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  1. + Kawa missed a wide open net on the doorstep. He puts this away 99.9 % of the time.
  2. This one is the correct answer.
  3. This is exactly the biggest problem with the REA atmosphere. Exciting plays on the ice with crowd loud and on their feet followed by an advertisement rather than replays, music, etc. The commercialization kills the atmosphere. Didn’t have this at the old Ralph.
  4. Peski is the most improved player over summer by far.
  5. I don’t care about the Bison game. I just want to put a 10 spot up on Canisus both nights.
  6. Is GF still open enrollment or did they change that?
  7. Correct. Sid received $1 for every ticket sold while he played MJ .
  8. I say the NCHC is just fine the way it is and shouldn’t add anyone. The conference/non-conference schedule is a great set up currently.
  9. They are both defenseman but I think Riegers a better forward or defenseman than Johnson. He’s a better hockey player period imo. He also brings some energy and grit to a soft team.
  10. I’d take Rieger over Johnson any day. I’m not sure why the coaches don’t?
  11. Man I miss this place. Only hockey fans went in there.
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