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  1. So disrespectful of Texas Longhorn fan to ripoff horns up from the Bison...
  2. Notice the guy with her just acts like they are back on the farm...
  3. Bison fans pee on city sidewalks however that isn’t just in Fargo. Minneapolis was happy when they left town. They live among animals and are starting to act like them.
  4. Didn’t he come with Ryan Duncan on his recruiting trip to UND?
  5. This thread is about FBS, not FCS nerf ball.
  6. Hockey News from 7 years ago today.
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_Sports_Building
  8. Prison_Mike


    You’re correct, when Toews and Oshie played they worn Nike jerseys that had the old interlocking ND.
  9. Prison_Mike


    When they get a hawk logo that actually looks good, I would be all for it. The current logo seems like a secondary logo, like this NDSU one. It is fine on the shoulder but would look like s*** on the front of a jersey. The interlocking ND would also look like s*** on the front of a jersey.
  10. Serious question. How many of those Olympians were on team Canada or team USA besides the twins? Those are the only two counties that produce talent.
  11. Prison_Mike


    Somebody pitch a tent over this circus.
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