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  1. Hoping NCHC and Sidearm Sports have spent the last 6 months working on the quality and bandwidth of the broadcasts from every arena.
  2. Both Stecher and Boeser with goals last night. Stecher's was the finishing touch on a nice tic-tac-toe play.
  3. UAF immediately released a statement saying the UAA decision is independent, and they are committed to their athletics programs. That being said, with the upcoming state of the WCHA and already existing budget constraints, I don't see how UAF can sustain more than another year or two.
  4. Exactly. With the way things are going, there's no promise that a new season would have been able to start in October. Plus, as SiouxForever noted, people need sports right now.
  5. Per Brad, St Thomas to CCHA for men's hockey.
  6. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/darkest-nightmare-canucks-stecher-opens-fathers-death/
  7. I gotta say that Seattle hit it out of the park with all of this. The space needle on the anchor logo, the unique color scheme, the video production quality of the releases...it's all been absolutely excellent. And those jerseys are great. Saw a tattoo pic (already!) of a dude who got the anchor with the S wrapped around it.
  8. The thread on DiLorenzo is now a prime example of why something like this is needed. The political bashing (without even a tiny bit of civility attempted by either side) is infiltrating more threads than not.
  9. I thought I remember seeing there was an NCAA scheduling portal for teams that had series dropped this season. Maybe UND can pick up a one-off game with someone and save Penn State for Smashville next year.
  10. I would be EXTREMELY surprised if the Nashville game is held as originally planned. In my mind, it's just a matter of time before they cancel or postpone.
  11. I appreciate the compliment, but it would never happen. The politics and overly aggressive attacks would quickly follow.
  12. That's kind of the point. There needs to be some sort of identifier for threads that are full of political b.s. (from either side). It's obvious to skip the dumpster fire thread (I learned that lesson several weeks ago), but the political diatribe is invading a lot of other threads too, and there is nothing to indicate that from the thread title.
  13. Of course that thread is a mess; it has been from the beginning. Though, fyi, I am also younger (mid 30s) and healthy and had covid, and it was the most sick I've ever been in my entire life. For the airlines question, yeah I think just delta is doing full refunds. I booked AA in january for an April conference and only got credit. I guess I just don't see how this game happens as scheduled. I don't know how they'll be able to say with certainty that there won't be any issues with attendance, restrictions, etc. until immediately beforehand. If they're making a final decision in July, I'm guessing it is postponed indefinitely.
  14. Come on, kids. I intentionally stopped going into the covid thread weeks ago. Don't bring the debate here too!
  15. Technically this isn't for the 20-21 season, but Lucia-pet was just named commissioner of the new CCHA.
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