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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_Sports_Building
  2. Prison_Mike


    You’re correct, when Toews and Oshie played they worn Nike jerseys that had the old interlocking ND.
  3. Prison_Mike


    When they get a hawk logo that actually looks good, I would be all for it. The current logo seems like a secondary logo, like this NDSU one. It is fine on the shoulder but would look like s*** on the front of a jersey. The interlocking ND would also look like s*** on the front of a jersey.
  4. Serious question. How many of those Olympians were on team Canada or team USA besides the twins? Those are the only two counties that produce talent.
  5. Prison_Mike


    Somebody pitch a tent over this circus.
  6. Another thread hijacked by the pro-Sioux Pro-Fighting Hawks supports. Thanks everyone!
  7. The WNBA loses money every year for the NBA. No way the NHL gets involved in this s*** show.
  8. I could look at this picture all day
  9. Wow...three consecutive dives by Lindell. What a jackass...
  10. Prison_Mike


    I just bought an NHL authentic Adidas jersey online a few weeks ago and was not impressed.
  11. The Tampa Bay Lightning appear to be the St Cloud Huskies of the NHL...
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