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  1. Did UND win a DII national championship when Phil was on the team? I always thought they did but Wiki says I’m wrong I think. Maybe just made it to the finals.
  2. Seems like Frank called Oshie as Toews for first five min of game.
  3. How did we not win the National Tournament with that team? How did the tourney go for us?
  4. Thanks Blackheart for giving me all these gems to watch during the lockdown. You should get a Sioux Award for your work!
  5. I googled Sherven and he had a few years in North American hockey and then had many years in German hockey. He is a community leader in Calgary in the investment business and works at the same outfit as Perry Berezan.
  6. This Gord Sherven was a very good player. Not one of the more recognizable names to me as the others but a helluva player.
  7. Is the Mike Stone on that 1982 team related to the current Stone in the NHL? that 82 team was really loaded.
  8. Is the 2007 regional game in Denver v Michigan posted somewhere? 8-5 win by Sioux. As previously noted a crazy game.
  9. Always great to watch a win over DU. While watching I’ve been busy trying to see what has happened with some of th players fromUND Michigan and DU since then. Does anybody know if Matt Shaw has landed on his feet? He had quite a resume before coming to Grand Forks. Not that we have missed him at all.
  10. Is Gage Ausmus playing anywhere?
  11. Kierstad and JBD need considerable time in the Sioux weight room before they are ready to stick their toes in the NHL water. No better place for their development than UND.
  12. Mishmash is even further away from being a regular NHL player than Kawaguchi. If Mishmash leaves he will do irreparable harm to his long term chances. If he views European hockey as his future he should leave now. IMHO of course.
  13. What he said. He will be a marginal player in the NHL/AHL at his current ability level. He needs more development and the best place for that is UND not minor league hockey. Just overall will be better for him.
  14. No way should Guch leave.
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