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  1. Why are Washington ballots in Kentucky?
  2. Kids in classrooms is probably the safest place they can be as it is a fairly controlled environment. What I was trying to say is that when the kids leave school all bets are off. Even if we assume kids won't suffer greatly when they're infected, they still are imminently capable of spreading the virus wherever they go and to whomever they come into contact. One of my kids knows a family that has been exposed to the virus and been notified of that fact; I think they call that "close contact". That family did not get tested, and instead of quarantining as suggested, spent a weekend on the road, visiting neighboring communities and attractions. And on Monday morning they sent the kids to school. If those kids are carrying the virus, they spread it all over southern North Dakota and northern South Dakota, at playgrounds, cafes, etc. And then went back to school and after school daycare, potentially spreading to yet another population. Clearly this family is ignoring the risks (or just plain ignorant). They're acting selfish to say the least. Students wearing masks in a classroom are helpful. However, many rural schools aren't requiring students to wear masks at lunch, in the hallways or at recess. Heck, one of my kids teaches in a district where the school board refused to mandate masks anywhere. But if some families refuse to recognize the risk, or the benefit of limiting exposure after school and on weekends, the virus will continue to spread unchecked. I don't want school kids to be infected. But I also don't want them turning into super spreaders simply because they are asymptomatic and their parents are foolish.
  3. All of my kids are teachers in North Dakota. They are fairly certain they can control virus exposure for the kids while in school, but every day after the class, the kids go home, or to a neighbor's place, or to grandparents' homes where there is no control over who they are being exposed to. So the kids pick up the virus at the neighbor's and then bring it back to school where it is "shared" among classmates who take it home to their families, neighbors, etc. Young kids may have it, and may not be affected at all by the virus, but they are very efficient and carrying and spreading any kind of virus. This is why "they are screwing up the schools and colleges:. Right on, Wilbur.
  4. Last time I checked, Hillary Clinton is not running for president.
  5. You're the one making accusations of non-performance with no evidence to support your allegation. I've given you the link to do your own research. It is really quite easy to do; in fact you might find having actual facts at your disposal make you feel better than continually slinging around unsubstantiated insinuation. I didn't raise the question; you did. Oh, and thanks for the "drive-by" moniker; I may adopt that.
  6. Do your own research. https://www.congress.gov/
  7. Nine convictions; nine ballots. The names and offenses are easily found. There were eight convictions in 2012, the year before Colorado adopted all main-in ballots.
  8. Just finished Woodward’s latest. Trump gave him 17 interviews, all tape recorded. “When his performance as president is taken in its entirety, I can only reach one conclusion: Trump is the wrong man for the job.” Excerpt From Rage Bob Woodward
  9. My death certificate eliminates me from list of qualified voters; therefore the ballots stop. My name is all over the ballot. Plus I must sign it, and the signature has to match the one I’ve filed with the State. it honestly is a very secure system. Election officials around the US cite Colorado as the Cadillac mail-in system. Like I said earlier, 9 voting violations out of millions ballots cast since 2013.
  10. Omg. Really!?! If you’re not registered, do so by October 26 to get a ballot. my ballot (I’m already registered) should be in my mailbox in early October Colorado really has this figured out. It should be a model for every state that wants to adopt Mail-in voting.
  11. I’m a Colorado resident. Once I registered to vote, a ballot has been mailed to me automatically, every election. I don’t request it.
  12. Guess what? Colorado voters don’t have to request a ballot! btw, I’m disappointed that you think I’m merely a VPN doppelgänger.
  13. Colorado mails more than 3 million ballots to voters every election. That doesn’t qualify under your definition as ‘mass mailing’?
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