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  1. I take whatever Mike Rand says with a grain of salt. I went to elementary, jr high and high school with Mike. He grew up in GF, father still works at UND, so I am not so sure what his deal is with GF.
  2. I have noticed since yesterday the ice doesn’t appear very good. Lots of players blowing tires.
  3. Indeed he was a great boss. He was good to me and I really appreciated him and his support. He made a point to email me on his last day to thank me for assisting him so many times. The pleasure was all mine Provost. RIP Provost, My condolences to your family.
  4. They will start dropping like dominos. I suspect just like the way the season ended the NCAA will come swiftly with an announcement that all Summer/fall sports are canceled. I sure hope not but that is the way it will probably go.
  5. I really hate when people don’t honor their commitments. It’s best he doesn’t come if he doesn’t want to be here. So we wish him luck and on to the next who wants to be here. Next man up mentality.
  6. Well that’s too bad. Anyone have insight on this?
  7. That Hardee’s just did a remodel like a year or so ago. I think it is probably closed for good. As a kid I loved Hardee’s, when it was over by the north side Hugo’s on 20th. They made the best biscuits in the morning and were cheap too. However Hardee’s is super expensive nowadays and I can just find better options for the price. I believe Hardee’s is part of the Carl’s Jr. brand.
  8. One of the last Hardee’s in GF has closed. The one on 17th, drove by it today and signs were down and building looked pretty empty.
  9. I would love to see DU go with if it ever happened. I could care less about UMD.
  10. This is all hypothetical as I doubt UND will go BG10 and I don’t think the arrogant BG10 would want to invite UND. However should they go, again hypothetically speaking, I see UND and DU being the best two options for BG10 from a purely hockey standpoint. I could also see UMD for more of the MN market but DU would be a far better choice in my opinion.
  11. Thanks, I really like your reply. I think Sioux Falls would make a good regional but just not a destination, again in my opinion. I want to go somewhere I can escape the Dakotas during that time but I am also aware of the fact that it is pretty slim pickens right now..
  12. I am sorry but Sioux Falls is not a destination venue. Just my opinion.
  13. Since they are building apartments all around the mall they need to get a grocery store in the mall. That will bring foot traffic into the mall and then they can start building out from there. Specialty stores, clothing etc.
  14. I am not defending anyone in this but UND was damned if they do damned if they don’t. You had people writing into the Heraldo and then the Heraldo publishing opinion pieces from alumni calling the school racist when this came to light. I recall the opinion piece from an alumnus from NY, I believe saying how bad UND was when she went to school and how racist students were and that UND better do something or forever be branded a racist college. In the current climate via the cancel culture you are going to get roasted either way and people are out for blood. Ruining lives, rightful or not, is al
  15. Disappointed to see Bo is keeping Feland on. I felt he needed to go as well. I hope that changes. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/government-and-politics/6540948-Bochenski-begins-process-of-molding-style-staff-at-City-Hall
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