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  1. https://bringmethenews.com/minnesota-sports/1-game-into-season-and-msu-mankato-is-halted-by-covid-19 Found This link on the Bemidji vs the Purple Cows. Her we go.
  2. Count on me being there at the Hoggsbreath. Looking forward to it! Ice Arena Man + 1 Hopefully by now Goon will know the way and not get lost.
  3. So you mean to say this was not the year to buy an 11 game (Rivalry) season ticket package
  4. I happen to know the Hedquist family very well as they skated in the rink that I oversaw before my retiring. Looking forward to seeing him play for UND in the future. Maybe I will finally see more fans rooting for UND in the Windom Area.
  5. Where in Fargo can a person watch Fighting Sioux hockey games this weekend. Asking for a FRIEND.
  6. Looking forward to seeing you Brad this weekend. I will have to buy you a beer this weekend if I can afford it on my retirement income!
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