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  1. Different level of hockey played last night by Duluth and St Cloud than North Dakota the past few seasons. Duluth looks like old tyme Sioux hockey.
  2. Brock is a great ambassador for UND. I like to think this kind of stuff is good for UND reputation and recruiting.
  3. Was at the Avs game v Cannucks two nights ago in Denver. Got there plenty early and during pregame skate I see Boeser skating across the ice from the Vancouver bench after picking up an extra stick. Across the ice and over the glass are two Sioux fans, a young kid maybe 7 and one of his parents. Brock tosses the extra stick over the glass to the kid.
  4. Hope everybody involved with getting them here to Denver puts safety first.
  5. Don't confuse me with factual history, MM!
  6. My recollection is the Hobey is as much about character and sportsmanship as hockey skill. The Hobey voters back East will look for any excuse not to give it to a western kid and now they have a very good reason not to vote for #22. If a Sioux player had done that (and they have in the past) it would have been a certain suspension. We could be seeing one of the all time great UND goalies develop before our eyes. Had to be the best goalie in the country this weekend.
  7. Smith showed something on that breakaway. Play fast and hard Cole, stay out of the box, and you will be really good.
  8. This Keane kid is a smart hardworking player and he needs more ice time. A little confidence and experience and he will be a solid player
  9. I thought we skated well tonite and made some progress. Sure there were some breakdowns but we generated some high quality chances. And admittedly our goalie bailed us out at the end but he is good and getting better. We can ride this guy to some wins.
  10. Is Coach Large available to move out west?
  11. He is well respected and well connected throughout the hockey world. He may come up with a lot better city to live in than Philly. I have watched these Flyers since Hak has been there and I think a few of their supposedly big stars have been gutless over the years, as evidenced by the lack of much remorse over Hak taking the fall for their poor play this year.
  12. This entire team including Berry and the other coaches are a disgrace. I collected a lot of heat last year here for saying Berry can’t coach or recruit. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  13. Thanks. Gaarder did turn out very well for us.
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