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  1. Points per game. So Denver gets 5. Which I think they only needed couple points to pass Western and two games to do it anyways.
  2. I really don't understand why the NCHC didn't do it ND state tourney style of 1w vs 4e, 2w vs 3e and so on. Guess they are re-seeding after first round according to Schloss.
  3. He's been so good at putting a ball where D can't get it. Interception was bad, but I think he only threw 2 others that the d would've had any chance of touching.
  4. Take this for what it is, but kind of makes sense. What I heard is that other teams didn't want any fans allowed for the tourney so 3,000 it is.
  5. I love that everyone is so upset over a standard that no other league did. No dog in the fight and didn't like the rule, but don't understand everyone bashing Big 10 over changing it. Why I thought dumb from the start...what if the team that didn't make the threshold had never had a covid outbreak, but everyone they were supposed to play kept cancelling? This case is different as the NCAA (not league) requires the 13 games. And leagues are now being more fluid with schedules.
  6. Still is very low compared to the past. Why do I have the feeling we could be giving more scholarships than that amount?
  7. Are you OK being in charge and the one to make a decision that ends up killing that .003% kid? I don't want to bring this to my 94 year old grandma and live with that the rest of my life (I take care of her). I can't imagine making a decision that has a kid die. And yet again it's over the head of most that it's not always about the kids themselves, but about who they spread it to. This kills at a higher percent of the flu, so quit comparing it to the flu.
  8. They serve food at Northside Cafe on thursdays I believe. And sounds like opening next summer.
  9. Move the library to the mall. And love the idea of indoor play for kids and animals.
  10. Didn't they take over university station on Gateway?
  11. Smoggy

    Hobey Baker

    Watching semi vs Denver (thanks Blackheart) and Caggiula just scored I think number 23. So Jimmy Vesey from Harvard won Hobey with 24 g and 22 a. Decent but he put up way better numbers year before (58 pts???). Caggiula was tiny bit behind in goals regular season. Beoser went for 27 - 33 as a freshman! Makes you realize that the Hobey was a career award back in 2016.
  12. Smoggy

    Hobey Baker

    And all that was because of what was in front of him. I feel like he averaged only facing like 15 shots a game, but maybe that was during the shutouts.
  13. Oh and we sat at the airport for a while. IIRC plane wasn't even there and was coming in from MSP as chartered out of there so I don't think the Ralph partying stories hold.
  14. It's what we heard as well as we flew with the team (I was in the band). Best part of the night was after arena put keg of beer away all the fans under the stadium then went to a bar couple blocks away. Somehow UND had gotten a hold of someone in government to allow bar open after hours. I happened to be outside when police showed up and Roger Thomas put his arm around the cop and they talked briefly and then police left. We then went to airport and team showed up with hockey bags full of 30 racks. We still had to wait for flight and were only ones in airport everyone drinking. Got
  15. Slightly different, but the last two years they've had GF kids that went juniors and then weren't allowed to play for GF so went to EGF. One was the goalie this year and he still had to sit out last year per some ban Red River put on him. I might've messed that up though as heard the news a long time ago.
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