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  1. dden3

    North Dakota at Omaha - January 18-19, 2019

    Smith showed something on that breakaway. Play fast and hard Cole, stay out of the box, and you will be really good.
  2. dden3

    North Dakota at Omaha - January 18-19, 2019

    This Keane kid is a smart hardworking player and he needs more ice time. A little confidence and experience and he will be a solid player
  3. dden3

    North Dakota at Omaha - January 18-19, 2019

    I thought we skated well tonite and made some progress. Sure there were some breakdowns but we generated some high quality chances. And admittedly our goalie bailed us out at the end but he is good and getting better. We can ride this guy to some wins.
  4. dden3

    North Dakota at Canisius January 4-5, 2019

    Is Coach Large available to move out west?
  5. dden3

    Dave Hakstol out with the Flyers

    He is well respected and well connected throughout the hockey world. He may come up with a lot better city to live in than Philly. I have watched these Flyers since Hak has been there and I think a few of their supposedly big stars have been gutless over the years, as evidenced by the lack of much remorse over Hak taking the fall for their poor play this year.
  6. dden3


    This entire team including Berry and the other coaches are a disgrace. I collected a lot of heat last year here for saying Berry can’t coach or recruit. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  7. dden3

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Thanks. Gaarder did turn out very well for us.
  8. dden3

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    What was the name of the kid who pulled the plug on us a few years back in August of the year he was supposed to come and left Hak trying to find a kid to replace him. I think this kid went almost straight to the NHL. And who was the kid from Minn (I think Edina or someplace around there) that Hak recruited?
  9. I have listed for sale on Ticketmaster 4 tickets for the game. Unable to go.
  10. dden3

    College Hockey Expansion

    In the Denver papers the last week or so it has been announced that Colorado College is building a new on campus hockey rink for their team/games. Has capacity to seat only 3,000. They have been playing at the World Ice Arena for many years and I have attended the North Dakota series for quite a few of those years. There is usually a good following of North Dakota fans coming from far and wide and I question whether there will be much room for us in a 3,000 size facility. If they were coming into the NCHC league today with such a small arena, would the NCHC give them much consideration? Didn't Arizona State apply with a similarly sized facility?
  11. dden3

    former players

    Wait til they see the guy we saw most of the year
  12. dden3

    Opening Webpage of SiouxSports.com

    And leave room for Bubbas name too.
  13. dden3

    Opening Webpage of SiouxSports.com

    Come on guys. I am just saying can we have a little more forward looking webpage to look at during the off-season? I got so so tired of being reminded of that awful BU loss as I’m sure young Bowen did too on another note, I returned to Grand Forks for the second time in 45 years and attended the regular season ending St Cloud series at the Ralph. Flew to Mpls and drove to Grand Forks. I noticed at one end of the Ralph a banner to (I think) retire Ralph Engelstads number and another banner along side it to retire Casey’s number. Assume this is Jon Casey former goaltender who won two Nattys. Shouldn’t we have another banner (or 3) for Gino, Dean, and Hak right Beside those two? We could have one banner with all their names or one for each of them. They are all deserving of a banner and a night to thank all of them together. That would be awesome.
  14. Are we going to have to look at the article on the NCHC tournament and St. Cloud game all off season like last off season when the BU game was on the front page until the new season started. Brought back horrible memories everytime I opened up siouxsports.com. Surely there is something else that can go there.