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  1. The one on Bowen looked more like a fluke hockey play than anything; I don't think there was any intent there. It's funny, if someone predicted that we would win both games 5-2, I would have been fine with that. But the way the games played out felt a lot closer than the score looks. I'll be interested to see how they play against a more competitive team.
  2. Hockeytv.com but you have to pay for a month subscription at $30 to watch. Anyone want to cough up the $$ and set up something on the youtube for us poor folk?
  3. I just renewed this past weekend (not sure why it didn't auto renew), so this is very much still an active issue.
  4. I didn't have a previous neulion charge, but Sidearm charged me twice on the same day. Love CapitalOne for emailing me "It looks like this company charged you twice. Would you like to dispute it?" Why, yes, yes I would.
  5. While I think we would have the largest fanbase in Loveland, I'm selfishly hoping for any of the other 3 locations, since they're all a fairly quick trip for me.
  6. The host of that podcast tweeted that he verified with the stars that Monty's firing was in no way related.
  7. Exactly. I've seen a couple different reports that his firing wasn't related to the abuse/racial movement, but there are still a lot of remaining options.
  8. I thought Scheel looked questionable the last couple series, and that he was lucky his team was so strong in front of him. Last night, I thought he looked really sharp. The team did a great job of trying to help during those few crazy scrambles when Scheel couldn't find or get to the puck. Pretty sure it was Hain who at one point was on his knees and used his hand to sweep the puck out of the crease.
  9. "This third line for North Dakota has started all three periods." Maybe cause they're the first line on tonight's line chart?
  10. Only downside I've experienced is the ability for the host to cancel relatively last minute. We found ourselves frantically searching for a new place to stay in Venice the day before we got there.
  11. Got walked in the first period tonight, too. Lucky it didn't end up in the net.
  12. I got so excited when UND tweeted a graphic for the series and listed nchc.tv as a viewing option. But then, less than an hour later, they tweeted a new graphic and nchc.tv had been removed...
  13. Score-wise? Sure. But I'm sure there are some things the team would like to clean up for the game tonight.
  14. Two dominating victories against a team predicted to finish last in one of the easiest conferences. Nope, 16th isn't crazy.
  15. Agreed. It will be interesting to see how they play against tougher competition, especially as the season grind kicks in.
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