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  1. I think that is true, but if they were reviewing it for a high stick that top-down angle wouldn’t really be able to show anything conclusive.
  2. How this video production could give the refs a good look/angle at this is beyond me.
  3. I agree, but they seem to always take a look if they think head could’ve been initial point of contact.
  4. Should be reviewing the hit for a major.
  5. This team doesn’t seem to work hard enough to sustain offensive pressure.
  6. Can they have a players only meeting in the pod?
  7. We also can’t ignore the fact that nobody on next year’s team will have played a single game of NCAA tournament hockey.
  8. I wouldn’t want that a five on us if we made that hit. Looks like shoulder.
  9. We look like we’ve had a week off. Not sharp and a bit slow.
  10. They had to review if they could count to six?
  11. This review crap is ruining the game.
  12. The following year against BC in an empty Dane County Coliseum wasn’t much fun, either.
  13. Shhhh...don’t tell gopher fans this. The Mavs will be their team in March/April as they root to “keep it in the state.”
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