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  1. I lost a lot off the gin bottle too!
  2. Yep just looked at it. I need to get ESPNU on my regular tv package
  3. That’s what I have figured out too. Will ESPN+ work if I have that? This ESPN coverage of the tournament has always been a cluster IMO. NCAA should be able to get a better deal than this.
  4. What channel do we need tonight to get the game?
  5. Bubba has his game face on tonight. A little tense during the intermission interview and after the game. Can’t have the boys clutching their sticks, Bubs.
  6. Bemidji takes things to the line and tests the officials. They tend to get away with a little extra interference on the entry into their zone.
  7. Probably been asked and answered, but is there updated information on JBD or Mishmash?
  8. They are picking off most of our long passes
  9. This what happens when you play Omaha for 2 months
  10. Congrats to all Seniors and thanks for the great memories.
  11. Always good to have Keaner in the lineup.
  12. What day and time is our first game in the tourney?
  13. What is supposedly Mismash’s injury? Right decision to have Thome start.
  14. dden3

    Yotes VS Hawks

    I tried to subscribe to the Midco SN streaming service today. It is not available to residents of Colorado or 3 other states. I asked Midco why and they said it’s because of Colorado privacy laws. Makes no sense to me.
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