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Roll call to boston


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Has anyone else not received their tickets in the mail?  I have been patiently waiting I was going to email the NCAA or call the TD Garden.  Thought I would check with you all first.

I haven't received our tickets yet either.  I called the TD Garden last week and they said they were mailing them this week.  I sure hope so.  We're flying out on Monday.

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Bought 3 tickets through Stub hub, but should have bought them through the NCAA website at https://www.primesport.com/d/ncaa-mens-frozen-four and saved myself about $300.


We're seated in Section 9, and staying at the Hilton downtown.


Anyone organizing a pre-game gathering?

Did you actually click and put into cart to purchase? Because stub hub has the fees built in.  Every other site has a stupidly high processing fee of over $100.

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RT O'Sullivans at Stapley and US 60 in Mesa has get togethers for every Sioux game.  We would normally be there but are headed to Boston.

I use to live about 5 minutes from that one, I moved but am still not too far.  I'm guessing I will probably go there for the game Saturday night!

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I think 800.  UNO tweeted that their allotted 800 sold out in about 3 hours.

I believe that number is 600...from what I was told...300 for UND (team, parents, band, staff, administration) and 300 for fans (150 to charter and 150 to Champions Club members)

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