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    Yep he turned it on so good he got 5 of them!
  2. Duluth now has them right where they want them.
  3. 1999 Final Five comes to mind. Target Center. My memory is a bit foggy but I seem to remember Stephen Wagner and Lee Goren being the actors in this one.
  4. I think that is true, but if they were reviewing it for a high stick that top-down angle wouldn’t really be able to show anything conclusive.
  5. How this video production could give the refs a good look/angle at this is beyond me.
  6. I agree, but they seem to always take a look if they think head could’ve been initial point of contact.
  7. Should be reviewing the hit for a major.
  8. This team doesn’t seem to work hard enough to sustain offensive pressure.
  9. Can they have a players only meeting in the pod?
  10. We also can’t ignore the fact that nobody on next year’s team will have played a single game of NCAA tournament hockey.
  11. I wouldn’t want that a five on us if we made that hit. Looks like shoulder.
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