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I'm already sick of eating leftovers and I don't go shopping today.  Let's discuss tonight's game, get the boys off the schneid and get a sweep so we can see a traditional circle of sticks!

So let's go, the heater's on and my gas mileage isn't getting any better.

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We have seen that this team can dominate time-of-possession, faceoffs, & SOG.  Obviously, Jones was a driving factor in the second category.  But, if the guys have re-learned how to play as a unit, they should come out on top, even without Jones & Hoff.

I still believe in this team's potential.  Get in front of the goalie, boys.

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15 minutes ago, siouxfaninseattle said:

No upside to this weekend. Two wins do nothing for Pairwise - one or two losses - yikes.

The upside is getting some mojo before Duluth and Denver. In one way I'm glad they're coming in mad and ideally extra motivated, as history says it's almost a guarantee they have a clunker. Hopefully last weekend against a good WMU squad was it... Much better than doing it this weekend.

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