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  1. Smoggy

    FBS games

    Good on the fans. Seems like the loudest game I've heard all year from any fan base.
  2. Smoggy

    2019 Season

    Recruiting and retention seems to be the issue. Which comes back to coaching. Volleyball players seem to really quit and transfer at a way higher rate than any other sport. Which does make sense when so few play. Did Pryor win with Hardee recruits?
  3. I believe Minnesota boys hockey starts on Monday Nov 11. Guessing ND is behind that by a week (or two). Any big story lines this year? Any team challenge Central? Where does RR end up? For my curiosity, can a small ND town like Grafton ever win again? I believe EGF has a former RR goalie that should've played last year for them. They also have Panzer and hopefully Parker is healthy finally. I see on schedule that Bismarck has been added. Seems odd add as playing GF teams 4 times already is a lot of out of state. Most of their other opponents out of section are state participants so a challenging schedule again.
  4. Smoggy

    FBS games

    Love to see Gameday go there, but I think you're right about them going south. However end of the year if umtc has 0 or 1 loss they play Wisconsin for Big Ten West title and oddly enough for rivalry weekend there aren't many other ranked games. Though Michigan beating Notre Dame today may put their Ohio State game at the top on that final weekend.
  5. Smoggy

    BSU @ UND

    How come this one isn't home and home like in the past? Or has that been an every other year sort of thing?
  6. This is really bad, but I only remember couple other than school stuff from last night. Shut up and Dance Gimme Some Loving (staple of band) Hey Song (Rock and Roll Part 2) Fight on Sioux (has words and played before team comes out of locker room) School Song In Heaven There is No Beer Couple of my faves that they have played in past: The Pretender by Foo Fighters Holiday by Green Day
  7. I'd say it was like 60% full. Students filled their lower bowl. Rest down low was about half. Upper looked like the $10 helped, but I was hoping for more.
  8. My understanding is the MN schools don't get any choice in who they get to play in football. They are thrown into a conference and then only get a couple out of section games, but I think even those are assigned "rivalry" games. This was all down a few years back, because some schools had such a hard time scheduling. And I certainly could be wrong on this, but I know Pequot and Park Rapids are on EGF's schedule every year and Pequot is like 4 hours away. I can't imagine the school truly wants to go that far to play. Roseau used to be on, but got switched out when they dropped down a class.
  9. Going to hijack a for a second since it got brought up, but Minnesota really needs to adjust DL's schedule as they are way to big and good for the local AAA teams that they have to play. And none of the AAA teams want to play them but are forced to. I think it was a year or two ago I was looking at their and Fergus schedule and Fergus had to play up a class multiple times and down only once while DL had to play down like 3 times and up only once. Just checked and DL only plays one game against a 4A school which is their classification and the rest are against AAA competition with a school or two being half their size. They don't have any control of this, but it's strange and will obviously affect their players getting recruited. Edit: Forgot to mention that Fergus moved down to AAA this year.
  10. Last year East Side played one of toughest single A schedules in the state. I think they played something like 7 or 8 of the top 10. Add to it the Grand forks schools Moorhead and roseau and couple other AA schools. Crookston is one of the few not so good that they are still playing as they dumped all the others except maybe LOW. Yes warroad and trf haven't been as good the last couple years. Doesn't mean they'll be crap for next 4. In all honesty while AA section 8 has gotten better in past most of the best teams Moorhead faced were the northern small schools. They and Roseau used to be the only good teams in that section. My guess is panzer will play couple years and then go juniors.
  11. SI article that Johnson committed suicide. Horribly sad and happens way too often. If you need help call the national suicide prevention lifeline. 1-800-273-8255
  12. It also had more of a buttery taste. I was finally getting used to the last style and back to ordering it again.
  13. Smoggy

    New Coach?

