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  1. Watching this St Cloud MD game while waiting for Nodak to start. What excuse do they have in St Cloud for all the empty seats?
  2. Keep the scores coming. Had to leave the broadcast for family obligation.
  3. Great steal and breakaway goal by Drake last night
  4. Omaha had a good recruiting year. Good young coach and talent. Will be a better second half team. Sioux need to stick together. Bubba took a reasonable chance pulling the goalie.
  5. I don’t think Adams got much wood on it.
  6. A little early for that thinking!
  7. Replay the Hak stare to these guys in the locker room.
  8. The team has spent a couple of weeks reading and thinking about how good they are
  9. Jim Montgomery checked into alcohol rehab this week.
  10. Did the team make it back to Grand Forks from Michigan yet? Hope they didn’t or don’t take a lot of chances with roads, travel, etc.
  11. RIP Wooger i am sure I am not the only person on this board who heard Woog during a broadcast of one of the last games the Sioux played the Gophers before they left the WCHA. Woog cautioned that the Gophers better tighten up their chin and jockstraps because the Sioux always come to play. And play hard. He went on to say that “I can’t believe we are giving this up”, referring to the Gophers imminent departure from the WCHA and specifically, the rivalry with North Dakota. He had immense respect for us even though he really wanted to win against us. He loved the rivalry.
  12. Johnny Walker has ASU up 2 goals on DU. Game in progress.
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