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  1. There was 4 defenders and 1 wr on the screen where he tried threading that to. 3 defenders surrounding him. Why force that?
  2. That hurt. Few big points in this game. Only 3pts off the interception. Getting thr ball to the 13 and either then only getting the FG or the int not sure which. Had the USU RB stuffed on 4th and 2 before the 2nd effort got him in. Also come back to the PI in the end zone on 4th down. Turn the head around and no call. The ball literally hit the UND defender in the back where WR had no chance. UND had drive going into the 4th down 3 and came away with nothing. Went back to predicited play calling. Hard part of the score is that USU kept playing when they seemingly had the game in the bag. Spreading score out futher.
  3. Think he may have been tugging on his shoulder. The previous PI play looked like it hit our guy in the back before any contact was made. That one was the questionable one to me. Ball was way short.
  4. The Arena was a odd size if I remember right. Tifht behind the net, i thought it was less wide with the circle going right up against the wall but that photo didn't show that. Capable if they still have the compressors, but that area needs alot of work, looks dumpy now with the less upkeep. The Premier Center has their main locker room set up with the Stampede and their former GM (who became USHP comissioner) was part of the reason that the Aeros went to Iowa when they were long rumored for Sioux Falls with Russo even believing that was their destination. The other reason was the premier center also was a year behind on construction and they needed a landing spot once Houston contract ended. The Iowa contract was initially a 1 year contract I believe. Also if they would play at the Premier Center it would then be not be eligible for the NCAA regionals they have scheduled being a home site, even with Omaha hosting.
  5. Also, I believe they do not require a conference to elevate to D1 in hockey, which I believe they do in D2 and have been rejected by the Summit League so far. Alot easier taking 1 sport than all your sports as a independent.
  6. They had alot of possible unsportsmanlike activities during this game that aren't going to get called in a quarterfinal game but see called atleast more often in regular season such as the semi obsessive dancing after the offsides on the punt formation. After a big run going over and trash talking right in the face of the defender (I seen this action get called no matter what was said). Glad that UND didn't respond to any of these, but sucks that didn't have the response in the game to shut them up. Still made progress getting a playoff win and being in this game in the 2nd half. Got to continue to improve and hopefully build on it in the fall.
  7. If JMU can hold on to Coach Cignetti they have tools to stay strong and among the top of the FCS for years. Some strong recruiting tools: competitive program, former Alabama assistant coach as JMU head coach and a neat stadium that shines compares to most FCS stadiums.
  8. I am proud too. but man is that punt penalty looking even worse right now.
  9. I feel we got away with some of those hand fights/push offs with the big WRs we had the past years
  10. On punt coverage always been told to watch the ball, rarely do any punt teams actually run cadence. I understand you want to make a big play and get a jump, but I didn't get the feeling JMU was going to run any fake there and good field position could be obtained by punt while backed up.... Big difference in this game is JMU capitalizing on UND mistakes at a higher percentage. Of the 3? penalties that JMU has one is a TD saver on the PI in the 1st quarter, smart penalty.
  11. The last TD play is evident of that. The defender who lowered his shoulder didn't attempt to wrap up, and in the process cut off the linebacker who had a chance to make a play as well.
  12. Sam Herder predicts UND playing Missouri State with a 2nd round possibility of SDSU
  13. I honestly did not see much of anything there to call. Expecially in OT
  14. Cross the slot pass, back door goal. I kept yelling for that at the TV in the UND game as it seemed open and UMass uses it successfully. This Duluth goalie is going to be a beast to play against for years (think they said he is young). He doesn't give up anything straight up.
  15. I think this year even more since the pod had 3 or 4 games each week, but wanted to bring it to Duluth early. Have a team coming off the win trying to pounce befoee the rust is wore off.
  16. Was hoping for a early lead as a buffer with a team who hasn't played in 2 weeks and ND coming off a game less than 24 hours ago.
  17. We had one chop block on 3rd down late that was declined that USD declined as they knew UND would punt even though they were at like the 35.
  18. They are trying to act like they are Goldberg. That how he enters the arena in WWE. They showed a Goldberg vs Big Show match from WCW days right before with UMD being big show who loses to Goldberg even tho Big Show was champion.
  19. 2 things. 1. If that is a major, can you not argue the high cross check away from the play is dangerous and should be a 5? 2. How is there 5 penalties. After the whistle the funny business seemed to be equal with no extra from other side. So Denver should've recieved 3 minors. A cross check and 2 roughings/misc. That or you take a minor from UND and you get Klevin and whoever he was going with, and then the 5 on Hain and 2 for the cross check. Denver should not have recieved a fill 5 min pp for that, first 2 minutes should've been 4v4 if calling the major.
  20. From what i saw on the replay the SCSU defender put himself there and the UND forward did not put any force to shove him into the net besides both players own momentum. Looked like the SCSU momentum took him into the goalie. Seen alot more contact be called a goal due to defenders own actions. With as soft as majors have been, you would think their goal reviews would be softer too...guess not
  21. The most interesting thing is a St. Louis suburb has one of the regionals in like 2025. Sioux Falls has the 2024, and 2026 regional hosted by Omaha
  22. I get where you are coming from and I would think they may find a leas attractive opponent to save PSU for Nashville just a Idea. Most likely it would just move back to the Ralph but also depends on if fans are allowed. Just know Sioux Falls have stayed more open and just a option. I was bummed that UND did not make the regional and would love to see them play in Sioux Falls. Be more of a neutral site game within driving distance and not a destination game.
  23. I saw an article the other day that stated there was probably 25% chance then for this game to happen, and that it is possible that UND pursue next year HOF game if it looks like it would be able to occur to have this game. They said it is not out of the ordinary for UND to fork over money as they did last year to buy it from Xcel Energy Center for $100,000. Possibly move this game to 2021, and if 2020 can have fans in college hockey move this year to Sioux Falls? They have the logistics from the regional, and the Sioux Falls market did not get to see UND play that year. Tickets would have to be refunded and sold as a new event, but atleast its a new facility for UND to play in that will draw fans and the Premier Center is already scheduling events with fans this year again.
  24. I am one of the few that seems to disagree with the outdoor concepts, be it I don't think the Omaha one went all that great but there were multiple issues be it from the ice crew drilling into the antifreeze line, and not originally planning a evening game or the NCAA game as standalone as the USHL game beat up the ice as the sun beat down on the dark painted surfaces. I had fun at that game and was kinda glad that there were open areas as we bought some of the higher price seats and they were too low for that type of game as sight lines were affected, but was a fun first experience. I have since been to the Hockey City Classic (UMN vs OSU) and the Stadium Series (and Alumni game) both at TCF Bank Stadium and were excellent experiences. Sat higher and enjoyed the elements even with the bitter cold at the HCC. I just think it has to be the right environment and managed correctly. UND in that Hockey City Classic instead of their game in Omaha would've been much more exciting and think the opinion of alot of fans would've changed. Do i think they need to try it again, probably not. I like the ideas of these destination games and can leave the outdoor games more to larger markets or NHL. That be it, I have not made it to any destination games. Had tickets for Vegas but sold them the month of as job change and other life events. Hoping for Nashville but I held off on purchase for now and will see how secondary market goes closer to the game.
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