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  1. Snake

    North Dakota at Canisius January 4-5, 2019

    Hey, Hoff finally took a step forward. Against Canisius!
  2. Snake

    Power play

    I don’t disagree that the PP we’ve seen this year is a mess, but I’d like to know what the PP% needs to be before we’re satisfied. Do they need to get it above 20? 22? 25? To me it just seems like our talent depth up front is the biggest factor this year. We normally aren’t an outstanding PP team, but it gets the job done most years. Seems the type of players we recruit may be a factor, as we’re usually very responsible in our own zone and have a good PK.
  3. Snake

    Sandelin vs Berry

    As soon as Berry took the job he was in charge of their development.
  4. Snake

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    It’s nice to see that at least the message board is unifying in disdain for the product on the ice instead of bickering about other things. Brilliant ploy by the team. “Maybe if they hate him, they won’t have time to hate each other.”
  5. Snake

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    Maybe it’s the “culture” that’s holding them back?
  6. Snake

    What needs

    More meaningful on-ice contributions from the guys with championship rings. JJ needs to step up the offense and Gardner needs to stay out of the damn box.
  7. Snake

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    Clearly the NHL should go to 162 game seasons.
  8. Snake

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Didn’t Lee Goren play a game or two in the W and have to sit out his freshman season?
  9. Snake

    Ever since...

    It almost like our fan base is suffering from from a lack of chemistry similar to the hockey team this year...
  10. Snake

    Is it time?

    I’d be ok with changing the goal song at REA, but I’m also careful what I wish for when college kids are left to make decisions. Can we please go back to the Bruins discussion? Marchand for Hobey!
  11. Snake


    On the bright side we killed Gardner's penalty at the end of the game. Positive!
  12. Snake


    Yeah, our PK usually isn't a big steaming pile of garbage most years.
  13. Snake


    Now we are just being stupid.
  14. Snake

    NORTH DAKOTA vs. CC Tigers - FRIDAY Gameday

    Likely a little of both. They aren't scoring 5x5 either. Nine periods without a goal by a forward.
  15. Snake

    NORTH DAKOTA vs. CC Tigers - FRIDAY Gameday

    I sense some sarcasm, but this sure as heck isn't your father's UND team.