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  1. Power play was definitely disappointing tonight.
  2. Gabs thinks the refs were great this evening. Outstanding, no complaints.
  3. Wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of them back next year.
  4. Kierstad should have buried that puck in the first minute of OT. Wide open in the slot.
  5. Very disappointing performance this evening. That’s all that can be said.
  6. Paging Kawaguchi, it’s your time now. It’s OT
  7. It looks like UND is playing for the tie. I don’t get it.
  8. I think we can all agree, not the performance we were hoping for. Hopefully the last 20 minutes here we can turn things around.
  9. Everything just seems off tonight. Nothing is really clicking.
  10. After the period comments by Reiger, he says the “ice isn’t great”, that’s really not good to hear and is really unacceptable considering how much is spent on the facility.
  11. Certainly not lower body. He was doing the griddy when they won Penrose.
  12. I think it needs to be said but this is a night and day difference on the penalties from previous years. The boys are playing a very clean game right now and not shooting themselves in the foot. Good job to the guys and coaches.
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