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  1. You maybe need to do more research on the history of that place. They are greedy and crooked as hell and the ownership change doesn't excuse the fact that they owe city taxpayers hundreds of thousands. Not a place that East Siders talk of about going to. They knew the rules and yet tried to F over every other business in town and open. Trust me...other owners in town were furious with them. It was no act of bravery.
  2. Yes I am pretty sure the same.
  3. Did I miss us getting a warning? Because why did we get penalized 15 yards when later youngstown got a flag and a warning for sideline? Did we bump into the official?
  4. The Shire restaurant in River Cinema movie theater is open. Lots fun stuff on walls and plenty tvs. More of a bar, but kids are allowed. Food is very good. Burgers and grilled cheese options. Gravy comes with waffle fries.
  5. Smoggy

    UND @ ISU

    I'm getting Pat Sweeney vibes from their play by play guy.
  6. part that really ticks me off is that I'm sure they'll be preempting plenty of big time cfb coverage for that crap.
  7. Your amateurs aren't the draw you think they are. Miracle on Ice was just that...a miracle they beat pros from Russia. NBC butchered being able to watch the pros play basketball, by putting online live and only having replays. Most people don't watch replays when they know the result. Keep in mind that if hockey isn't pros it's the World Junior Tourney. Sure we like it, but have you seen those ratings??? Maybe you need to check all the sports ratings from the past year and a half. It isn't pretty and tv in general has gone way down the last 5 years.
  8. Oh for #$*@ sake. Is it LA in 28? Then I bet baseball and softball back as I think each host site gets to add a sport or two. Hopefully they saw how competitive it has become. I doubt it's one of the more popular sports in the world though. It's more regional North and Central America and Asia. I also could see flag football instead of tackling, but again I think it's far too localized.
  9. China lost in womens boxing so USA takes the gold medal count.
  10. +To her and her high school watching. That seems so long ago. Yes some great swimming come from behinds. +Rugby sevens. Lots of fun to watch.
  11. Well womens basketball and volleyball got the job done. And a random cycling gold.
  12. 1. nope. Ratings=$$$. The pros make it way to much fun to watch and they are the best in the world. Love that the hockey players want to compete. 2. Gonna get there soon or certainly won't be in such a centralized one city set up.
  13. ---Rhythmic. Ok just saw this "sport." Not even going to call this gymnastics. It's ballet. WTH???
  14. -cycling in a circle by themselves +++cycling with 30 people on the track at once. Like roller derby
  15. Oof seems neverending. Also what happened to age lower limit stuff??? No way that Chinese gymnast was 16. Though skateboarding had 13 year olds winning. Here's a few breakdowns on China: Badminton 2 gold, 4 silver (really that many ways to play badminton???) Diving 6 gold, 4 silver Gymnastics 3, 3, 2 bronze Shooting 4, 1, 6 (shouldn't we win all of these???) (Again why so many!?!) Swimming 3, 2, 1 Table Tennis 4 g, 3 s (Again is it a different sized table each time?!?) Trampoline 1 g, 2 s Weightlifting 7!!! gold, 1 silver Three sports of pure dominance.
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