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UND @ DU -- First Round NCHC, Game 1


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Just now, MafiaMan said:

Hope you enjoy your trip!  Looks like I'll have to shovel some snow before you get home.

Snowblower is gassed up if you need it. If I remember you liked watching the Hallmark Channel down in our movie  theater room. Too bad you won't see Lori Loughlin on there anymore!

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15 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:

Word is Mismash not a 100% but is ready to go for this series. Hopefully he provides some offense.

I like the kid, I've called him Miss-Mash several times though,....he misses the net a lot.  hehehehehe

Lets go boys! All your fans are ready to go!  Everybody is Ready!

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1-0 UND (in OT) tonight, 3-0 Denver Saturday and 2-1 UND win Sunday. 

Two years ago I was in the south on a business trip when UND beat Denver 1-0 in NCHC semifinals on Friday night of St. Patty’s Day Weekend.  I say history repeats itself tonight.  Will be fun at sports bar down here with Duke vs Carolina on the side whilst I watch college hockey. 

Other picks:  Duluth, SCSU, and CC advance this weekend. 


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