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  1. Boudreau’s lineup card mistake forces Wild to play with only 5 defensemen https://sports.yahoo.com/boudreau-lineup-card-mistake-forces-034123589.html This was so Minnesota of them...
  2. To be fair, they should play this game at 11am...
  3. Not to be outdone by the Minnesota Twins losing the most consecutive playoff games in a row last fall, the Vikings now have the most playoff losses in NFL history. Not bad for a team that entered the league in 1961. #skol
  4. and the grandson of this foul-mouthed legend!
  5. Only the Minnesota Vikings can get three turnovers in a half and be up by only 1point. #Skol...
  6. Green Bay scores first...
  7. On a positive note, at least they don’t have to worry about rioting in Dinkytown after this bed s****ing...
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