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  1. Thome seemed to get better and get into the flow of the game as it progressed. He needs to get more game action down the stretch so he can stay sharp. Hopefully whatever is bothering Scheel is behind him next weekend. Huge series with the Bulldogs.
  2. A little dilemma for the goalie situation. With Duluth coming up next week would like Scheel playing with some confidence going into that series. On the other hand, I think he needs to sit tonight to clear his head. Thome is no slouch but Scheel can dominate when on his game. If Scheel doesn't play tonight going to be interesting next Friday night for the opening period if Brad goes back to him.
  3. Agreed. He has been doing very well defensively is good on the PK. Also has shown some spark on offense.
  4. Didn't see the game but sounds like we really struggled with faceoffs. That is concerning going forward.
  5. Would think Sheperd would be under consideration to also leave early.
  6. Sounds like Mikey Anderson close to signing with Kings.
  7. Reported Tufte signs with Dallas.
  8. Just for something different, i am going to throw "The General's" name into the mix. Not that I know that he would be interested, but he sure seemed to have the utmost respect of his teammates and was relentless. Whatever we wind up doing, i would strongly advise against hiring one of the players Dads. Don't know if that was a problem for the past couple of years but it sure could lead to some serious locker room issues.
  9. A big key for UMD is Sheperd. I believe he is older so now might be the time to make the jump while he is a hot commodity.
  10. Did Chartrand ever dress for any regular season games? Sounds like Albrecht is a high energy player. Hopefully has some skill to go with that effort.
  11. Is Carson Albrecht still expected to come in this fall and has anybody seen him play? Have not heard anything since earlier announcement of his commitment.
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