    Nothing against her and maybe she is the right candidate. I just want to see what we could get for applicants.
  14. I've said it before, but with all the parity it's time to give 1 seeds an actual advantage. Let them host. If need be put a minimum attendance for an arena and then the school needs to have a plan in place ahead of time. If a 1 can't host it goes either to that 2 seed or the highest 2 seed. There needs to be a reward for being a top team. Other option is to finally go to 3 game series like baseball does.
  15. Also Landon Parker from EGF. Made varsity as Bantam, but got injured and basically was out for a year.
  16. Boxing out is still allowed in basketball, but you can't drive so far back to displace other player. This should be called the same if someone posts up and then backs up all way to hoop. If the opposing player pushed back or reaches over into your space while you are boxing out it will still be call a push foul. Not sure if "over the back" was ever actually a call. I reffed 20 years ago and it wasn't a call or a signal. Someone said it earlier, but the biggest problem is the fundamentals. Most kids refuse contact and won't box out. They'd rather try and out jump. I've coached as well. Real tough mentality to change. Most kids run under hoop and hold hands straight up.
  17. I'm pretty sure one of the classes I needed to graduate was only offered 1 semester every two years. Maybe it was one year, but you really need to plan. Unfortunately advisors aren't much help since they are just a professor in that department.
  18. Wahp-Breck competes in Section 6 in Minnesota. So they are a Minnesota school. Section used to be garbage but has gotten better in recent years with St Cloud Cathedral and now Alexandria. Still some of worst teams in Minnesota are in that section. For whatever reason the highway 10 area schools and south of that have never gotten into hockey. I suppose wrestling is much bigger in those areas. I've heard that the Mayville mashup has talked playing Minnesota side as well as I believe they have Climax kids on team??? Obviously better chance to make state on ND side but I guess lots more beatable schools on Minnesota side.
  19. Yeah East Side does have the issue of easier to grow north than south, but I do think that's because of river access. A south end bridge and all of a sudden growth happens. I do think right now more homes (or twin homes) are being built south end than north. I've also heard of south end apartment, but that's stupid until traffic is alleviated with south end access. Facts are the MPO needs to make a damn decision and this needs to get built. It's been talked about since what...the 80s??? Personally East Side doesn't need growth. Just access. For schools East Side doesn't need to be any bigger. Schools are damn near at capacity and very little growth will force move up a class in many sports where they won't have much of a chance to win. They went through this like 6 years ago being the smalled AAA school for basketball in the state. Only sport that won't jump is hockey. For reference I think Bemidji actually opts up to double A for hockey and they are like 2 1/2 times size of EGF. I'm guessing Red River is comparable to Bemidji in size. Granted in Minnesota what is listed for sports isn't actual size. Free and reduced lunch students are counted as like 1/3 of a student. Probably wrong on that, but I know it's reduced.
  20. I've mentioned this before about the bridge... The further south you go the less point in building it. No one will use it for every day use as for most East Siders it'll still be quicker over Point Bridge. Weekends to lakes for GF residents would be different story. Minnesota side also needs more and more infrastructure the further south it goes. At 32nd it ties in pretty quickly to Bygland road (old hwy 220). Though even this will need county roads upgraded to get to Bygland. School safety is a strange argument. Does Phoenix elementary on Minnesota Ave not get a say? Check out the traffic there during school hours as people cross at the Point Bridge. In all honesty something does need to be done. Crazy to have 3 bridges so close and then nothing for half the metro area. Check out the point area at rush hour times. Real fun to get on Bygland Road. Talking 5+ minute wait once you are at a stop sign. Doesn't include waiting behind someone. This obviously is because of schools and parents dropping off kids and then turning around to head back to GF.
  21. Chris does a great job and puts on a lot of miles to do his coverage. Goes to a lot of state competitions just to get pictures.
  22. So will there be any local sports coverage? I only get Fargo stations on DirecTV and quit watching news quite a while ago as they never cover anything out of GF other than quick UND hockey blurb. Has this changed? WDAZ had found pretty decent niche the last past 5 years or so of getting stories out there of local athletes. Though they still forget to shoot some sports until state trips are involved. Herald has reduced their high school coverage the last couple years. Not their choice. Parent company wants to make sure we get plenty of mcfooly and kolcrap.
  23. Going to throw out that there are too many home games. I've been to every game and could really use a weekend off. Football last weekend as well. If I was a student, I know I wouldn't be going to every game. Prices have gotten stupid. I loved the idea of refillable popcorn. Until I saw it's $8. But the small box is $5. Easy choice I guess. Just don't eat it. Heck I've been buying less beer because of price. Wish teams would realize that lowering price actually sells more and creates same or better profits. Case in point Atlanta Falcons...they wouldn't have kept the $2 prices if weren't making same money.
  24. Didn't Notre Dame host in Chicago a couple years ago?
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