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  1. If it's Crookston, it must be Billy Trew!
  2. Stars fire Montgomery 'due to unprofessional conduct'
  3. If anyone here listens to the Spittin' Chiclets podcast on Barstool Sports, yesterday's podcast they had on Chris Chelios. He tells a brief story about how he chose Wisconsin. He had committed to UND along with Jim Archibald - both of them played juniors in Moose Jaw together. He said at the last minute Gino signed James Patrick, who played in Prince Albert. Chelios said that he always wanted to beat James Patrick so when that happened, Gino tore up his letter of commitment and he went to his 2nd choice, Wisconsin. Interesting story.
  4. Ray77

    BSU @ UND

    Is there anyone home?
  5. The price for tickets to any of the 4 major sports is absolutely gross. Good luck taking your family to a game (for most people)...
  6. Ray77

    Twins ?

    Whodathunk at the beginning of this season we'd now be talking about the Twins' postseason lineup possibilities?!?!
  7. Ray77

    Twins ?

    Nooooooo, not Gibby....please not Gibby!
  8. Ray77


    Dumpster fire is putting it mildly. You fire your GM that's been there for 1 year on July 30th?!
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