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I think Bemidji is gonna have a pretty good year so while not happy I'm alright with the results of the weekend. Really bad start tonight and I didn't think UND played particularly well all weekend. Just way too sloppy, lots of missed passes, not a ton of playmaking, and giveaways. We were spoiled with a veteran team last year and a ton of skill that had some experience together so there really wasn't a huge adjustment period. That isn't the case this season. I think a big part of it is with so many new guys they are still trying to gel and learn how to play with/off of each other. This team has a long way to go and grow but I'm hopeful they will show some steady improvement and hopefully put themselves in position to be a factor in March. 

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16 minutes ago, scpa0305 said:

Tough loss, but it’s not like we were going to run the table. We’ll lose more games. Need to sneak in the playoffs, work hard and get lucky. 

But I would argue, that is why we need few non conference losses, because we may go .500 or a little better in conference and then you are in a dogfight with other NCHC teams in the Pairwise.  But yeah, we just need to focus on playing hard all the time and getting the right chemistry in our line combinations.  Some of the young guys are doing better earlier than I thought they would.

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Hindsight is 20/20, right?  As I saw it, the OT shot by Sanderson was on net, and could have just as easily been caught and frozen, or caromed away from defenders altogether.  Instead, it fortuitously deflected cleanly off the goaltender's chest, and right to a waiting defenseman.  The 2nd defenseman alertly gestured to the 1st in the direction of the advancing 3rd, and a long pass was successfully executed.  A game-winning, head's up play.

Did I miss something, or is there an unwritten rule in 3x3 hockey about shot angles and dump-and-change?  Were UND's other skaters changing, or out of position on the play?  Is the puck carrier any less responsible if he carries in, tries to circle behind the goal, and is stripped by a defender?  Once he is committed inside the dots, it's not like he can carry back out, and if he's alone his options are very limited.  Maybe tie up the puck in the corner and wait for help?

Not trying to be combative here...just trying to understand the criticism.  As someone else noted above, 3x3 just begs fluky plays.

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