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2 hours ago, The Sicatoka said:

Which could well be a statement about the current 97/98 recruits. 


Side note: Grant Cruikshank's mother is US gold medal speed skater Bonnie Blair. Actually, both parents are US Olympic speed skaters. 

Hence the Wisconsin connection.   In addition to training at Pettit, did one or both attend UW?

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4 hours ago, The Sicatoka said:

What I see at forwards is three seniors and Gersich and no Gornall. 
What I see in the forwards pipeline is a 97 (Keane) and three 98s (Weatherby, Mattson, Senden). 

What is more interesting is the gap in the forward pipeline: no 99s, but three each of 00s and 01s and two 02s.
Is there a 00 who really is ready for college hockey as an 18 YO?
Are there two (just in case one of the 97/98 don't keep improving)? 


Along that same thought process, at defense it's three 00s, an 01, and an 02. That said, the only flight risk (no seniors) I see is Wolanin. 

I'd be surprised if Hain isn't here next fall as well.

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BCHL Stats:

Blaisdell '01 (F): 4-10-14 22GP

Keane '97 (F): 4-6-10 17GP

Weatherby '98 (F): 21-15-36 24GP

Tychonick '00 (D): 5-14-19 22GP

Reid '01 (D): 1-8-9 19GP

Scheel '99 (G): 8-5-0-2 2.19 GAA .928 SV% 

USHL Stats:

Senden '98 (F): 4-3-7 16GP

Mattson '98 (F): 5-3-8 15GP

Mancinelli '01 (F): 1-1-2 13GP

Costello '00 (F): 3-1-4 14GP

AJHL Stats:

Bernard-Docker '00 (D): 6-7-13 21GP

NTDP -18:

Hain '00 (F): 3-7-10 18GP

NTDP -17:

Caulfield '01 (F): 8-7-15 17GP

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