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  1. I'm not close to it to know which is the bad decision. I was trusting that those doing the math didn't see the original plan as viable and therefore scaled back. More time gives you more info. Could be a good decision or a bad decision. You make the best decision you can with the information you have at the time. Time will tell.
  2. The program is making room for young guns and they would rather get another year of school than hang 'em up or go kick around the Coast
  3. wasnt JBD the defensive defenseman of the year? voted on by the league coaches...that speaks volumes to the little stuff he does out there...
  4. Pinto and JBD are as good as gone. They will be in the Senators lineup and getting NHL money and starting their entry-level deals with fat signing bonuses and making $20k/week while up in the NHL. Sanderson should be back for one more year. IF he plays all of next year like he played on Saturday he will be playing next to Chabot this time next year.
  5. From 2000 Mike’s away, I thought the ice looked bad.
  6. yzerman19


    I hate having Sioux hockey put back in our face. Sandy does that. congrats to the Dawgs
  7. A lot of high end coaches I know preach this: you simply can’t control how many you score, but you can absolutely control how many you let in. It’s this idea of a perfect coaching game winning. I believe the players win the game, and you play to win
  8. We played their game tonight. That was the issue. Played to try win a 1-0 game...that isn’t this team. We were beat before we stepped on the ice
  9. I give no team props that gets run out of the building and their respons is head hunting and diving. If it was t NCAAs there woulda been a brawl
  10. Berger gave a complimentary tweet about AIC...ummmm...must not have been watching the game I was. That team was weak and classlesss.
  11. AiC is absolute garbage- what a joke
  12. Right on....it’s beautiful and fleeting.
  13. Keep the love of the game
  14. I’ve never seen a squirt C game....it sounds horrifying
  15. Pinto should offer to sign his jersey for these jokers
  16. Zero. Say again, zero respect for AIC. Outclassed team that turned to hacks, divers, and cheap players. Bah bye...
  17. So if there is an ounce of bracket integrity, he has moved Mankato to the overall 8th seed...for the team that is #1 in the PWR, won the regular season in their conference, and had 20+ wins....
  18. Now let’s place- fargo: UND/St Lawrence LSSU/BU loveland: Minny/Omaha SCSU/UMD albany: Mankato/AiC WI/MI Bridgeport: BC/BSU uMass/Quinnipiac swap UMD and MI and you are done! fargo: UND/St Lawrence LSSU/BU loveland: Minny/Omaha SCSU/MI albany: Mankato/AiC WI/UMD Bridgeport: BC/BSU uMass/Quinnipiac now will the committee Jack around with this bracket due to travel, etc...once the smoke clears from the back room and you can see the red leather chairs, we will know!
  19. So here it goes....start with quality win adjusted RPI and then add or subtract bonuses based on strength of conference. NCHC gets +.03, Hockey East and Big10 gets +.02, ECAC and WCHA get no adjustment, Atlantic get -.03. your top 16 teams in order: UND, Mankato, Minny, BC, UMass, WI, SCSU, LSSU, BU, UMD, Michigan, BGSU, AIC, BSU, Quinnipiac, Omaha. so, pressure test the conference factors. I think we’ve been too generous with the WCHA with them getting 4 into the top 16. So let’s go to PWR to compare teams in same conference. This gets really hairy between BGSU and BSU. BGSU has the better PWR, but BSU won the season series head to head. BGSU also never beat Mankato nor LSSU. Therefore Bemidji is in, BGSU is out. St Lawrence is the 16 seed with a losing record, but an autobid out of a decimated conference. so now I have: UND, Mankato, Minny, BC, UMass, WI, SCSU, LSSU, BU, UMD, Michigan,AIC, BSU, Quinnipiac, Omaha, St Lawrence ive got 4 NCHC, 3 Hockey East, 3 Big 10, 3 WCHA, 2 ECAC, and 1 Atlantic. that corresponds pretty well with my conference point adjuster, the only real argument here is does CT or Providence bounce Bemidji? CT has a losing record. They are out. Providence went 11-9-5, BSU went 15-9-3. I’m giving it to the Beavers. Again pressure testing my adjusters, I think you swap positions of AIC and Quinnipiac. I also think Minnesota’s BiG10 title boosts them ahead of Mankato. Therefore my 16 seeds in order: UND, Minny, Mankato, BC, UMass, WI, SCSU, LSSU, BU, UMD, Michigan, Quinnipiac, BSU, AIC, Omaha, St Lawrence.
  20. I of course jacked up my placement last night by not putting Quinnipiac in Bridgeport. They will be there. I’m going to give a different approach here in a minute...I’m sure you are all on baited breath hahaha
  21. Fargo: UND vs St Lawrence Michigan vs UMD Loveland: Gophers vs AIC SCSU vs LSSU Bridgeport: BC vs Omaha Wisconsin vs BU Albany: Mankato vs Quinnipiac UMass vs Bowling Green
  22. You have Wisconsin hopping Mankato into a 1 seed?
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