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  1. Even better than the bubble my kids used to play in. Schwann's Red Barron Arena is nice. i was just there for sectional softball and have attended games there as well. They now have a beautiful complex thanks to the bonding bill to go with the arena.
  2. It is now in the 14th inning!
  3. If you have ever been to SCHWANN'S RINK you would understand
  4. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and condolences ( Mafia Man did I spell it right) This is what being a FIGHTING SIOUX fan is about. MM I will give you a call next weekend. Al Baloun
  5. If you are planning on going to Mankato get your motel rooms now as it is the same weekend of the Mankato Marathon. MafiaMan and Goon believe it or not I am running in the 10 Kilometer race on Saturday morning, MIGHT EVEN WEEAR MY FIGHTING SIOUX jersey! MANKATO SHOULD BE HOPPING WITH SIOUX FANS THAT WEEKEND.
  6. So do they get to hang a BANNER?
  7. Ice arena Man will take 4 Son of Ice Arena Man -4
  8. i look forward to talking to you and seeing you Goon. Will try to talk you into coming down for the Mankato game next season.
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