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  1. According to the announcers he was taking out by our player. Replay shows no one touched him.
  2. It is mind boggling how poor offensively we are. It started frankly against the under 18 team and has continued.
  3. Top notch stream by WMU. No audio for long stretches.
  4. If our passing and speed was a little better it would counter that.
  5. Whatever happened to Katie O’keefe as far as working the broadcast. I know it’s been a few years but she all of sudden just stopped.
  6. Do you think we will push out a couple forwards and if so who would those be? We certainly need to add some firepower this years team is certainly lacking.
  7. How many players for WMU are 5th year seniors? It seems like their whole team is.
  8. Something is not resonating with this team. Is it the coach's, is it the players not playing hard and focusing? This is really not UND hockey. I hope everyone looks in the mirror. There is lots of blame to go around.
  9. I agree things are going to slip away pretty quickly now.
  10. I think in the last 4 games games we have only scored like 4 or 5 goals.
  11. After the NTDP and the Cornell debacle I don’t have a lot of confidence in this team right now. Regardless it is going to be a tough weekend for this team. Too many passengers at this point. It’s crazy to me that a WMU team is much better than UND, but here we are.
  12. I think I can speak for most people and say your team played well enough to get the two wins this weekend. Congrats to them, they had a game plan and played it to a T. I would say just savior the flavor because this doesn’t and won’t happen often against UND. Hats off to Cornell and good luck the rest of the way. Should we meet up again down the road this year it will be fun.
  13. Haha. They better not take Bubba from us.
  14. Well the season is officially over for the Vikings. Any ideas of who you think if Zimmer does get fired, who would be the coach that they hire. My idea is it could be Doug Peterson or Eric Bieniemy, what do others think?
  15. I knew once he missed that penalty shot it was kind of a foreshadow of the evening to come. I was telling my wife who is from the tropics and doesn’t know much about hockey what a penalty shot is. I told her that this particular player(Senden) was not the ideal one to take the penalty shot. It got me thinking are we able to pick another player to take that or does it have to be the player who had the penalty committed on them?
  16. Unless those Ivy League brats had one final parting shot for us and did a DoS attack on our site. Those smart kids I tell you.
  17. Did we overload the Sioux sports server last night. The site was down until about noon today.
  18. I agree on the bubble is probably where we belong if even there. I have a feeling we will also not be in 1st place in the NCHC in the not to distant future.
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