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  1. Move the library to the mall. And love the idea of indoor play for kids and animals.
  2. Didn't they take over university station on Gateway?
  3. Smoggy

    Hobey Baker

    Watching semi vs Denver (thanks Blackheart) and Caggiula just scored I think number 23. So Jimmy Vesey from Harvard won Hobey with 24 g and 22 a. Decent but he put up way better numbers year before (58 pts???). Caggiula was tiny bit behind in goals regular season. Beoser went for 27 - 33 as a freshman! Makes you realize that the Hobey was a career award back in 2016.
  4. Smoggy

    Hobey Baker

    And all that was because of what was in front of him. I feel like he averaged only facing like 15 shots a game, but maybe that was during the shutouts.
  5. Oh and we sat at the airport for a while. IIRC plane wasn't even there and was coming in from MSP as chartered out of there so I don't think the Ralph partying stories hold.
  6. It's what we heard as well as we flew with the team (I was in the band). Best part of the night was after arena put keg of beer away all the fans under the stadium then went to a bar couple blocks away. Somehow UND had gotten a hold of someone in government to allow bar open after hours. I happened to be outside when police showed up and Roger Thomas put his arm around the cop and they talked briefly and then police left. We then went to airport and team showed up with hockey bags full of 30 racks. We still had to wait for flight and were only ones in airport everyone drinking. Got on flight and someone was pushing cases up the aisle handing beers out with breakfast sandwich. I'm sure I've messed up some details as a long time ago and I wasn't sober.
  7. Why is this on here and why is it allowed mods??? Damn do some of you like being boisterous and put down others with crap like this because they don't party think like you. Mafia I met you way way back in Joe Sensor's days and you didn't act like this in person back then, but people do change over the years. Should I post the white nationalist march pictures? Nazi fascism posters to represent the Republican party? People are entitled to their opinions but many of you are trying to bully others into submission or into not posting. I've voted for both parties in the past and neither in last presidential election (I'd like an official 3rd party on ballot). What many of you that act like this don't realize is you actually make a middle of the road guy like me disgusted and want to vote the other direction. I also don't understand the party of pro-life being so callous in essentially wanting others to die. Sure many things kill people and we don't know the final numbers of this. And that's part of the problem. We don't know. It might be hundreds of thousands or maybe less than flu. Also on the flu how many died that could've been saved if they got the shot? I am one that doesn't get the shot. And yes other problems will arise from this shutdown like suicides. But if you're all of a sudden so concerned about suicides then maybe you should be worried about guns since they are the leading choice to commit suicide. (and I've had family commit suicide). Personally I do think closures started too early and unnecessary in areas that haven't had a case yet. Then I hear as Walz said today Minnesota only has 235 ICU beds. If no bed and you have this virus he said you are 10 times more likely to die. I believe all these facts coming from the U of MN. If that's true then dang kind of important to make sure more infrastructure is in place. And maybe federal and state governments should have gotten moving in January on this to avoid shutting everything down??? I haven't been able to confirm this but saw where this is more contagious as it stays on surfaces way longer. Flu spreads to 1.4 people a day. So even if you were contagious for 10 days it goes to 24 people you infected. This virus a person averages spreading to 3 people a day. If true after 10 days (and isn't it contagious longer) you have spread to 59,000 people. Again haven't confirmed this, but even if it's 2 a day it's a jump of infecting 1024 over 10 day period. This sucks on all fronts and will be debated for a long time after. Hopefully we learn from it and are better prepared on how to manage this better next time. Feel free to reply, but I won't be checking. Following Keikla's lead and out of this thread.
  8. OK so I'm going to preface this with I rarely get sick. Like haven't taken a sick day in years (yes I'm dumb bc I don't get anything for not using them). Is it normal to have the flu for 4 days? Doesn't that make you question things??? I know my brother and his family all had it for like 5 days this winter and he was saying how he's never been that sick for that long.
  9. Actually those numbers are more lopsided. I just googled and attached an article. Top 10% richest own 84% of stock market and it's been trending higher. Only 27% of middle class owned. Few years old. From 2017 Money dot com
  10. Big Ten just announced on the broadcast that today is the last and only day fans allowed at the basketball tourney. Really sucks for those in route or those that just got there. It's only the two play in games today.
  11. Because you said this is no big deal and we shouldn't be worried. Or did you mean to include a ?
  12. Is this the same guy that said Trump is healthier than surgeon general is??? So you don't trust the media. I don't trust this guy. (not saying I like what media is doing, but I never do which is why I don't watch it).
  13. Tennis tourney at Indian Wells has postponed as Coachella Valley now has a case. This is a huge tournament. 450,000 go. ESPN Article
  14. Not to mention that this lasts a lot longer than the flu so those hospital beds don't turn over as fast.
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