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  1. Yes, not more chains per say. I just don’t know if it’s the market or the people here that prevent this.
  2. Does anyone else think this town really needs to attract better restaurants? It just seems like we keep adding more of the same around here, its pretty lame.
  3. crb1

    UND Budget Cuts

    Its not what you know its who you know. I like Angelique,I worked with her on a few projects. She is now a VP of Strategic Initiatives, I wonder how well this is going to go over. She has a Masters in Theatre Arts.
  4. Not a good look that we don't land a recruit in our own backyard.
  5. crb1


    We have a 2Xl K1 jersey and that logo looks way smaller. I would be cautious.
  6. I like how the coaches pulled his letter of intent. You show that you aren’t 100% committed to this program, we don’t want you here. Give that scholly to someone who no doubt wants to be here.
  7. Interesting. Take a job in China on a team that currently has no league to play in.
  8. crb1

    Shaw's gone.

    I worry he might be too nice of a guy, its one thing to be a volunteer assistant but an assistant coach is going to require a little more tough love. Hopefully, he has what it takes to find that balance. Best of luck Karl, I sure hope you can help out in positive ways and compliment the other coaches.
  9. crb1

    Shaw's gone.

    I like Karl, hope he does well. Didn’t expect this hire and not sure about it but he is the new assistant so let’s hope for the best.
  10. Ludvig Hoff signs with Norwegian pro team. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/1349658-Ludvig-Hoff-turns-pro-signs-deal-in-Norway
  11. crb1

    Shaw's gone.

    I like Smaby but I am not sure how much of a recruiter or how well he will work with the special teams. Although no mention of special teams requirements from the job description.
  12. What crap selections. Come on Super Chex.
  13. crb1

    New Coach?

    I swear it only happens at UND where a coach leaves to take a D3 position. Good grief.
  14. If he is anything like his dad he will be fun to watch.
  15. crb1

    Shaw's gone.

    Haha. He does have an eerie resemblance to Mr. Bean.
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