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  1. dustnyou

    UND at Denver

    They are both defenseman but I think Riegers a better forward or defenseman than Johnson. He’s a better hockey player period imo. He also brings some energy and grit to a soft team.
  2. dustnyou

    UND at Denver

    I’d take Rieger over Johnson any day. I’m not sure why the coaches don’t?
  3. dustnyou

    REA Banners

    Man I miss this place. Only hockey fans went in there.
  4. dustnyou

    North Dakota at Canisius January 4-5, 2019

    Because he’ll be hired by another NHL team this spring.
  5. dustnyou

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Craig Button just listed Early top 20 for 2020 draft. Defenseman Sanderson (9) and Kleven (15) . Another 2 potential first round D looking good.
  6. dustnyou


    The problem with the atmosphere at the new Ralph is that it’s too commercialized. Instead of playing the “right music” to keep the crowd into it during stoppages of play, they run another Steamatic commercial and quite the crowd. This bothers me frequently. A big hit, a big save, a scrum happens and when the whistle blows the Ralph runs a commercial ad instead of replays and music. Just quiets the crowd instead of jacking them up. I go to Wild games and Jets games and even though they have a big lease payment and 100 million in salaries, they don’t have near the commercials we do at the free rink with no salary cap.
  7. dustnyou

    Sioux Survivor Game #1 2018-2019

  8. Does anyone know if the team will be wearing Fighting Sioux jerseys for this game? Per NCAA rules, the Hall of Fame game is the only contest UND is allowed to do so. (Historic/throwback uniforms allowed) I have a feeling the university is not taking advantage of this as they don’t want to make any “noise” regarding the nickname. However I think this would be a treat for the fans and the current players to experience a real Sioux vs Gophers rivalry. The arena would go nuts if the team came out of the tunnel properly attired!
  9. dustnyou

    World Junior Tourney

    I can think of 32 great coaches that have time for the World Juniors this year.
  10. dustnyou

    Sioux Survivor

    Friday = Gregoire Saturday = Genoway
  11. dustnyou

    Sioux Survivor

    Saturday - Frattin Does Trupp count for Friday since he scored in the shoot-out? It was a tournament format?
  12. dustnyou

    Sioux Survivor

    Friday - Trupp
  13. dustnyou


    I can't believe that people on here even consider wanting a different coach. I know we've had great coaches in the past but let it go. Hak is a great hockey coach in my book. I'll be the first to addmit I didn't give him much approval when he first took over but I was completly wrong. We are very fortunant to have Hak as our coach. Every year he's turned a slow start into a championship contending team and has takin' the sioux to the frozen four every year. That deserves praise, not complaining. I wouldn't blame the slow starts on him either. I think it's because we have such a turn-around in players going pro early that it takes a little bit for the team to find it's identity, especially when the guys leaving are the best players on the team. Ofcourse we don't like are record right now and the slow starts do get sickening but I don't care how we get there as long as we are there in the end.........again. I thank are coach for that. Good job HAk.
  14. dustnyou


    WOW. You must not like going to the frozen four every year.............idiot!
  15. dustnyou


    Jason Blake?