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  1. The big question is whether or not this will top the review of the Olive Garden for most views on the Herald website. That truly is the hallmark for success.
  2. Only if we can skip the Saturday night shellacking against St. Cloud and getting swept by Denver.
  3. I won't criticize Anas for having to go back and forth to the locker room, but I might question the coaching staff. It reminds me of the CC goalie during the Saturday night game of the playoffs. It was physically and emotionally painful to watch him try to play. I'm sure that kid wanted to be out there more than anything, but I was getting pissed at Haviland for not pulling him. I don't care how much heart or gut a player has, at some point, coaching has to make a call about whether or not it's safe to have a player out there.
  4. I didn't have a problem on Thursday. To be fair, I think I saw somewhere that this weekend was the 2nd busiest they've ever been. They probably didn't get the memo that Sioux fans travel.
  5. Hahaha we were wondering when you were going to acknowledge that text. Clearly you're in denial.
  6. Anyone else ABSOLUTELY FREAKING OUT right now?! Go Sioux!
  7. Makes sense, but that is way more reasoning than my oxygen-deprived brain could handle at that moment.
  8. The committee won't pick a goalie that doesn't live up to Miller's numbers; they've proven that time and time again. The committee also rarely gives it to a freshman; no way they do it 2 years in a row. That leaves Vesey.
  9. Really liked the set-up at Fergs. So much more space that being stuck indoors in colder weather locations. Loved the huge screen to keep an eye on the other game, as well. Everything in Tampa has been amazing thus far. The only exception is the debacle of emptying the arena between games. I asked security staff if there was a way for me to get in early so I wasn't hurt by the crowds (just had shoulder surgery and it's in a sling). He said "just hang back and go in after the rush." So I can miss puck drop? No thanks.... Thankfully, he said I could use the accessibility entrance so
  10. I think they wore the blacks a couple times early this season during the super long road series. As for replacing LJ, I think it'll be Wilkie or Wolanin. Yes, St clair is a senior and provides a ton of energy when he's in the line up. I really like what he brings to the table. But he also only played two or three games after coming back from injury. Even if he is completely healthy, he's had minimal game time in the past 12 months. It'd be different if he'd been in the line up since getting cleared to play.
  11. When denver scored that second goal, it felt like we'd lost. A tie game is one thing. A tie game in which the other team has the vast majority of the momentum and the season and a chance at the title is on the line is another. As the camera zoomed in on UND fans around the arena, the vast majority looked utterly deflated. Then, Schmaltz scored. It was the most unexpected and elating rollercoaster of emotions I've ever experienced at a game. I usually scream "woooh!!!!" or something when we score. This time, I just plain screamed. My brother jumped so high, I wish I had video. The
  12. It was an accidental knee to knee with Boeser in the neutral zone. It took him a while to get over the boards and back on the bench. After going down the tunnel for awhile, he came back out and skated around during a commercial break. He looked shaky, especially when he tried to do a quick stop. I'm thinking no way we see him on saturday.
  13. It's game day!!!!!! Flight leaves in just over 3 hours! This is my 4th Frozen Four, and my first one that doesn't involve playing a team from Boston in the semis.
  14. Lindgren is starting tomorrow night against Carolina. It would appear he made a smart decision in signing.
  15. It's 25 degrees in northern Maine today. Bring on Tampa.
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