosters.
  13. Oh, I don't blame them for taking action. My earlier comment had to do with coaches complaining about their team fatigue and how travelling to Alaska is so difficult. The Alaska teams' travel schedule is much more difficult. As far as costs, as has been pointed out the Alaska schools were subsidizing travel.
  14. All these teams complain about having to travel to Alaska, they only have to make the trip one or two times a season. The Alaska teams make the trip to the continental USA multiple times each season, yet I never hear them complain about the travel. Just saying.
  15. Honestly, that's what the Summit members need to do. We need to make the hard choices and align our sports offerings. It's a shame that we have to entertain Augie because neither UND or USD offers baseball. So we have to bring in little Augustana, who somehow has the resources to offer a program that somehow neither UND or USD is able to offer. It should be a no-brainer, and a mandate from the league office, that both the Coyotes and F-Hawks add a baseball program. For that matter, accepting UMKC back should have been conditional that they also offer baseball. But at least the Roos offer men's soccer, so there is that.
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