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  1. 2 separate pair - make an offer! 110 row g 108 row b
  2. 8 person suite for West Regional. Alcohol permitted in suites only. $1200 for the weekend. Also includes vip parking passes. Tickets can be mailed overnight.
  3. I have an extra pair for Friday night (12-8). Section 111 row 7. Face value $75 for the pair.
  4. On the 7:16 out of msp and I would guess the plane is 2/3 + sioux fans
  5. Craigslist Boston - prices are coming down - four lowers for 1,000 total
  6. 8 of us @ Sheraton Boston. Arriving Wednesday afternoon!
  7. I have 4 extra tickets for Friday evening @ DU - Section 6 row 10/11 - Surrounded by good guys in green. $34 face value if anyone is looking. Message me or reply - can meet up pregame to exchange tickets.
  8. I'd be willing to take several off you hands. I'll pm you shortly.
  9. I have a group if 10-12 heading to DU series dec 12-13. Need 20 to purchase group tickets in advance. If anyone is interested pm me. Told by du box office lowers would be 34 per ticket. I'm looking at both nights. Tickets became available yesterday and single seats go on sale sept. 5
  10. Have 1 extra as a friend had to bail. Section 109 row 23. Paid premium but will let go for face value or below - make an offer as I'd rather sit by a Sioux fan! thanks-
  11. 4 lower bowl tickets section 109 row 25 for sale- paid over face but will sell for face value.
  12. Have an extra south club lounge ticket for tonight's game. Cost of 75 but make an offer.
  13. I've also got 1 extra for Saturday night in case anyone needs a ticket. Sec 112 Row 3. Face value or make an offer - rather have another Sioux fan than let it go to waste.
  14. No luck so far - have 5 total available 4 together (section 305 row C) and a single - willing to let go for $100 per package or best offer. Will let you know if I come across any buyers.
  15. $100 per package (half price) 4 together, but willing to split up into pairs.
  16. I'm willing to negotiate price - Now $150 per package - or make an offer.
  17. Saturday 2/11 vs UMD at Amsoil - I have an extra two together in in 222 4th row for a UND fan in need. Will let them go for $40 per ticket. PM me if interested.
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