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  1. Hard to argue against that. Caulfiled is a great offensive player, however he needs work on the defensive side for sure.
  2. Good Season boys, just ran into a good team on their home turf. Congrats to JMU, they will certainly be in the mix at the end.
  3. No question JMU is the better team. We just don’t have players like they do. Not a knock on our guys, it’s pretty evident though.
  4. No offense to the boys but our secondary needs to be improved. Ouch.
  5. UND needs to open the playbook the next possession and get a score or that is check mate.
  6. I don’t get it. He could have picked up some yards.
  7. If they can continue to run the ball at will, this game is over.
  8. Have to make some D adjustments during the half but overall they have done a decent job righting the ship.
  9. Gotta give the coaches credit, they had JMU on their heels on that drive.
  10. Holy smokes. Great drive by UND. We are only down by 3.
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