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  1. Ludvig Hoff signs with Norwegian pro team. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/1349658-Ludvig-Hoff-turns-pro-signs-deal-in-Norway
  2. crb1

    Shaw's gone.

    I like Smaby but I am not sure how much of a recruiter or how well he will work with the special teams. Although no mention of special teams requirements from the job description.
  3. What crap selections. Come on Super Chex.
  4. crb1

    New Coach?

    I swear it only happens at UND where a coach leaves to take a D3 position. Good grief.
  5. If he is anything like his dad he will be fun to watch.
  6. crb1

    Shaw's gone.

    Haha. He does have an eerie resemblance to Mr. Bean.
  7. crb1

    Shaw's gone.

    Like I was saying.
  8. crb1

    Shaw's gone.

    Not if that Assistant in the NCAA is a good path to a HC in the NCAA. I would assume with the right program they would make more and have more exposure than in the AHL.
  9. They better stomp on them and leave no doubt.
  10. crb1

    Shaw's gone.

    What are others thoughts on maybe someone like Rico Blasi? I know he was a HC but do you think he will just step into another HC position? I know it would be a huge pay cut for him. Who knows what his other options are at this point.
  11. crb1

    Shaw's gone.

    Haha, I knew that would catch someone's attention. It was more in jest then anything else. Because he knew how to score!!!
  12. crb1

    Shaw's gone.

    No disrespect but no to Karl G and no to Smaby. They are both fine people but need more time in the coaching ranks. We need a solid recruiter as well. Eades will never be back at UND. I am not sure who the best option would be but I could see maybe Mannino. As was mentioned it would be nice to see a large search take place and not just friends, alumni. Anyone know what Tony Hrkus is doing these days?
  13. UND will be looking for a new Assistant Coach, Matt Shaw out at UND.
  14. Matt Shaw out as Assistant coach at UND. Berry is listening.
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