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  1. or likely both if they win a Natty...
  2. The 1-0 DU loss in 2004, the Michigan loss in 2011 at the Excel Center, and the loss to BC in 2007 all stung. Those were teams that had the tools...just couldn’t make it happen.
  3. I define my list by the team that (if we lose) I am worked up about that night and into the next day. That said: 4. DU- great history of some key games. Bina hit, Gwoz’s stroll, tied in Natty’s. 3. Gophers- this was far and away #1 until the conference split and their decline from national prominence. No longer are they the chosen ones entitled to win (which made me hate them). 2. UMD- like many others on this thread, this rivalry has usurped Minny. Their rise in national prominence and conference affiliation along with their style of play and particular members of their fan base. As Doc Holiday says in Tombstone “he reminds me of someone...me...I’m sure of it, I hate him.” UMD of late reminds me of UND of the early 80’s- which shouldn’t be a shock based on their bench boss. 1. Anybody we play in April...but especially those we lose to.
  4. I’m like this: Allentown UND vs Atlantic Winner PSU vs Lowell worcester: MSU vs Maine UMass vs ASU Albany: Cornell vs OSU BC vs Clarkson Loveland: UMD vs Quinnipiac DU vs NE moves are: Clarkson and Lowell to prevent first round intraconference. Swapping #9 and #11 Maine and OSU for Attendance in Worcester swapping #14 and #15 i like Clarkson in Albany for a potential (if unlikely) ECAC final. UND and PSU carry the water in Allentown. UMD and DU in Loveland (Region of Death) and you put Maine and UMass in New England
  5. thinking about all conference (I know it’s early) Surprisingly Johnny T is leading the NCHC in +\- in league games...PeskI is #2 and has played a full schedule. Kierstad and Perunivich are locks. Sam burg and Ahcan have history...poolman has intangibles... And I think JBD is our best dman... again specifically targeting league games, there should be no way that Michaud And Guch aren’t on the short list, and Pinto is on the all rookie team for sure. Michaud is top 6 in goals AND points and is the leading +\- forward...Guch is a Hobey possibility, and Pinto is the man for freshman.
  6. yzerman19

    Hobey Baker

    I’m An Xer...would’ve loved to hit the Elks with my wife for a couple manhattans back in the day. Tech and social media is destroying this country!!
  7. We aren’t going to sweep the season on DU, SCSU, or Western....and we won’t split the season with Omaha
  8. I think we split with everyone but Omaha- whom we will sweep this time.
  9. As a little boy, I used to die laughing. Just rowdy and funny. Sad thing is you’d get arrested today...
  10. 79-88 was the golden age of UND hockey. We put an amazing product on the ice, won titles, had some of the most epic characters...on the ice and in the stands. I reminisce...those who were there will never forget.
  11. Altru has also been structured with a physician president and a business person CEO. Each handling their respective zones of expertise.
  12. Net Asset growth from $145M to $265M between FYE 2010 and FYE 2017...that doesn’t imply being run into the ground to me. Can’t speak to facilities or care delivery, but public financial filings show consistent revenue growth and Net asset growth.
  13. The glory days! I don’t remember the goose...wish I did...
  14. Prior CEO and CFO were there for like 30 years, these two make it about a year? Not good.
  15. I got: UND vs Atlantic Winner and ASU vs PSU in Allentown MSU vs Maine and Clarkson vs UMass in Worcester Cornell vs Providence and UMD vs Northeastern in Albany DU vs Quinnipiac and BC vs OSU in Denver Moved every 3 seed, swapped Quinnipiac and Providence to avoid intraconference ECAC
  16. So...if we finish the season 4-4, UMD must go 7-1 to take the Penny Rossa away from us. DU and Western have to go perfect 8-0 to tie us.
  17. I think the way UMD is playing right now they deserve to be in the Tier 1 bucket. The 6 teams on your list can all beat each other on a given day. the biggest thing I’ve learned about this team is that we are a matchup team. So, I agree that being the overall #1 with its last line change is really critical to our best shot at #9
  18. The OSU move is unnecessary, but I like the attendance boost of two Big 10 schools in Allentown.
  19. Thanks for edit help- i think we’ve landed...brain not firing on all cylinders this morning. I blame the Malbec from last night.
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