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  1. Anybody hear anything about where Caggiula might land? As far as I know, he is still unsigned.
  2. Jost signs minimum one year contract to return to Avs. Forecast in the Denver Post is that he will have to fight for a spot on the 4th line. Trade value is about a bag of pucks and a few sticks.
  3. https://www.capfriendly.com/players/troy-stecher according to CapFriendly, he made 925K his first two years and $2.325 million his last two years in Vancouver
  4. Sounds to me like he took $1.7 per year to play for Detroit. He was making $2.3 in Vancouver. I'm assuming those were both quoted in US dollars, but I'm not sure. Anyway, he got a job with a good organization, although they've been down for awhile.
  5. Blackhawks don’t make an offer to Caggiula
  6. Boeser taken off first line in second period. Looks like his ice time going to be seriously reduced.
  7. Just got on Google and was reminded that he had a likely season ending injury back in Feb. torn rib cartilage. He came back about a month earlier than expected before the season was called. i agree. He is playing hurt.
  8. I was kinda thinking that might be the issue. But haven’t heard any commentary to that effect.
  9. Boeser looks like he’s turning into kind of a floater out there. Not sticking his nose into the action. Not hard on the puck.
  10. Did UND win a DII national championship when Phil was on the team? I always thought they did but Wiki says I’m wrong I think. Maybe just made it to the finals.
  11. Seems like Frank called Oshie as Toews for first five min of game.
  12. How did we not win the National Tournament with that team? How did the tourney go for us?
  13. Thanks Blackheart for giving me all these gems to watch during the lockdown. You should get a Sioux Award for your work!
  14. I googled Sherven and he had a few years in North American hockey and then had many years in German hockey. He is a community leader in Calgary in the investment business and works at the same outfit as Perry Berezan.
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