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Roll call to boston


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Have a Arizona golf trip planned leaving Fargo that Friday.  Will watch them win Thursday with my kids at home then might need to cut my 36 holes short on Saturday to catch the game AZ time.  Plus UND has not won the NC when I have attended a F4 since Hak has been coaching.  He texted me and was more than glad to hear I wasn't going to make it this year!

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I scored the vip for 720. Open bar and open biffet

Actually Shawn-O, I think the face value depends on whether you are sitting on the glass,  in the lower bowl, or in the upper bowl.


Don't recall those numbers right off hand, but they are different.   By way of example, the seats on the glass are, as I recall, $600.


One row back they probably drop to about $250 or so.   Go to the upper deck and they are probably within gfhockey's quoted range.

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I am going with 7 people and we are staying at the Wyndham at Beacon Hill. Still looking for 3 tickets, hoping the prices drop as the date gets closer. I may have a couple extra double rooms, they are booked from Wednesday to Sunday at 158.20 a night if anyone is still looking for hotel rooms. Email jamigage@gmail.com.

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