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  1. Is this the same guy that said if you wear two swimsuits you can pee in the pool this summer?
  2. Hak was never able to win a Natty but did win a few Conny’s. Now he has another opportunity to win a Stanny.
  3. He’ll be back in Minnesota next year however unfortunately for the Wild, he is going to use this as leverage to get a ridiculously large contact above what he is probably worth. It’s not going to be easy to sign other great players with his contact and Suters and Parise’s lingering for another 4 years.
  4. I can tell you that there is a lot of confusion in Fargo right now as Bison fans are unsure who to cheer for. Should they continue on the Eagles bandwagon since they became real diehards over the last few years or should they move to the Colts or the 49ers? The NDSU chapter of the GOBC is having an emergency meeting at the Sheep Barn off of 19th Ave just west of the Fargo Dome in hopes to get greater clarity on what Bison Nation should do. More to come...
  5. Playing in the Big10 will give you a false sense of security about how good you actually are.
  6. SDSU rips off Oklahoma like NDSU rips off Texas...
  7. I will never forget St Cloud’s actions against the Sioux nickname. They can all kiss my ass.
  8. He’s the deuce they don’t want to drop...
  9. How in the F*** was FBS able to finish a season 3 months ago?
  10. Seasons that ended 2005-06 & 2010-11 were pretty bad if I recall.
  11. When did we start hanging conference tournament banners?
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