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  1. Ouch. I meant no ill will my friend, only trying to point out 1-wishing harm on anyone, including a player, is BS and 2-I don’t think anyone on this thread is in a position to judge, given I think there is serious social injustice that exists—and nothing has seemed to fix it yet- so it might make people a little uncomfortable to address. I shouldn’t have mentioned internet warriors- maybe a bit of frustration. I do enjoy this site, for the hockey and UND chat, but I was surprised to see it, like everything, has become divisive and political. Peace...
  2. White boys? Sheesh, that says a lot. You’re right- it’s been a while and it seems I haven’t missed much. Have a nice night.
  3. Who are we do judge what they do to stand up? Maybe there’s more to it. Bit presumptuous to think the kneeling is the extent of their action. You’re entitled to your opinion, but this thread is sickening. Maybe they haven’t figured it all out, but they’re taking a stand. Unlike many that sit behind a keyboard- and that’s not directed at you Oxbow.
  4. The only d-bag I see is the internet troll thinking he knows more than two hard working guys, and likely everyone else. Take a hike.
  5. Ha! That’s as funny as you thinking we care if you go watch another team.
  6. I once enjoyed reading this forum. Funny how a bunch of internet warriors can sit and judge a bold move by student athletes. To the guy wishing physical harm on a UND player - GFY. Ban me if you like, but that’s just unacceptable.
  7. 2 separate pair - make an offer! 110 row g 108 row b
  8. 8 person suite for West Regional. Alcohol permitted in suites only. $1200 for the weekend. Also includes vip parking passes. Tickets can be mailed overnight.
  9. I have an extra pair for Friday night (12-8). Section 111 row 7. Face value $75 for the pair.
  10. On the 7:16 out of msp and I would guess the plane is 2/3 + sioux fans
  11. Craigslist Boston - prices are coming down - four lowers for 1,000 total
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