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  1. As a church, do they pay taxes on rent they receive from tenants?
  2. Agreed, If you haven't been in that campground you should go down there on bike path and check it out. You'd never know in a city. With hwy 2 raised up you really don't hear much traffic. Such a super idea and was able to take advantage of existing infrastructure like the old city streets. Not only are restaurants close, but the pool is right across the road. There are tent camping spots closer to the river and some hidden fishing spots. I thought at one point it was one of the busier state run campgrounds in Minnesota.
  3. Ate there other day and seems like rest of building is being used as some sort of office space.
  4. Hockey / baseball are different than basketball. I know some basketball coaches that would rather the one player score a ton and try to outscore the other team on own. One person can truly steal a hockey / baseball game (goalie / pitcher) or as someone said a bad bounce in hockey can be all the difference. So I do like idea of rewarding the higher seeds with getting to host a 3 game series. Or double elimination, though I don't see this working due to amount of games / rest. More fans would go knowing they got to watch team more than once. I'm not opposed to to the single elimination with all the parity as it is intense and fun. However, higher seeds should still be rewarded. Facts are some of these lower seeded small schools are used to playing in front of empty seats. Why should they get the advantage? Let top 1-4 overall each host a regional. Maybe you need a lower limit for rink size, but allow that team option of hosting at a close rink that may not be theirs (if arrangements can be made). If not move to #2 seed. Or just let the small school host as they earned that right. I think the super regional could become a fun great tradition, but I bet the NCAA would screw it up and have all west in west ensuring east always gets half of the frozen four even though history has shown they are more likely to only get one.
  5. Is this next year the year that umtc gets rid of the olympic ice? Or did that happen already and I didn't realize it?
  6. Joe's Diner in EGF was back to 24 hours when I was there a couple weeks ago.
  7. Saw the signature collectors / flea market people were out at First Community Credit Union on 32nd. Is that banking business against having a big project come to town? Or did these people illegally set up shop?
  8. Smoggy

    FBS games

    Sounds like Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly to LSU is a done deal.
  9. You maybe need to do more research on the history of that place. They are greedy and crooked as hell and the ownership change doesn't excuse the fact that they owe city taxpayers hundreds of thousands. Not a place that East Siders talk of about going to. They knew the rules and yet tried to F over every other business in town and open. Trust me...other owners in town were furious with them. It was no act of bravery.
  10. Yes I am pretty sure the same.
  11. Did I miss us getting a warning? Because why did we get penalized 15 yards when later youngstown got a flag and a warning for sideline? Did we bump into the official?
  12. The Shire restaurant in River Cinema movie theater is open. Lots fun stuff on walls and plenty tvs. More of a bar, but kids are allowed. Food is very good. Burgers and grilled cheese options. Gravy comes with waffle fries.
  13. Smoggy

    UND @ ISU

    I'm getting Pat Sweeney vibes from their play by play guy.
  14. part that really ticks me off is that I'm sure they'll be preempting plenty of big time cfb coverage for that crap.
  15. Your amateurs aren't the draw you think they are. Miracle on Ice was just that...a miracle they beat pros from Russia. NBC butchered being able to watch the pros play basketball, by putting online live and only having replays. Most people don't watch replays when they know the result. Keep in mind that if hockey isn't pros it's the World Junior Tourney. Sure we like it, but have you seen those ratings??? Maybe you need to check all the sports ratings from the past year and a half. It isn't pretty and tv in general has gone way down the last 5 years.
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