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  1. We also can’t ignore the fact that nobody on next year’s team will have played a single game of NCAA tournament hockey.
  2. I wouldn’t want that a five on us if we made that hit. Looks like shoulder.
  3. We look like we’ve had a week off. Not sharp and a bit slow.
  4. They had to review if they could count to six?
  5. This review crap is ruining the game.
  6. The following year against BC in an empty Dane County Coliseum wasn’t much fun, either.
  7. Shhhh...don’t tell gopher fans this. The Mavs will be their team in March/April as they root to “keep it in the state.”
  8. In the first intermission feature he said he was thankful for “being back in the state of Minnesota....been gone a long time...” St. Cloud is a long way from the STATE of Minnesota apparently.
  9. Snake

    Twins ?

    I question the bullpen moves, but getting these guys in early in the series may have been the plan to help them not crap their pants later. It’s just tough with only a 5 game series. It’s the only way I can rationalize some of Rocco’s odd choices.
  10. Well, the unintended consequence of giving the students the “best seats in the arena” is they can’t act like students.
  11. Snake


    I wish the NHL would go back to white at home. Nothing better than seeing the road team’s colors and knowing who’s in town.
  12. Snake


    I’m not much of a Wild fan, but I pay enough attention. With that team I’m not sure if it’s as much a result of the players added/subtracted or if simply shaking things up has injected a bit of life/newness/uneasiness to their core. Things were getting pretty stale and that team was downright boring.
  13. Snake


    So What do you actually think of the trade? I like it as a Bruins fan because Coyle fits at multiple positions and gives them a more legit 3rd line option at center. They may have moved on from Donato a bit prematurely, but they had to give something to get something to help them win this year. Edit: Forgot it this was the Wild thread, so mods feel free to move to the NHL thread if needed...
  14. Actually, reading this board kinda sucks right now.
  15. Hey, Hoff finally took a step forward. Against Canisius!
  16. I don’t disagree that the PP we’ve seen this year is a mess, but I’d like to know what the PP% needs to be before we’re satisfied. Do they need to get it above 20? 22? 25? To me it just seems like our talent depth up front is the biggest factor this year. We normally aren’t an outstanding PP team, but it gets the job done most years. Seems the type of players we recruit may be a factor, as we’re usually very responsible in our own zone and have a good PK.
  17. As soon as Berry took the job he was in charge of their development.
  18. It’s nice to see that at least the message board is unifying in disdain for the product on the ice instead of bickering about other things. Brilliant ploy by the team. “Maybe if they hate him, they won’t have time to hate each other.”
  19. Maybe it’s the “culture” that’s holding them back?
  20. Snake

    What needs

    More meaningful on-ice contributions from the guys with championship rings. JJ needs to step up the offense and Gardner needs to stay out of the damn box.
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