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  1. He had a nice goal last night against Mahtomedi. Quick release. Started and I believe was on top line.
  2. Unless something has changed recently there is no cross ownership. Larocque sold his stake in Up North couple years ago.
  3. With that late of a 2nd home game I don't see attendance average being a whole lot better next year. It seems that oddly enough when weather is decent for tailgating more people end up going indoors to watch the game. As season wears on attendance dips. Though I expect that SDSU game to be well attended as I'm betting it's potato bowl.
  4. Smoggy

    2019 Season

    This point times a thousand. Summit scheduling is something awful. Never knowing what day it will be. Seriously weekday games in the early afternoon??? I am cancelling my season tickets as I was able to make it to 3 matches this year.
  5. That's where I was thinking this could be a huge issue.
  6. Smoggy

    FBS games

    Gameday will be at Minnesota next weekend.
  7. Anyone hear why they went for a FG on first and ten with 24 seconds left and 2 timeouts?
  8. Smoggy

    FBS games

    Good on the fans. Seems like the loudest game I've heard all year from any fan base.
  9. Smoggy

    2019 Season

    Recruiting and retention seems to be the issue. Which comes back to coaching. Volleyball players seem to really quit and transfer at a way higher rate than any other sport. Which does make sense when so few play. Did Pryor win with Hardee recruits?
  10. I believe Minnesota boys hockey starts on Monday Nov 11. Guessing ND is behind that by a week (or two). Any big story lines this year? Any team challenge Central? Where does RR end up? For my curiosity, can a small ND town like Grafton ever win again? I believe EGF has a former RR goalie that should've played last year for them. They also have Panzer and hopefully Parker is healthy finally. I see on schedule that Bismarck has been added. Seems odd add as playing GF teams 4 times already is a lot of out of state. Most of their other opponents out of section are state participants so a challenging schedule again.
  11. Smoggy

    FBS games

    Love to see Gameday go there, but I think you're right about them going south. However end of the year if umtc has 0 or 1 loss they play Wisconsin for Big Ten West title and oddly enough for rivalry weekend there aren't many other ranked games. Though Michigan beating Notre Dame today may put their Ohio State game at the top on that final weekend.
  12. Smoggy

    BSU @ UND

    How come this one isn't home and home like in the past? Or has that been an every other year sort of thing?
  13. This is really bad, but I only remember couple other than school stuff from last night. Shut up and Dance Gimme Some Loving (staple of band) Hey Song (Rock and Roll Part 2) Fight on Sioux (has words and played before team comes out of locker room) School Song In Heaven There is No Beer Couple of my faves that they have played in past: The Pretender by Foo Fighters Holiday by Green Day
  14. I'd say it was like 60% full. Students filled their lower bowl. Rest down low was about half. Upper looked like the $10 helped, but I was hoping for more.
  15. My understanding is the MN schools don't get any choice in who they get to play in football. They are thrown into a conference and then only get a couple out of section games, but I think even those are assigned "rivalry" games. This was all down a few years back, because some schools had such a hard time scheduling. And I certainly could be wrong on this, but I know Pequot and Park Rapids are on EGF's schedule every year and Pequot is like 4 hours away. I can't imagine the school truly wants to go that far to play. Roseau used to be on, but got switched out when they dropped down a class.
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