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  1. Update: I have tickets for Saturday, am now looking for two tickets for the friday night game on Feb 22
  2. keikla

    UND vs. DU

    I'll never forget the time he accidentally said how the team had great "nut front presence"...
  3. keikla


    Concern for a freshman handling the workload and end-of-season exhaustion is the only feasible reason I see for not just going with Scheel for awhile. It should be his net until he proves otherwise. Not only is he simply better, I also haven't seen him throw any little hissy fits that result in a delay of game penalty and goal... I haven't been on SS for awhile, so I apparently missed something along the way. What's with all the comments about UND players reading fan forums or twitter during intermission?
  4. keikla

    NORTH DAKOTA vs AA Gameday Thread (SATURDAY)

    And also blew the audio equipment in the process, so the NCHC had to scramble to fix the audio on the feed...
  5. Do you have both Fri and Sat, or just Sat?
  6. I'm looking for two tickets for the UMD series Feb 22/23.
  7. keikla


    Senden's goal was a sniper shot to the top corner...absolutely gorgeous. Add me to the group of people confused as to why Miami didn't pull the goalie earlier to have 6-4, especially when they had consistent offensive zone pressure. Too worried about our guys hitting the net when there is no icing?
  8. keikla

    Formation of the NCHC - 3 part series

    I just reread that part, since I had read the article earlier today. I get what you guys are saying about it being coach acceptance possibly influencing fan acceptance. Worth noting that the comment is a quote.
  9. keikla

    Formation of the NCHC - 3 part series

    I think it's more saying that the coaches completely bought in and accepted the new league.
  10. keikla

    Formation of the NCHC - 3 part series

    I really enjoy these longer, behind-the-scenes stories that Schloss does. This series, the 24 Hours to a Title, the Frattin story....there's a reason Brad keeps winning awards for them.
  11. keikla

    UND @ BSU.......so it begins

    This one was especially dumb...an unnecessary cross check right in front of the ref.
  12. keikla

    Formation of the NCHC - 3 part series

    I found the part about the behind-the-back McLeod extension cringeworthy. No wonder schools wanted to jump from the WCHA after that move. Just like Faison said, that would have been it for me.
  13. keikla

    Saskatchewan Junior Team in Horrible Accident

    Nice touch for the Blackhawks and Jets to put "Broncos" on the nameplate of all their jerseys tonight.
  14. keikla

    2018 West Regional - Attendance

    Though CC would have to actually make it to the tourney in order to see said advantage.
  15. keikla

    2018 NCAA Tournament - Worst to First

    How do you pick just one?