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  1. You would have to think it’s a good sign that one or both of those two would be coming back.
  2. Duluth, didn't really have a good start to the season. They progressively got better as the season went on.
  3. Gopher hockey in a nutshell.
  4. Just an observation but I was wrong.
  5. I thought the 2016 team tried to avoid even touching the Penrose cup as to not jinx themselves. This team certainly didn’t do that.
  6. Really would love to hear what Berry has to say about this performance. I mean he can’t be very pleased.
  7. Some of those goals weren’t Scheels fault but he gave up two for sure.
  8. UND was getting tossed around all night. I don’t think I have seen them play worse all season. Extremely disappointing performance.
  9. What an absolute sh$t show tonight. No one and I mean no one showed up tonight. Boys spent far to much time partying the penrose last weekend. I am absolutely beyond words. Berry sure crapped the bed on this one tonight.
  10. Anyone know if this is broadcasted on a Midco channel?
  11. Thanks, appreciate it. Now I just have to listen to Parrish.
  12. Is any of this streaming online?
  13. crb1

    Bubba extension

    Bubba is a nice guy but I am not impressed with this move. I think this was premature and Mr. Schweigert needs to at the very least win a playoff game.
  14. I am not sure what some of the last comments on this thread are getting at. Are you insinuating that UND got away with one last night, perhaps. How many times has UND not been on the good end of a call. More times than not probably. It’s not UNDs fault the way the refs called the play. Us, UND fans, have been complaining about poor officiating for a while. I guess sometimes the calls just even out.
  15. So true. That guy is a beast, in the PK and just all around causing havoc. I sure hope that is a typo as we need his big body in against a heavy WMU team.
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