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NORTH DAKOTA @ Boston U. - FRIDAY Gameday

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11 hours ago, PCM said:

You're welcome! :D

That was one of those plays you see and wonder how it didn't go in. 

Like the image burned into my head, of a puck bouncing over Trupp's stick as he stood at a wide up net vs Michigan at the Frozen Four

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14 hours ago, 90siouxfan said:

Was the linesman that was up on the dasher making the correct call that the play was onside, also the linesman that announced to the crowd that it was no goal?  I thought the referee did all that announcing / hand signal stuff?


10 hours ago, WiSioux said:

Also, after the review, why did the linesman make the call?

My guess is because it would have been that linesman who would have made the offsides call, which is why he was the one reviewing it in the penalty box (I think at first one of the refs was reviewing it with him, and then he let the linesman have a better look and he stepped back).  So once he determined (in his mind, I guess) that it should have been called offsides, he's the one to come out of the box and make that call.

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19 hours ago, Wilbur said:

Great post.  What I've learned:

1. You can purposely run over a goalie, laugh about it during the ensuing scrum, and finish the game. 

2. You can grab a players face mask right next to Brad Shepherd and it's not a major penalty and a game as per the rule. 

3. Head contact penalties do not apply to all players in the league.

4. Its okay to go after an official and require two linesmen to hold you back while you scream obscenities at the official, but not okay to question a call (ten minute misconduct actually) on your way to the box after a questionable call and your team holding a one goal lead late.

5. Guys who dive right after their team has been penalized to get an even up call will never....ever....ever.......ever......get an embellishment penalty. 

I forgot about your 2nd one. I really really really wish the refs should have to explain some of these things so I could understand them better. The players dislodging the net still baffles and really pisses me off!!!!!!!!

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