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  1. So what happens to players that go into the transfer portal and aren't picked up anywhere? Players going for their free fifth year probably just don't play but what about underclassmen? Do you just go back to your school?
  2. There is a third one in GF too... although I do not believe there is an upstairs
  3. Gophers up 1-0 and Abate with a penalty lol. Game over for Omaha
  4. Are the Gopher uniforms always this ugly???
  5. Man glad I didn't jump off the bandwagon already
  6. This is chaos. Calm down boys
  7. Finley never got the height benefit of the doubt
  8. Was that @Digglerin a bee outfit? And where did he go years ago?
  9. Is it greedy to be cheering for a hat trick?
  10. In my opinion WAY better than announcers who get overhyped when their team is in the offensive zone.
  11. I like her voice. It's relaxing.
  12. Couldn't Duluth play AIC and we get the buy? What's the point of rankings?
  13. Looks good! Except at the top it says picks are closed and games start today...
  14. Especially for those of us that work at 6am on Saturday....
  15. I'm already feeling angry because I don't anticipate us actually getting to play St. Lawrence... I doubt the committee will maintain bracket integrity and use covid as an excuse. The west regional will be stacked and the east regioanls will be wimpy is my prediction.
  16. Doesn't the NCAA charter flights for the teams in the tournament? Who cares if they have to fly....
  17. It bugs me there is no shot count on the CBSSN scoreboard
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