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  1. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but the academic setup there is quite different from other hockey schools. They basically take one class at a time. And it’s all liberal arts type stuff. Highly rated academically though.
  2. I thought I heard the pod announcers say that CC had one of the top recruiting classes. I can’t remember what ranking they said but I want to say 3.
  3. Will fans be allowed in Omaha next weekend?
  4. Need a sideline reporter. Where’s Katie and her hair?
  5. Patrick Roy was able to shoot a puck hard enough to ring it sip the glass and down the rink. He was one of the reasons the NHL put that quadrant around the net that goalies can’t wander beyond. Not very many goalies who can get much on the puck and Scheel is far from the worst at that.
  6. Always good to see Keaner in the lineup. should be starting Thome tonight.
  7. what did they call that? Looked ok to me too
  8. Budy up to Line 1 Always good to see Keaner in the lineup
  9. Yea Prpich and Hextall definitely guys I remember as being good trouble on the agitation side!!
  10. Durflinger reminds me of some of the agitators we have had in the past. Can’t quite recall their names.
  11. At least we don’t have to listen to Starman go back and forth with Holden dropping names of players we have never heard of from 49 years ago who Starman remembers from some junior or minor league East Coast beer and pizza league.
  12. I was too disappointed in them to notice very much by the third period. Glad to see Keaner back in the lineup tonight.
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