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  1. There is nothing funny about it. Not cramer's use of the word, nor your attempt at juvenile 'humor' by repeating it. Grow up. Or better yet, develop some empathy.
  2. It is a whole lot faster and cheaper to keep people out of hospitals than it is to add beds and equipment. That's why it is so vital to stop (or, more accurately, slow) the spread of this damn virus. It is going to be painful, but from everything I've heard from my friends and family in healthcare, that's the answer.
  3. Most hospitals and clinics where I live are not letting people in the door without a full screening. In spite of that, beds are filling fast and there are no ventilators available for new patients.
  4. Just had a conversation with a friend who's a top level exec with Texas department of public health. I trust this guy. We need to listen to health care providers.
  5. Does this thread really belong in the hockey subsection?
  6. I’m sitting in Denver International Airport right now and I’ve never seen this place so underpopulated. There are a lot of people who are NOT flying. I wouldn’t be, but I’m on my way to work.
  7. Eight years ago High Point's bonds were rated junk by Moody's. $700 million worth of campus buildings were constructed using debt.
  8. That's not how I read it: they're talking about topping out at ACHA DI, not NCAA DI
  9. mikejm


    Cornell's strength of schedule is 33rd. BC is 20. Clarkson is 41
  10. I have regional tickets for Loveland. Wouldn’t mind seeing UND there, but rather watch them on tv from out East.
  11. Larry and his brother Darryl were a couple classy guys. Great character.
  12. Loveland Ski Area is 128 miles from Loveland, CO.
  13. I have my West regional tickets in hand. The Budweiser Center is six miles from my house!
  14. I was at Magness, and respectfully disagree with your analysis: for all but a couple of short stretches, I felt UND controlled the action. It was very tough for DU to develop anything; at several times they were stood up at the blue line and never really gained any zone presence. For most of the game, UND was out-shooting DU pretty significantly.
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