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  1. Garden of the Gods is an absolute must. It's relatively flat, so it's tolerable walking/scenery for air sick low-landers. For post-game, it's definitely worth heading downtown rather than staying in the arena area. Once CC gets their new arena, heading downtown will be a short walk, rather than a 20 minute drive.
  2. Good to know. Though, even if it was a dump, I'd still go with them being so close. I'm a huge fan of these trips out east. I rarely make it back to the midwest but have been able to see the team play in Portland, Boston, Vermont, MSG, and Union recently....it's been awesome.
  3. Dell almost got into a fight in morning skate this am
  4. Always look at the non-conference away schedule...those have definitely been some of my favorite places. Union, Vermont, and BU (even though we got swept at BU) were all an absolute blast.
  5. I actually thought that article was interesting. At no time did I take it as trying to say UND should bring back the women's program. I think we should be allowed to acknowledge that good things came from the program (whether that be thriving coaches, olympians, a champion goalie, etc..) while still agreeing that it was the right decision to cut it.
  6. Jost got his second playoff goal last night.
  7. Nice to see Stecher get the invite to play for Canada at worlds
  8. 'Santa' gave me a hat that had my moniker in all lowercase last time around.
  9. I mixed up my years then. For some reason I was thinking they all stayed in 2016 after losing to UND in the semis.
  10. That's so dependent on results. I think if either of them win, they'll lose a ton more players.
  11. Several of the Caps players gave Chorney a championship ring since he got traded late in the season last year. Schloss tweeted the video if someone tech savvy wants to put it up here.
  12. This was my reaction as well. I feel such a sense of loss for someone I've never even met in person. Consistently reading Sprig's opinions for 15+ years sure makes it feel like we've met, though.
  13. And ASU proceeds to take a 5 min major with 3:44 to go. Quinnipiac vs Duluth...gross.
  14. A completely different ASU team has been playing the last couple minutes. They're starting to actually fight back.
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