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  1. The Big 10 is s*** when it comes to hockey (and football) however I believe theat having the Gophers on the schedule every year would help season ticket sales so people are guaranteed tickets to both games. The season ticket wait list, which I was on for four years, is gone after 18 years of the Ralph opening. With that being said, I would rather be in the best league (NCHC) and not sellout every game than be in that rubbish league.
  2. UMD fans are fed up with only winning two national championships in the last three seasons. If it was Notre Dame and not Denver it probably would have sold out...
  3. Brad Marchand douching it up again with triple minor.
  4. We are talking about f***ing FCS football, not some major national sport. I could give two s****s what an NDSU, or North East Central Tennessee State, or South East South Alabama Tech message board has to say about what 99% of sports world doesn’t give a s*** about.
  5. Never overestimate the Minnesota Vikings. They are capable of losing any game at any time. I sat through all four quarters of the Buffulo Bills s*** show last year at US Bank Stadium.
  6. First time since December 2, 2013 that the Wild have not sold out a game, ending a 230 game streak.
  7. College Gameday coming to Brookings.
  8. It will be hard for College Gameday to bypass #1 Alabama versus #2 LSU if both remain undefeated.
  9. I thought the refs doing the Lambeau leap after the Packers game winning field goal was a bit uncalled for...
  10. Good move. He was the weakest link on the team...
  11. Lots of Bison fans back in downtown Minneapolis with Carson Wentz playing against the Vikings today. Word on the street is the city is prepared this time putting porta-potties on every street corner.
  12. This clown is trying to take credit for the Bison’s horns up sign. Apparently he is stating that he came up with it on 11-11-1955 and called it hookem-horns in support of the Texas Longhorns. Nice try buddy...
  13. So in other words, it gives them an excuse to sell cheap tickets that they couldn’t sell regular price that have been on sale for a few weeks now. Time for the REA to lower the cost of upper bowl seats.
  14. So disrespectful of Texas Longhorn fan to ripoff horns up from the Bison...
  15. Notice the guy with her just acts like they are back on the farm...
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