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HAWKS VS red cows (FRIDAY)


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3 minutes ago, brianvf said:

Strinden in, but in place of Costantini.
Bast is the odd man out for the d-corps.


2 minutes ago, SIOUXELEVENS said:

Not sure how you slow #22 down to play with those 2.

I'm scatching my head but it is almost all over.

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Wow. After the dominating Ozone time of possession the last couple games by 9-22-17 that’s the one line I thought for sure wouldn’t be touched. Matteo hanging out with Brent Johnson or what? 

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Just now, 90siouxfan said:

just crazy that it's the last weekend of the regular season and still shuffling lines, zero gel 

Only in Berry's hair will you find gel....

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2 hours ago, Oxbow6 said:

0-0 shootout win to get @MafiaMan weekend off to a fabulous start.


2 hours ago, brianvf said:

BOOM go the fireworks once again!


Boy, that’s a conundrum.  Do the boys do a TCoS after a weekend of 0-0 shootout “wins”?  Fireworks are a given.

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