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  1. I thought I remember seeing there was an NCAA scheduling portal for teams that had series dropped this season. Maybe UND can pick up a one-off game with someone and save Penn State for Smashville next year.
  2. I would be EXTREMELY surprised if the Nashville game is held as originally planned. In my mind, it's just a matter of time before they cancel or postpone.
  3. I appreciate the compliment, but it would never happen. The politics and overly aggressive attacks would quickly follow.
  4. That's kind of the point. There needs to be some sort of identifier for threads that are full of political b.s. (from either side). It's obvious to skip the dumpster fire thread (I learned that lesson several weeks ago), but the political diatribe is invading a lot of other threads too, and there is nothing to indicate that from the thread title.
  5. Of course that thread is a mess; it has been from the beginning. Though, fyi, I am also younger (mid 30s) and healthy and had covid, and it was the most sick I've ever been in my entire life. For the airlines question, yeah I think just delta is doing full refunds. I booked AA in january for an April conference and only got credit. I guess I just don't see how this game happens as scheduled. I don't know how they'll be able to say with certainty that there won't be any issues with attendance, restrictions, etc. until immediately beforehand. If they're making a final decision in July, I'm guessing it is postponed indefinitely.
  6. Come on, kids. I intentionally stopped going into the covid thread weeks ago. Don't bring the debate here too!
  7. Technically this isn't for the 20-21 season, but Lucia-pet was just named commissioner of the new CCHA.
  8. I've been seeing a fair number of tweets from players announcing their commitment to LIU.
  9. You might as well just tag me in your passive aggressive posts if you're going to solely focus my previous comments. Believe it or not, it is possible to care about people getting injured AND the possibility of a covid resurgence in NY because social distancing went out the window. It's also possible to care about those jobless from covid AND those jobless from stores closed from rioting.
  10. Gotta think they're tired of the song and dance and unpredictability. Better to jump ship on your own terms.
  11. But the entire coaching staff just resigned...
  12. And yet those who are complicit are not. If you, as a cop (or really, any human being) say that you cannot find a pulse and yet continue to let someone compress the airway FOR ANOTHER TWO MINUTES and not even attempt to save someone's life, that is a huge issue. I think if the other three were arrested the mass protests would abate, or at least ease significantly. Then real change in the form of policy, etc needs to come. Personally, I like the idea of any police conduct investigations being done externally, to reduce the likelihood for bias. But you're right, that stuff won't happen over night.
  13. I know you're saying this sarcastically, but this is a legit concern for those in the medical community. I would not at all be surprised if we see a noticeable spike in 1-2 weeks.
  14. Will you please share the source for those numbers?
  15. I don't know anyone who has tried it for covid. It doesn't get much debate, whether that be from unavailability or otherwise. There are other meds that are CCR5 antagonists, and I haven't really heard much debate about any of them either.
  16. I know we're kind of past covid, but I thought this was an interesting read. https://elemental.medium.com/coronavirus-may-be-a-blood-vessel-disease-which-explains-everything-2c4032481ab2
  17. Back when I lived in Maine, a colleague bought a house that cost roughly 300k. I couldn't believe how expensive that was. Then we moved to NY metro, and I realized that's the price of a modest- commodity condo here.
  18. The issues at hand are totally different, but it essentially comes down to one thing: people being unemployed because of circumstances outside of their control.
  19. I was under the impression that Oxbow cares, because he lists the numbers every single week.
  20. I saw a joke on twitter about feeling bad for future students when they have to learn about 2020 in history class. There's a lot packed in so far.
  21. I'm sure that would help the number of unemployment claims, and many of those employees likely live in other communities nearby and had no part in the destruction.
  22. UAH fundraisers met their 500k goal. What that actually means remains to be seen.
  23. Patrick Kane tweeted the UAH GoFundMe link. Should be interesting to see what that does to the number. I would guess a bunch of general hockey fans with no idea of context are about to throw their money at this.
  24. That's along the lines of a debate happening on twitter. What is stopping the UAH admin from taking all the proceeds of these fundraisers and then still just shuttering the program in a year when the WCHA folds?
  25. LIU gets their coach. https://www.sbncollegehockey.com/platform/amp/2020/5/27/21272368/long-island-university-hires-brett-riley-as-head-coach?utm_campaign=chrisdilks&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&__twitter_impression=true
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