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  1. I _may_ hold the record for being ejected and re-admitted to the old Ralph: three times out and four times in for me during one game!
  2. The Eagles average over 5200 per game in the Bud. I'm really happy to see the West Regionals placed in Loveland, as I'm moving there in a month.
  3. Sat in front of a bunch of SCSU fans last night. I asked them how it feels to lose to a bunch of philosophy majors. I did feel sorry for the little kid who was all decked out in his Husky wear.
  4. But...Penn State got a rink for free. And, iirc, an endowment to pay the ongoing costs.
  5. I was at the Denver game Saturday. My first time on DU's campus and in Magness Arena. Denver's campus is beautiful, in a beautiful section of a beautiful city. And a view of the Rockies. That's got to help recruiting a bunch. Magness, on the other hand, is a dump.
  6. I'm just throwing this out there, and have no statistical justification for my question, but how successful at college level have any BCHL prolific scorers been? I get the feeling that's a high-scoring league, but when faced with bigger, older opponents in D1 hockey, the scoring drops off precipitously. Is it time to start focusing on different development leagues? (Don't flame me; I'm old. And frankly, I don't give a damn if you light into me.)
  7. At least one courtesy of yours truly.
  8. I don't understand why CC would move to a 3000 seat arena, regardless of its on-campus location. They regularly attract 4000+ to home games at World Arena. What am I missing?
  9. Mismash has to go into the corners more if he's a first liner.
  10. Really easy way to make this team better: score some goals. 2.92 goals per game didn't cut it, and next year will college hockey will be even more open. Berry has to find a couple 20 goal scorers. Not BCJHL 20-goal guys.
  11. Is this team capable of running off six wins in a row? That's all it takes. Cam has to play better. Sub .900 save percentage isn't going to get it done.
  12. There will be many tickets sold for $500 per seat, per night. I know folks in my section - 112 - who've already topped that.
  13. When is a UND team going to be able to break a trap?
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