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  1. FBS teams proved this fall that you can play great games with no prep and on few days notice. See BYU at Coastal Carolina. It was supposed to be BYU bye week and actually they had already been off over a week. I think there a few other games that happened on short notice.
  2. Literally what Gentry did. I was very curious about them and found old article that said they are a sports leadership school and I thought it said they practice during the school day. Only like 90 kids in the school. And I heard most are from out of state.
  3. I believe this is Xcel rules, but yes they need to show up dressed and leave 15 minutes after. No shower. So I'm sure that was a fun bus ride home for EGF. Also many kids in all sorts sports at many of the schools went to distance learning to avoid being quarantined from schools being fully all in.
  4. I think Ausmus had the first goal. And he scored in the semifinals as well.
  5. As mentioned we for some reason are the late game and it's not even on tv. But the most egregious thing is the winner of the Fargo night game has only 21 hours from puck drop to Saturday puck drop. Much less than any other region late game.
  6. Would love for the conference to make them ineligible for the playoffs next season. I'm sure the conference can't and never would anyways, but damn what a classless deal by ISU. I'm assuming this is not a covid quarantine deal.
  7. I owned that shirt as a kid. I was going through boxes this summer and found some old UND stuff, but not that shirt. Now I'm wondering what ever happened to it.
  8. Don't feel like going to someone else's board. Care to elaborate?
  9. RIP @SiouxVolley Really need his knowledge right now.
  10. Maybe my beer goggles are seeing this wrong, but to me it seems he knew he was going to get jumped for running the goalie and pre-dropped the gloves and was ready to fight.
  11. I think it's due to some leagues having a nonconference series or two. Gives a nice bump when beating a team that then goes and beats teams in another conference. I like Fenton, but I think the east - west thing made to much of seeing same team. And the NCHC should've allowed 1 nonconference eries if teams able to schedule. Just to shore up some pwr and rpi.
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