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  1. This is the only article that I have found right now with him. https://www.foxnews.com/media/charles-barkley-dismisses-defund-police-movement granted, that is after a three minute Google search...so give me a bit more time. https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2020/06/06/charles-barkley-stressful-being-black-smerconish-vpx.cnn https://www.talkbasket.net/91445-charles-barkley-on-athletes-activism-we-have-obligation-to-keep-trying-bring-awareness Most of the current articles are talking about his reaction to the Drew Brees stuff.
  2. I believe that they have stated that they will not (or at least don't want to) make a decision on Nashville until closer to fall.
  3. Who said that I was saying it was a good reason?
  4. Isn't the first time it has happened and won't be the last. Even outside of the athletic arena, many younger siblings will look at other colleges and go to other colleges because they don't want to follow in a older sibling's shadow. That said, I am not saying that is why SBD chose DU. However, it may have been a consideration.
  5. wouldn't be the first time that he has invented a new word..
  6. Lansford Cubs! I am trying to find a photo of the full Cub. The colors were red, black, and white.
  7. That goal was totally worth the glare I got from a girl at BWWs for hugging her boyfriend... and the look from the assistant manager when he came out to figure out why "f the gophers" was about to take the roof off...and why his staff was asking if they could join the cheer...
  8. Not to be rude...but the game was on the 9th and not the 10th.
  9. According to the ND Dept of Health...0 According to some poster on the daily briefing fb live...1 They commented that WDAZ was reporting a death, but I can't find that report on their fb page or website.
  10. Due to all of the cancellations, This game will continue next year. SteveP, due to the unusual ending of this season...I am going to leave it up to you if you want to stay with Pinto or change your pick.
  11. just under 2 days to get those picks in!
  12. the students are wimps! We found places to stay so that we could stick around for this series!
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