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  1. Buh bye... I’ll leave $20 on the counter Christ I’ll leave $200 for real just to never think about you again just give me an address
  2. What’s that degee in from the special underwear school? How many years you been out? Higher ed? Btw...Carlson is much higher ranked thank BYU...as a. Executive,BYU doesn’t even make me look at resume...what’s your degree in, global studies? How about that masters? How about working for 20 years? get off the board. We hate you. Your parents hate you. Your girlfriend slept with half the guys in here...or at least would given the opportunity. when I get up in my home tomorrow, I honestly hope you realize how ignorant you are- note- not stupid.
  3. What have you ever contributed...you have no idea what some of us do, lose sleep over. You can just go away. Nobody cares, you are certainly a disappointment to your mother and father. If you are t,they are disappointments to their parents. Why do you get up in the morning? Ever had a girlfriend? Got any real friends? Did cool kids in school make fun of you? Nice education you laid out. i don’t usually get this mean,but you shoulda gotten the crap kicked outta you on the playground.
  4. Is that Le Cordon Bleu? if you have no credible education,then your opinion is garbage.cleRly you do t, you are likely jerking off to Greta. Grow up. Get laid. Win at something (unlikely) or just ho away. I don’t want to pay your tab.
  5. Hurry up,’ mom is going to shut off pornhub!!
  6. Say all you want. Good jobs out here in LA. You’d get $5bucks to park and pick up my car for me...it’s only an M5, so only “Kinda” fancy
  7. That’s a school you need a 32 ACT to get into for undergrad btw
  8. Degrees, qualifications please.. for the record I’m Carlson school BSB1998, MBA 2007
  9. I’m just curious what your degee(s) are in? and from where?
  10. These people succeeded in making people afraid of air...has there ever been a worse lie?
  11. There are just people who can’t be reasoned with. Some old friends on here probably Rene bet when I told a Gopher fan At the X to shut up repeatedly. Then I gave him $50 to shut up. He did. He raised his voice once. I pointed at him. He sat down. Guess 6’1 220 of ex jr hockey player meant more than the $50
  12. Hayduke- the reason your keyboard and dick are orange are because of the cheesy Puffs your mom brought down to the basement. Maybe she shoulda had a mask on. Good news is you aren’t going to die. Bad news is I’m going to have to continue to foot the bill for your failures. I actually give you a bit of a pass. When you have real responsibility. People that rely on you for jobs. A family that depends on you. You might grow up...but I guess that’s hard isn’t. You recall the scene in goodwill hunting at the bar? Wink....how you like them apples?
  13. The reporting Of numbers is dynamic, but these appear reasonable from everything I’ve seen. agree with poster that 99.96% is not having died yet. Other details to clarify: are those unique individuals tested or total tests performed. they also don’t have results from self testers that do not report. we know the death rate is extremely varied in different populations...so while netting out to the numbers shown, if you are under 18, death chance from covid is like being struck by lightning. If over 65 it’s pushing 10% (of both catching it and dying from it)
  14. And.... the healthcare system did NOT collapse under the weight of Covid. Medical staff have learned what works better than alternatives (aka ventilators are not the answer). No rational person ever believed that controlling cases was the answer.
  15. The narcissist who wears no mask, the fascist that demands all comply with mask wearing... Both are extreme positions...
  16. It’s a biological world filled with bad stuff. We’ve just gotten soft as a society and narcissistic enough to think we’re smarter than nature. I still love how the goal posts moved. In CA right now if you are healthy today under 50, your odds of contracting and dying from the virus are 1 in 100,000. Under 18, 1 in 10,000,000.
  17. You cannot generically refer to ACA as good or bad. It is complicated legislation with good and bad components. Certain elements were more important in different States too. Actuarially you need the mandate in order to keep costs somewhat contained. If all the young, healthy, invincible non-utilizers opted out of the pool, premiums would be even higher than they already are. All the minimum benefits, etc also increased the premium. insurer admin expense and margin is capped via the MLR requirement. The increased costs aren’t going to insurers as profit.
  18. Healthcare reform has always targeted the wrong animal. Insurance was never the issue. It was the scapegoat.
  19. Feels like a fantasy world some days...amazing what hard work, talent and focusing on the right priorities yields. Not a scheme. Many years of school, doing things that suck, delaying gratification, tough calls in opacity, correct analysis, logic and conclusions. Treating people fairly. Doing business honestly. Nurturing relationships, keeping a cool head. It works! America works!
  20. Or is it okay to dislike the poorly educated if they happen to disagree with you and meet certain qualifications of ethnicity?
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